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    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Name: Amänth
    Race: Amanthian (Amanthian elf)
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 1,90 m
    Weight: 75 k
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: long, made of green-neverfading leaves.

    Family: he belongs to the First Order of Amanthians, the ones who were created once by Erö, giver of life. His relatives are no longer together due to their different missions in life. In the case of Amänth, his aim is to watch and defend Falurst.

    Allies: No one in specific. Despite of his mission to protect men, he tries to reconcile the different races among within their selves.

    Enemies: Not any race. There are always people who have selfish plans, though.

    Appearance: Looks a lot like an elf. Tall, white and pale skin, his hair consists of leaves.

    Abilities: He is a wizard of herbs, knows secret advantages from any plant in Eryonne and understands their language, as well as faes. He lives in the woods and knows all of its alleys.

    Skills: good negotiator, makes magic with herbs. He also bears a sword, which uses rarely.

    Weaknesses: Since his main leaf belongs to some else, he could show melancholic until the day that he finds the owner of his heart. If this person hesitates or falls in pain, Amänth could die. His made from amaranth, a plant that grows strong eventhogh the dry and cold weather but his power gets week when extreme conditions remain.


    The creation of Amanthians

    Erö turned to the elves and said: thy and the race of men will count on new allies when you need strength, from inside the woods they will come up to show the secrets of the Green Power, the one that is hidden into the leaves of amaranth, the plant from above, the Erös’s food.

    For Erö has rejoiced from amaranth leaves since the beginning of times, they have also given him strength to create every living being under his sight. Amaranth is the plant of life whose leaves keep hidden the Green Power to defend elves, men or both of them.

    Before Eryonne was created. Erö spoke to amaranth seeds: thy shall grow tall and magnified, own the power to give life from your green veins and help life to still safe but remain careful: there is this special leaf, it shall shine from the centre of your hard and your power will be complete, worthy and splendorous until the day of your death.

    Thy will meet no death in battle but in love! Since thy are not the owner of your Leaf, take care of who owns it, because if this creature gets to saw doubt in his o her soul and believes in you no more, the Green Power shall dry up from your heart until the winds blows your dust away.
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    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Name: Bearstone

    Race:: Human

    Gender:: Male

    Age:: 42

    Height:: 1,85 m

    Weight:: 65 k

    Eyes:: Deep blue

    Hair:: short, dark, uncombed.

    Family:.: Many years ago, he was married with a wise and beautiful woman, but his a widow man now. He had three daughters. One of them is agile as a gazelle. The second is bright as the spark, and the third is soft and wise as the breeze. The three of then followed their destiny to far lands

    Allies:: He is so close to nature, their forces and the creatures of the forest, until now.

    Enemies:: He doesn't have enemies yet.

    Appearance:: He is a strong bearded man, simply dressed and always have some kind of tool with him

    Abilities:: He is a human, but he knows so good how to make plants grow how to work with animals and how to read the sings of the sky that many people may think he is some kind of wizard

    Skills:: He can survive in any kind of land or weather. He may looks like a hermit, but he can be so diplomatic in the contact with others. Year ago he had to be part of a group of warriors. This knowledge and the understanding of the nature of each different animal, makes him to be a pacemaker now.

    Weaknesses:: Some times he feels so lonely because the women of his life are gone. He is so close to plants and animals that may be a weakness

    Is a experimented mature man with many skills. Because of this, he is also called Bearberd, Bearrow or Bearock. Bearrow is how he call himself when needs to be fast and brave, as an arrow. And Bearrock is the way some people named him when he is patient and strong as the rock.

    He is a tough and kind of silent man, whit a great connection whit the nature. He uses the practical and the ancient wisdom. He knows the knowledge of the earth’s men, and of the tribes of the lands. He is aware of the secrets of ancient reigns and also of the millenary lies.
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    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Name: Caleb
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 175
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: grey

    Family: none that he knows of since both of his parents died when he was a child and he never had any siblings

    Appearance: Caleb has short dark brown hair, and grey eyes that seem to bore into whoever he’s looking at. He typically wears clothes that will last since he is almost constantly on the move. He also has fair skin that has been tanned slightly by the sun during his travels.

    Personality: Caleb is quiet and watchful most of the time, but he is also fiercely protective of those who don’t have any protection, and he is loyal to his friends. He is also quick to come to the aid of those who need help. Once people break through the wall he’s seemingly built up around himself and get to know him, he is outgoing.

    Skills and Abilities: Caleb is skilled with a bow, and knows how to survive when on his own out in the wild. Other than those survival instincts, Caleb doesn’t think he’s very skilled in anything.

    Equipment: Caleb’s only possessions are an extra set of clothes in his pack, his bow, and his quiver full of arrows.

    Background: Caleb’s parents died when he was a young child, and he was taken in by a family friend in the village he lived in for a short time. When he was old enough, he was sent away to become an apprentice to the local smith, but Caleb detested it, and left as soon as he was able. After that, he left the village and spent most of the time just wandering around the country, stopping in various villages or cities every so often so that he could stock up on a few supplies that he couldn’t get out in the wild. He came to Falurst on one such occasion, but was unable to leave due to the siege.
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    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Name: Bolivor
    Race: Half Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 289
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long Brown hair that hides his elven ears.
    Family: He was raised by a sympathetic city-elf until he was 30 when he ran away from home. He was not treated any differently than a the family pet before he left.
    Allies:None as far as he’s concerned.
    Enemies: Everyone until they prove otherwise.
    Appearance: He is too tall for an elf but slender for a human. He hides his elven features as best he can behind gloves and long hair. If he takes his gloves off, his slender fingers are sure to let everyone know that he is an elf. He gets his height from the human parent whom he does not know. The city elf claimed that she knew his parents but he doubts her story of their death.
    Abilities: Expert marksman with a bow. Also carries a dagger. Has also shown some ability with elven magic but his skills are not polished. He is quicker and quieter than a human but would be considered a clod by an elf.
    Skills: He does not usually miss what he shoots at with his bow. He also learned to fight with a dagger from when he was growing up
    Background: As a small child his parents were killed. He was told they died from falling over a cliff in a storm. But he remembers them being burned alive in a home with the doors locked because an elf and a human married and loved each other. He also remembers being shoved from home to home until Aunt Hiliban finally agreed to raise him. She treated him like a lower form of life and the other children would pick on him constantly. The end came when a group of kids ganged up on him and put a dog collar around his neck and tied him to a tree. And also tied his hands behind his back so he couldn’t get free. When his aunt saw him and left him there, he decided that he had enough. After being freed by a fellow half elf, he found the ring leader of the children and killed him. Then left the city for the woods where he remained for years living on whatever he could capture. He taught himself how to shoot the bow and arrow and has become an expert at it. He also has dabbled in the natural magic of the elves. Because he has had no formal training, his magic can go haywire on him.
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    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Eryonne Character Bios

    Name: Lariston
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 195
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: green

    Family: He is from a northern kingdom Noble family. He is the second son of Lord Timmon Jamorie. As the second son, he would not inherit the estate so he had a choice in careers: Knight, Priest, or Mage.

    Appearance: Lariston wears robes that tend to hide his features. He prefers to study people before he interacts with them. This makes a lot of people uneasy around him.

    Personality: Lariston keeps to himself usually. But after he chooses to bring someone into his circle, he will tell them just about anything. And has gotten into trouble when he misjudges someone.

    Background, Skills, and Abilities: As the second son of a noble, Lariston had to find some type of occupation because he would not inherit the estate. So he chose Mage. However, as with most nobles he is a master with a sword and his fencing has kept him a steady income from his family who fears he might return and kill his older brother. But there is little chance of that. He has welcomed his freedom from the estate and his family and enjoys being a Mage. But he's also not going to stop those payments from coming to him.

    Equipment: Staff which is always seen and has magical properties about it. And if the staff is taken from him he is reduced considerably on what he can do with magic. He also carries a sword beneath his robes that has the markings of the Jamorie family line.
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