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    Gotta love the Dalek.

    Anyhou, I have more characters than clones:
    Characters with own IDs:
    Quaxo (lotsa places )
    Scarlett Turrino (Jo'Briann)
    Giles Twiddlethumbs (Krynn)
    Tristan and Lyria (Planet Tigers)
    Shae'la (Young - shared with Jason - at Dexter School)
    Iolair (wherever Quaxo is)

    Characters under "Quaxo":
    Charissa D'Arman (Kelesar)
    Jekko D'Arman (Kelesar)
    Mirage (Kelesar)
    Caitriona (Brath)
    Caleb Dayton (Q'guer)
    Todd (Geaia)
    a bunch of disposable characters that merely make things interesting or advance the plot slightly
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    Main Character:
    K dogg 777777

    Squall (also under k dogg 777777 account)

    Under K dogg 777777 account:
    Squall (also semi-active clone)
    K Kitten
    Kevin Dash

    Under The DogG house cast account:
    Warrior Crysknife

    Under K dogg's clones account:
    Justin Case
    Dog Crysknife
    Krakel in human form

    same old!!

    Credits: Jessss!!! From AMR~!

    " I'm not going to change the world, but I guarantee that I'll spark the mind who will"
    *-Tupac Shakur

    uncle of danaepixie (long story), father of blinks and Buffy Fan.

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    1. First Python.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. First TIEof Sinister.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. First EITofDexter.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    4. Phyrexian Deamon Magin.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    5. Lawbringer Gator (mulit-character account).[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    6. Dragon's Fang (mulit-character account).[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    7. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (mulit-character account).[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    8. TIE's Four Horsemen (mulit-chatacter account).[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

    Characters under Lawbringer Gator:
    1. Lawbringer BGTR. (dead)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. Ligis-Bearer Klop-Doop. (dead)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. Ligis-Bearer Kze-Tasounee. (dead)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    4. General Jason "Zimrock" Ulrich. (dead)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    5. General Aloder "Swe-Quan" Kolin. (moved)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    6. General Oediplex. (dead)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    7. Minor Lawbringers or Generals.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

    Characters under Dragon's Fang:
    1. Mentor Jon.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. Mentor Ezri.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. Phyrexian Overlord Yawgmoth.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    4. Phyrexian Deamon/? Barthis.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    5. Ancient God Yama.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    6. Ancient God Khorne. (coming soon!)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    7. Sigil-Bearer Reikai. (dead, well sorta...)[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    8. Sigil-Bearer Kindra.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    9. General Aloder "Swe-Quan" Kolin.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    10. Mortal Byfasse.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    11. Phyrexian Trooper.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

    Minor Characters under Dragon's Fang (borrowed or one time appearance of some characters):
    1. Charon.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. Appolyon.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. Danik.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

    Characters under Aqua Teen Hunger Force:
    1. Dr. Werid and Steve.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. Master Shake.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. Frylock.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    4. Meatwad.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    5. Many dumb villains.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

    Characters under TIE's Four Horsemen:
    1. Secundae ALPHA War.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. Secundae OMEGA Pestilence.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. Secundae THETA Famine.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    4. Secundae SIGMA Death.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

    Dead Characters or Clones
    1. Mentor Locnor, Korrbel's friend and right-hand man.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    2. Sigil-Bearer Cyrix.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    3. Sigil-Bearer Korrbel.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    4. Sigil-Bearer Randel.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]
    5. Mortal Calamine.[/*:m:6l7eq3yb]

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    My clone list has just been updated. Some changes at the Realm of Nightmares and certain death...


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    Main Character:

    Sojourn Fan


    1. The Dragons (shared with OP)
    2. Young Raine
    3. Jordan Stall
    4. Queen Sojourn
    5. Shiara

    Inactive for right now:

    1. Selphie
    2. Quistis
    3. Starfire
    4. Professor Alana
    5. Professor Trena


    1. Celeste (dead)
    2. Cid (dead)
    3. Orko (dead)
    4. Dr. Doogie Howser (Until 2k comes back)
    5. Janassa
    6. Psyche (active again if VZTR comes back)
    7. Seer (dead)
    8. Spike (shared with OP) (dead)
    9. Aurora (just created for family tree and not used)
    10. Past Sojourn_fan
    11. Ambrosia(dead)
    12. Tullah
    13. Chance (shared with LM)
    14. Adult Raine
    15. Zanna

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    Main character:

    Optimus Prime


    1. The Dragons (shared with SF) (Formerly called The Keep's Dragons)
    2. King Prime
    3. Dr. Jack Smith

    Inactive for now:
    1. Irvine
    2. Seifer
    3. Robin
    4. Professor Crane
    5. Professor Strider


    1. Cesar
    2. Rampage (dead)
    3. Wanda Howser (Until 2k comes back)
    4. Spike (shared with SF)(dead)
    5. The Boss(dead)
    6. Future Optimus_Prime
    7. Jett (created for the family tree and not used)
    8. Saul
    9. Raul (dead)
    10. Tiger

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    Main Character:

    Honor's Angel

    1. Molly Haron
    2. Rinoa
    3. Secundae Terra
    4. Antonio


    1. Colby
    2. Tenise
    3. Miss Capshaw
    4. Legna
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr

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    Blog Entries
    Updated my clone list because Millennium and Dave discovered my two secret clones.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    I did some serious reducing of my clone list, since some of the characters I had in the old forum, won't have a place in this one. Just to keep tabs, these are the characters that are off my list: Mtv Camera (I might recreate them at some point or don't ), Aquaman, Ophelia Pressmonk, Penny's Flaming Buttocks, Tartarus Demons (since all of the Demons have separate accounts, this one doesn't make sense at all), Twilight (she's dead), Wolfe Mann (long time dead), Medusa (deader). I'm also getting rid of the my old characters from the Apartment X storyline: Mrs. Rose and Daniel X.


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    Just added Professor Maximilian under the M account.

    He's going to be one of the teachers at the Sinister School that is now at Planet Tigers.


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