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    [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    There exists a world called Arrellill. It is a beautiful world that is divided by three kingdoms. These kingdoms each represent a different ideology and stand against each other for dominance causing wars that have been taking place for generations.

    There is the Holy Principality of Arcesso whose ideology is Religion. The elite of this kingdom are the Summoners. Some summoners can even call forth the Gods.

    There is the Kingdom of Guldaran whose ideology is Magic. Half its people are Black Mages and the other half of the protectors of those mages, the Bodyguards.

    Finally there is the Opera Tec Empire. Instead of using magic or summons, they support their kingdom through Science. One of their grand inventions is the Airships.

    Through out Arrellill's history these kingdoms have been at war with each other. Although there is peace for a time, history repeats itself eventually. New leaders come forth, some heroes of past wars.

    But now an evil is coming that threatens all of Arrellill and its people....
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Yes there are three kingdoms but there exists a small group of outsiders. Those who chose to exile themselves because they grew tired of the endless battles and blood shed. They are the White Mages. Similar to the Black Mages, they use believe in and use magic. However, White Mages use magic for aiding others. They are healers and over time they have become quite rare in Guldaran. Many years ago Lady Aerin, the leader of the White Mages, decided it would best for her fellow White Mages to find a more peaceful place to live. The mountains she decided, because it was a place all White Mages felt at peace with the world. Many Black Mages and Bodyguards thought they were weak any way, few White Mages knew any spells other than defensive ones and they were weak fighters. Although they still felt it was a betrayal because the White Mages were natives of Guldaran and yet they wanted to turn away from war all together.

    The Wise King Sven even thought so once too, until Lady Aerin saved him from death at the hands of his enemies. As he laid weak in bed and she stayed healing him, she made him understand that the White Mages only wanted peace and although they loved their home it was too much for them to see it constantly destroyed. She also promised they would still aid the Black Mages and Bodyguards when they needed with their powers. Maybe it was her healing touch, maybe it was her beauty, or her words themselves but King Sven gave his blessing for the White Mages to exile themselves from the rest of Guldaran. He promised them the Mountians of Zion as a safe place to live. And so Lady Aerin took the White Mages with her to the mountains there they have since lived peacefully with nature and netural in the wars. They will assist any who seek their aid and only wish to be left alone.

    They established a small village called Ruhig. It is small and very peaceful. Everyone knows everyone and most people are related to each other through blood or marriage. Few people know of where the White Mages now live and even fewer outsiders are welcomed to stay there. The people of Ruhig will help anyone who needs their aid but they do treat outsiders with caution.

    It is in Ruhig that her story begins...
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill


    ::The wind blew around Aerin as she pushed a strand of her long brown hair back from her face as she waited. He said he would come. She looked at the Mountains of Zion. Those moutains in which her village was nested against. Ruhig. Located in Guldaran but on the border of the other two kingdoms. Protected from those kingdoms only by the very mountains she was looking at it. A whole world out there so close and yet so far away...::


    ::Aerin turned and smiled when she saw him coming.::

    Over here Luk!

    ::An older man about 50 or so, came up to her.::

    So what's so important that you wanted to meet here alone.

    I just wanted to make sure we could have privacy. You can't get much there.

    ::She nodded her head at the village. Luk nodded his head.::

    I know what you mean. So what's on your mind?


    ::She trailed off for a moment and then looked at him with green eyes.::

    You were here when my mother was around right? What was she like?

    ::Luk nodded his head and said sadly.::

    She was kind and a beautiful person. You remind me very much of her. Why do you ask? Everyone has told you since you were born what Lydia was like.

    Yes I know...But I...No one has ever told me what he was like. My father...I...


    ::Luk shook his head.::

    You know Grandmother has forbidden us to talk about him.

    ::Grandmother was Aerin's maternal grandmother and leader of the village. Everyone called her Grandmother though out of respect and her words were treated like gospel. No one dared to disobey anything she said.::

    I know that! But he's my father and I don't even know his name. Can't you tell me that? Please, you were there when my mother was pregnant with me. You had to have known him. Everyone knows everyone in Ruhig.

    I'm sorry Aerin. But I can't.

    Why? Because Grandmother made you promise? Well it's been 20 years and it's a stupid promise. I want to know. I won't tell her that you told me. I promise. Please, just tell me his name. So I can get an idea who I am.

    No. I cannot. He was...Grandmother banned him and that is the end of that. You know who you are. You are a White Mage. You are Lydia's daughter. You are Grandmother, Lady Kira's, granddaughter. You directly descend from Lady Aerin, the Greatest of all White Mages. That is all you need to know.

    No it's not! I only know of my mother's side and nothing about his. He's just as much part of me as my mother, grandmother, and this village too! There is whole world out there and if I saw him today I wouldn't even know who he is! Can't you....

    No. I can't. Aerin it's not my choice. Your grandmother has forbidden talk of him and that is how it must be.

    You guys act like she is a goddess.

    Do not talk ill of her young lady. You should focus on your training. You have great potential and it shouldn't be wasted.

    ::Luk said holding up his hand and telling Aerin with his eyes that the conversation about her father was over. Aerin sighed.::


    ::She had hoped he would help. He always treated her like a favorite niece. Spoiling her at times when she was child. But even Luk would not disobey her grandmother. Luk nodded his head.::

    You returning to the village?

    In a little bit...

    ::She picked up her bow and arrows. She was still learning archery and was not very good at it.::

    I think I'll do some target pratice first.

    Okay. Just hurry back soon so Grandmother doesn't worry.

    I will.

    ::Aerin watched Luk leave and fired an arrow at the mountains, trying to see how far she could send it before she lost sight of it. She wondered what was out there in this world. A world her grandmother was very determined for her not to know about. Eventually though Aerin headed back to the village so her grandmother did not send out people to find her like she had done in the past.::
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    Far away from the small village of Ruhig, was the large city of Farashin. This city was known as the City on the Hill and the Jewel of Arcesso, depending on who you asked. It was the capital city of the Holy Principality of Arcesso, the center of the religious ideology on Arrellill.

    Farashin was located on the top of a cliff, overlooking the Hedrian Ocean on the west. At the highest point of the hill was the Council Building, a beautiful building made from marble and inlaid with all kinds of precious medals. When the sun shone upon the Council Building, it caused the whole of Farashin to shine brightly.

    The rest of the city was also beautiful in its design and architechture. Every building was made of fine quality stone, and the streets were paved with cobblestones. One would think that the amount of stone in the city would make the city feel cold, but it was the greenery in the city that added to the life. Trees lines the streets and all kinds of flowering vines could be seen along many of the buildings. The city itself was alive, not only with its citizens, but with the flora as well.

    It is here in this important city that another begins her story...
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    House Jiston was bustling with activity. Servants were rushing between the kitchen and the dining hall, preparing a very special meal. Even more servants were preparing the ball room for today's big event. Every servant in House Jiston knew that, if even the slightest detail was overlooked, that they could easily be sent away from the House and forced to live on the streets.

    Ylana was in the bath next to her bedroom. She was the reason for all the fuss today, and she couldn't be more excited. Today was her sixteenth birthday. Today was the day she received her first Accersitus and officially became an adult.

    An elderly female servant entered the bathroom, carrying a large robe for Ylana to put on as she got out of the bath.

    "It's time to get ready, M'Lady. Your guests will be arriving soon."

    Ylana stood up and stepped out of the bath, letting the servant put the robe on her shoulders. Ylana was smiling brightly.

    I can't believe this day is finally here! I never thought it would come.

    The servant gently guided Ylana to a chair to sit her down. Once she was seated, she began brushing Ylana's hair.

    "It's a very exciting day for you, M'Lady, which is why we must get you ready."

    My name is Ylana. You don't have to keeping calling me "M'Lady." Makes me sound so... old.

    Ylana laughed as she said that.

    "I know your name, M'Lady, but calling you by name wouldn't be proper."

    Ylana rolled her eyes and mouthed the words "wouldn't be proper" before speaking again.

    I know that, but I still like my name more than I like "M'Lady." What's your name?

    The elderly servant stopped brushing Ylana's hair, taken aback by Ylana's question.

    "My name, M'Lady?"

    Yes, your name. I haven't seen you around here before, so I'd like to know what to call you.

    The servant resumed brushing Ylana's hair.

    "My name is Shoanna, M'Lady. I was just given to your father's house yesterday, and was told that I would be serving you."

    Shoanna. Such a pretty name.

    Well, Shoanna, since my parents have seen fit to assign you to me, I say that you should call me by my name. I don't have servants, I only have friends.

    Shoanna stopped brushing for a moment and was silent. She really didn't know how to react, wondering if this were some sort of test. Does she follow her caste procedures, or follow her mistress's orders? As if sensing Shoanna's confusion, Ylana spoke again.

    Oh, don't worry. I won't get you in trouble. If we're around others, you can be all formal, if you want. So come on, call me by my name.

    Ylana said in a playful tone.

    "Umm. Very good... Ylana."

    Shoanna answered with hesitation and awkwardness. Ylana clapped her hands with happiness.

    See, you can call me by name! Now we can begin to build our friendship.

    "How many times must I tell you, Servants can never be your friends."

    Ylana looked over her shoulder at her mother, Ytella, who was now standing in the room.

    "Their position in life is to serve us. If they do it well, in their next life, they might increase their station. On the other hand, if you continue trying to make friends with those outside your caste, you might find yourself as a Servant in your next life."

    I really don't think the gods will punish me for being friendly, Mother.

    "Things are the way they are for a reason. The gods have established it, and we have lived by it for centuries. Even this servant knows that."

    Her name is Shoanna, and she is a person, not just a servant.

    "M'Lady, please."

    Shoanna begged Ylana. She didn't wish to be brought in the middle of a place where she didn't belong.

    "Her name is not important. She is but a servant, as was ordained by the gods."

    Ytella sighed and closed her eyes for a moment.

    "I don't wish to argue with you today, Ylana. Not on your Day of Summoning. I came up here to wish you a happy birthday, and wish you well for your first Summoning."

    Ylana looked down into her lap as Shoanna continued brushing her hair.

    Thank you, Mother.

    "Now, no more of this foolishness with making servants your friends. Let this servant finish getting you prepared, then join your father and me in the Library."

    Yes, Mother.

    Ytalla turned and left the room, leaving Ylana alone with Shoanna once again. Ylana didn't speak to the servant any more, as her mind became lost in the future. After the ceremony and banquet she would make her announcement. She would be leaving home, going out on her own, and seeing what the world had to offer. Ylana smiled at the thought.
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    The Kingdom of Guldaran is very different than what Ylana would be used to if she ever visited it. Believing in the power of magic and strength, people are divided into two classes. The Black Mages and their Bodyguards. They balance each other out. Black Mages possess amazing spells but are weak fighters while the Bodyguards who protect them are the opposite. Ruled by King Aht and Queen Cecila, people are treated equally and fairly. Everyone has worth and no one is a servant. The just king and his queen live in the City of Svenru which is the center of the kingdom's politics, commerce, and entertainment. It is a large city, with a grand castle in the center. Almost all towns are a few days walk of it too.

    Many towns both big and small populate the kingdom. None has grand as Svenru of course, but still nice in their own way. Children are raised at an early age their skills of their class. At 13 they either study to become Black Mages or train to be Bodyguards. A Black Mage is paired with a Bodyguard of the opposite gender and tight bonds form.

    It is no different in this medium size town. Although there is some dismay among the older citizens. Some technology from the Opera Tec Empire is being introduced and embraced by the youth in this town that lays on the border of the Opera Tec Empire and Guldaran.

    In the Town of Terab two more start their stories...
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    In the Town of Terab, there is a young woman. She is being trained as a Black Mage and she is pretty good at it too. She is a quick study although at times her attitude can annoy others. Especially the elders who are trying to train her. Her name is Rayleen and right now she is quite fascinated with a cell phone that a man from the Opera Tech Empire had given her and her friends.

    This thing is so cool!

    She said outloud, messing with the buttons and trying to figure out how it worked. Until the day the man had come, she never seen anything like this before. Technology it amazed her. She wondered what the rest of the Opera Tec Empire was like.
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    A young man the same age as Rayleen walked up to her and shook his head.

    You're still playing with that thing Ray? I figured by now you would have grown bored of it. Besides you know what the elders say about that tech stuff being around the town.

    His name was Ivan and he was Rayleen's bodyguard. He has sworn to protect her no matter what it takes as she learns her skills as a black mage. Not that it was that hard to do, even as a small kid he had a crush on her. Since they were 13 though they had become very close. Even if she could drive him crazy.

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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Rayleen rolled her eyes at Ivan.

    Oh please Ivan! Don't tell you are taking the word of those war dogs. They just don't want us to like this stuff because one it would make our lives much easier. And two they wouldn't have any wars to train us for if we liked it. They don't want to be out of jobs.

    Besides you could had one too but you told that man no.
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Yeah but I told him I didn't want one. I don't trust that stuff. There has been too many wars in the past between his kingdom and us. Not to mention the Arcessons too...

    Ivan had heard many stories from his grandparents about the wars and why it was best thing for their people to remain with their own kind.
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