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    My Wife = Awesome

    My Wife = Awesome

    Yep, because while I had to sleep for work, she worked her cute tail off trying to get the house as presentable as possible for when Abbie's grandparents from New Jersey arrive at some point today. Heck, the house looks the best its been in months.

    So my wife is awesome.
    Squirrels are our friends, not food.

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    Re: My Wife = Awesome

    Re: My Wife = Awesome

    That o'l hag? I hear she's an Endora (aka Agnes Morehead).

    I do not know why you married her in the first place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEGATOR\";p=\"18366
    her cute tail

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    I agree with that - strictly limited to board-chat and banter, of course!
    Sworn, bloody!


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