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    Current Character list:

    Main character:

    Secondary characters:

    Shared characters with Jenny:
    The dragons: Drags, Grimlock, Swoop, and Hayley

    These are the only characters I am currently using in the Crossgen universe.
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    Current Character list:

    Main character:

    Secondary characters:
    Cid (aka Zeus)

    Shared characters with Corey:
    The dragons: Drags, Grimlock, Swoop, and Hayley

    That is all.
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    Sprouse001 and all his clones. More to come.
    Original Sprouse001:
    Evil Sprouse002: .
    Racing Sprouse003:
    4 Horseman Sprouse004:
    Pilot Sprouse005:
    Engineer Sprouse006:
    James Bond Sprouse007:
    Negation Bug Handler Sprouse008:
    In Love With Minity Sprouse009:
    Defective Sprouse010:
    Drinking Sprouse011:
    Wrestling Sprouse012:
    Western Sprouse013:
    Sprouse014 the Jack-a-lope:
    Laughing Sprouse015:
    Gansta Sprouse016:
    Pirate Sprouse017:
    News Reporter Sprouse019:
    Mortal Kombat Sprouse020:
    Gremlin Sprouse021:
    Surfer Dude Sprouse022:
    Run-on Sentence Sprouse023:
    Angelina (One of Minity's angel's):
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    My list is easy:

    Dragons (shared with Optimus Prime)

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    Mine it too:

    Optimus Prime
    Dragons (shared with Sojourn)

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