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    LOL, nothing to do with you being an actor.

    Each place has their own structure so things make sense. It's not as if anyone can absorb them all at once. Still, thanks for pointing that out. As you already saw, I made a thread at the Refugee pointing people into this direction just in case .
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    I did see that thread, its how I find this place now....

    ....C student, I need all the help I can get.
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios


    6 feet tall
    30 years old
    Strawberry blond with black eyes
    Power: Plain human with her humanity, seems to make living everything she draws.
    Place: Etoile de Pourpre, advanced technology with middle age setting world

    Melias grown in a family gifted with artistic talent. Her father was an appreciated troubadour and her mother was marvelous dancer; thus she was born gifted by the Muse too but that blessed present became a curse. Her parents knew something would happen to their loved daughter but not what or when, so they lived trying to not show any fears about what misfortune may come to Melias. Finally, days after days and years after years, her art blossomed in front of the kind attention of her parents, giving smiles to their everyday life with her creations and fears started to vanish from their heart and mind. Until that day when she turned eight years old. To any other eyes, it would have been a common day and it was certainly. Her parents were working their way and the neighborhood lived their everyday existence, laughting, crying, yelling as other emotions. But for Melias, it was not. She woke up with a frozen feeling, seeing not the light outside, feeling not the warmth of the fire in the oven, feeling not life. Scared, she called for her parents first but silence laughed at her. She called for again but the same silence answered. She covered her eyes with her hands, crying in despare as tears rained down and down. The cold feeling disappeared suddenly and Melias started to feel warm, to slowly see the light again. After a moment, everything looked to be normal again and relief taking away her last sob, she draw something to forget. A bird, a lovely one: may you sing a peace to my mind until my parents come back she thought. Her hand started to do her wish and an inked animal appeared on the paper. Melias smiled, reassured and happily she raised her little drawing. The ink shaked itself before starting to look out the paper and flew out of it, dancing around Melias. That was how everything began for her. The blessing and the burning of her life.
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    Real nice character this one you created, Res . She's going to add a nice sense of balance to this odd crew of characters. She's powerful and nice, all at once. Let's see how things flow.

    I will send Mahn to abduct her during the day .
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios


    Name: Nikita
    Race: goddess of Celtic & Greek heritage
    Gender: Female
    Family: Mother - Morrigan the Celtic goddess of war, revenge, night, magic, prophecy, priestesses and witches. Father - Morpheus Greek god of dreams, also a son of Nyx and brother to Night.
    Hair: Long and black
    Lips: Full and red
    Eyes: reddish
    Attire: Nikita prefers anything in red. Although her parentage consists of night and darkness, Nikita's spirit is one of rebellion, in a playful way.
    Powers, Abilities and Weapons
    The Dragon's Sword – A gift from her mother, with fairy magic, the sword has the ability to cut beyond the realm of flesh. Although it can slice flesh, its main function is cutting through the layers of reality and opening up its intended victim to Nikita's brand of manipulation. In order to wield the sword, it's barrier must be a shape-shifter. The barriers hand is changed into that of a dragon's claw.
    Nightmare. – Nikita's beloved pet and companion. Nightmare has the ability to render any god or man motionless by looking into his eyes. Only Nikita and Night are immune to this gift.
    Dreams & Nightmares – Like her father, Nikita is the goddess of dreams, as well as nightmares. She can be both good or evil depending on the recipient of her gift. She knows the dreams of all creatures. Nikita can have a great influence upon the dream or she can allow it to run its course. She has been viewed as a manipulator by many, but its all in how you view her gift.
    There are several forms in which Nikita can spread her influence. The most common is through dreams themselves, but the most deadly and most exciting is through a kiss. If kissed by Nikita, it can lead to either a blessing or death. A kiss of death will unleash your worst nightmares, leaving the recipient mindless or dead.
    Shape Shifting – Yet another gift that runs on both sides of her family, Nikita can shapeshift into creatures of the night or those associated with death. On a lighter side, because her mother was queen of the fairies, Nikita can take the shape of a fairy, in size and gift.
    War – Perhaps the least of her treasured talents, Nikita can hold her own in battle. Another gift from her mother, it is the one she wishes to never use. Nikita prefers using her mind to the sword.


    Being born from the strange union of Celt and Greek has given Nikita her exotic looks. At heart, she is more of a prankster than an evil manipulator. Because of the darkness that runs so deep on both sides of her family, she is often prone to be melancholy. Restless in nature, she finds solace in her Uncle Night, who she is bound and determined to help keep an edge of laughter in his life. While remaining hidden when Night's parents left him on this desolate world, Nikita has remained here with him. Neither speaks much of their past lives, but prefer to live in the present. Nikita has the capacity for both great good or terrible evil, but at the moment, she has settled to play the prankster.
    Peace is a lie
    There is only passion
    Through passion I gain strength
    Through strength I gain power
    Through power I gain victory
    Through victory my chains are broken
    The Force shall set me free
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    It's great to have Nikita on board! I will send Mahn to get her today.
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios


    She is Shandi, Queen of the Elements.

    She lives and governs an ancient and forgotten world. Races of fire, water, wind and earth live there and every one serve her and her whims.
    She is haughty, she always has a reason and never asks for help or advice. She isn’t a bad or good queen, just she does what she wants.

    Shandi was a powerful woman, until she was abducted!!!
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    Hmmmm, Interesting.
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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    Prom is going to join any slow side of the Abducted plotlines that are created. He keeps telling me what to say about what he wants, that's why he isn't saying so himself . Yeah, I've insisted .

    The original idea was to ask Buymearing to join his side of the story since he also wanted a slow paced one, but I'll be asking him later since he seems to have more urgent issues at the moment.

    In the meanwhile, I'll bring Shandi into the main thread waiting to join him with another player or a group of players.
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Here is Minity's Bio for this thread...I decided to just add the link because I keep updating my mistakes so it makes perfect sense when everyone reads it

    Minity's Bio
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun
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