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    Godworld - Character Bios

    Godworld - Character Bios


    Goddess of Chaos and Time

    Lineage: Alsbeth is the Daughter of Seth, the Egyptian God of Chaos and Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld.

    • - Warp Reality: She can manipulate the fates, altering them to suit her needs.
      - Call Chaos: Random devastation on a grand scale.
      - Time Control: She has the ability to Control time. She can speed it up, slow it down, stop it, alter it or travel anywhere along its length. Along with that primary ability comes the associated secondary abilities
      [list:3rl4923y]o Space Control
      o Mass Control

    - Soul Manipulation: She can see people's souls and can handle them once they have left the body. Secondary abilities are:
    • o Spark of Life: Alsbeth can create life from nothing, infusing her creations with a soul, allowing them to act independently.
      o Partial Deification: She has the ability to elevate common beings to Demi-God status, thus allowing the local populations of her realm to worship recognizable symbols of her power.

    • -Telepathy
      -Creature building
      -Civilization building
      -Strategies and Tactics
      -Soul Summoning
      - Different forms. Alsbeth can appear as Human, Jackal, Seth Beast or any combination thereof.
      -Soulless: Her mother Hel hid her soul in Hell.

    After a ground-shaking power struggle between the different pantheons who settled Godworld, Seth was among the most powerful. Hel, looking for a strong offspring to take over her realm, disguised herself as a serving girl, and tricked Seth into sleeping with her.

    Hel gave birth to the child Alsbeth in the underworld, where her power was absolute. Upon hearing of the Child's existence, Seth tried several times to kill her. In order to protect her daughter from the agressions of her father outide of her realm, Hel removed Alsbeth's soul, keeping it hidden in the underworld. Alsbeth maintains a connection to her soul, but if her body is destroyed, he soul can take over a new body, making Alsbeth virtually indestructable.

    Finally accepting Alsbeth as his child, she spent several years studying the secrets of ancient Egypt with him. When he was killed by his Brother Horus, Alsbeth moved to her own area of Godworld and established a realm.

    Although she does not rule the underworld as her mother intended, she does have powers over the dead.

    Since her Devastating injury caused by an assassin sent by Malice, her powers have dimished to some extent. Her current abilities or their sthrengths are unknown.
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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    Re: [OOC] Godworld - Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Godworld - Character Bios


    God of Annihilation
    Formerly known as Ares, God of War


    -Malice's primary offensive ability is the creation and manipulation of anti-matter. Anti-matter is an extremely volatile substance, that when comes in contact with actual matter, be it a solid object, or particles in the air, causes the two to completely annihilate each other, releasing extremely large amounts of energy. In effect, when anti-matter collides with normal matter, both substances cease to exist, and tremendous explosions arise.

    -Gravitational Manipulation
    This derives from Malice's ability to create and manipulate black holes.

    -Soul Manipulation
    -Malice's parasitic nature enables him to sense the soul of a being whether it
    is inside or outside their bodies.
    -Soul drain: Malice possesses energy like tentacles that he uses to drain an
    object of all its energy. This allows him to devour nearly any
    form of energy, be it devouring a sun, or the very life force of a
    living creature. In the case of the living however, Malice not
    only gains their souls, but their knowledge and in the case of
    gods, their special abilities as well.
    -Give life: Though Malice has never had any particular reason to even do so,
    his tentacles can actually infuse an nonliving creature with a soul.
    He cannot, however, infuse a previously consumed soul to its
    original body, as he "digests" it in the process.

    -Deification: Similar to Alsbeth, Malice has the ability to elevate the power of
    common beings. However, he can promote them to full God
    status. This however, is only reserved for his most proven
    followers whom he deems worthy of his gifts. He has only
    performed such an action once, on his second in command:
    General Vorn.

    -Telepathy: Malice is perhaps one of the strongest telepaths in the known
    universe based on one simple fact. He shares a telepathic link
    with every single soldier of his across the universe. However,
    what is unknown to his enemies is that much of his telepathic
    power is taken up by managing so many links. Without them, his
    armies would descend into chaos and annihilate each other and
    anything in their paths. He must also enter a meditative state
    once a day in order to mend these links and keep them at their
    strongest. If he does not do this, the links will deteriorate, and
    he will begin losing control over his armies.

    -Ascendancy: The combination of eons of evolution and the constant mutation
    of his body due to the infusion of the sheer amount of souls he
    has devoured over that time, has twisted his body into
    something beyond a normal corporeal form. What exactly he
    is remains a mystery, but it is evident that he no longer
    possesses conventional organs, blood, or flesh. He has no
    need for food, drink, or sleep, and is completely incapable of
    performing any of those actions.

    Other Skills:

    -Intelligence: Through devouring the souls of thousands of worlds across the
    universe, Malice has gained the complete scientific and
    militaristic knowledge of thousands of races.


    Long ago, on ancient Earth, Malice was known as Ares, the God of War. He was particularly ruthless and vile, believing all mortals to be mere insects to be used for his amusement. Whenever a civilization was wiped off the planet, whenever great wars threatened to tear the world apart, it was his doing. His ability to create and control anti-matter allowed him to make entire civilizations vanish in the blink of an eye. But his most feared, ability, the one which even his fellow gods shuddered at, was his ability to devour energy, and in the case of living things, their very souls. Such a thing particularly angered the God of the Underworld, Hades, as Malice simply devoured the souls of those who rightfully belonged in his domain. There came a time when the other gods could not sit idle and let Malice continue his reign of chaos on Earth, and so banding together, they engaged in a near cataclysmic battle to rid the planet of Malice. Many fell in the struggle, but in the end, the alliance of gods managed to seal the God of Annihilation inside a black hole.

    Thousands of years went by as Malice attempted relentlessly to escape his prison, slowly learning how to control and manipulate the singularity. Eventually the managed to escape, and this thirst for vengeance took hold. Malice proceeded to enact a wave of chaos and destruction that encompassed thousands upon thousands of worlds. He would drain entire planets of life, making them his mindless and soulless slaves. He absorbed the knowledge of the most brilliant scientific minds across thousands of worlds, and in doing so, combined the technologies of thousands of races to build his unstoppable army.

    The time would come when Malice's army descended upon Earth, only to find that the gods that had banished him were no longer there. All that was left of them were countless myths and legends. He would have incinerated the planet for this if it was not for the evidence he found pointing the way to their new home world: GodWorld. And so the God of Annihilation took his army and departed without haste.

    Malice's arrival on GodWorld would be remembered by the planet's inhabitants for millions of years to come. The numbers contained in his invasion force were great enough to block out the sun across parts of the world. And so with the combined resources of a million cultures and races across a thousand worlds, his armada descended upon the planet. Malice's army was composed of unspeakable creatures of vile origin. They were mutated and twisted, undead abominations, fused with metal and technology. The majority of his forces were mindless slaves with no will save the will of Malice. However, in order to have a more efficient military, Malice granted high ranking officers and commanders a certain level of autonomy and free thought. Every one of his followers were completely devoted to their God, and they were all prepared to die in his name. Malice went to great lengths ensuring not a single soldier of his would be captured in battle, infusing them all with high explosive suicide devices. If a soldier was to be captured, or his destruction imminent, they would detonate themselves and kill all who stood around them. To the soldiers of Malice, there was no higher honor than dying in his name, again.

    And so his undead army rained fire on the planet below, annihilating all that stood in their path. The feeble forces who resisted Malice would be incinerated, then reborn into his service as mindless, undead beings. In no more than a month, Malice had established his empire that stretched across a vast portion of the planet. And so the Oblivion Empire was born.

    However, Malice did not find the gods he was expecting, but their children. And so looking to strike a blow at those who has imprisoned him so long ago, he began to tear the planet apart with war. A small group of young gods looked to halt his terror and defeat him as their parents had done, but they were not as strong. Millions died in the fires of war, and in the end, Malice took his seat as Emperor of GodWorld. With his new position, and with a level of arrogance greater than before, he ruled with an iron fist. And so begins the next half of the tale...
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