While Eryonne is a community defined world, there are some basic guidelines that must be kept in mind if you wish to expand the world by adding your own ideas. This thread can also be used to ask questions about the guidelines. Any changes to the guidelines that comes about through discussion in this thread will be reflected in this first post.

Eryonne is a fantasy world
Of all the guidelines, this one is absolutely important to remember. This means there is absolutely nothing that should be considered modern day technology. Think of "Lord of the Rings" for an idea. There can be mythology, monsters, various types of humanoids, and even magic. But even with these things, try to avoid "recreating" modern technology by using fantasy items.

Cooperation is key
Everything pertaining to the guidelines hinges on cooperation. Without cooperation, the world will fail to grow. Everyone works together to define and develop Eryonne. We can expand upon existing ideas or get feedback on new ideas. The purpose is to work together to make a world that will be enjoyable to all.

Avoid reinventing the wheel
If something already exists on Eryonne, don't recreate it unless there is no other option. If you want to expand on something, feel free. That is the intent behind a community defined world.

Don't change anything
If something has been created, don't change it to fit your needs, expand upon it. If there is absolutely no way to expand upon it, look into creating something new.

No ownership, but contributions
If you create something that expands Eryonne, it doesn't belong to you. Instead, you contribute your idea to help expand upon Eryonne. As a main contributor, you have a greater say in what others do to expand on your idea, but you don't have final say. For example, if you create the elven race, you form the basic way that the elf can be expanded upon, but you can't block anyone from creating other types of elves. Again, cooperation is important, so try to respect the main contributor's feelings and the player wishing to expand on the item.

Locations should co-exist
If you want to create a new location, make sure it can co-exist with any existing maps, following natural terrain patterns. All maps should be able to fit together like a puzzle, without having to change any. You can add cities or towns to existing regions, provided it works within the guidelines set forth for the region.