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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Yehlee turned to face her accuser with courage. "Ach... so sorry then! You are not the noble people I took you, if you behave this way. I've treated many of you and your families since I've been here. I get jumped by a thief and robbed of my only precious memento of my mother here in your very midst. All of you stood by ignoring my cries for help, not caring to keep me from being robbed and beaten before you. How dare you look down upon me for healing any who are injured! It is my calling as a healer. Amazin' how folk can appear intelligent until they open their mouths!" Yehlee thrust her fists into her hips and glared at the crowd, blood trickling down the side of her face, her face dark with fury.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Reayan | Roia

    A few moments after Roia left the house, Reayan jumped to his feet and went to the door. He peered outside just in time to see her turn a corner, heading in the direction of the marketplace. He worried about his sister, he couldn't help it. She was so fragile and frequently ill, and the beatings they both suffered growing up were especially hard on her. Quickly, Reayan jumped and climbed across the debris in the alleyway until he was on the roof, following his sister from above. As she stopped, he dropped to his knees and looked at her, and the female elf she was mesmerized by. Even he was taken aback by her silver hair, and even more surprised by the hulking figure that stopped to talk to her. Down on the street, Roia saw Hamund approach and gasped at seeing how massive he was. She wondered if he was truly a man hiding behind his robes, or something bigger, scarier. Not wanting to be spotted, Roia moved against the wall, putting her back against it. Unfortunately the wall she chose was right beneath Reayan, so when she did that, he also lost view of her. He wasn't happy, but continued to watch the large man and the silver-haired elf with interest. If it looked like they'd approach his sister, he'd jump down in between her and them.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Many of the people looked uncomfortable at the young healer's accusations, but the rest wore the same suspicious glares they had before. The first man addressed her again, looking much less impressed than before.

    "We are but simple folk, miss. But not so simple to not see that ye be protectin' a fairy! One of the kind who keeps us locked in here!"

    Shouts of agreement sprang up along with murmurs, nods and whispering gossip. Another man spoke up, a little kindlier than the first man, but with dangerous undertones nonetheless.

    "Lookie here, we're sorry you got mugged - had I'da seen it, surely woulda helped out. Markets are busy places miss. Mistakes do 'appen. Everyone makes mistakes."

    His eyes pleaded with her as his head jerked to indicate the caged fae, indicating she should take the hint and bow out gracefully before the crowd turned into a lynch mob. The first man, catching on, leaned forward to leer at Yehlee while cracking his one set of knuckles into his other palm.

    "Aye, we'd sure understand a mistake, miss."
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege


    The Residential District...

    **Hamund isn't entirely certain what the woman's reply is in her native tongue means. It has been so many years since he has had to study this rarely encountered dialect. He's somewhat releaved as she speaks to him in something a lot easier to understand. They can speak with one another, and that's one small victory. The large troll shifts uncomfortably under the weight of the elf's questions. He adjusts his robes slightly with small rolls of his wide shoulders. Eventually words are unburied and Hamund continues speaking.**

    My name is Hamund. I'm the assistant to Brother Henri Ashlin, a historian and scholar for Duopian church. During our travels we have encountered your kind before...

    **The young troll pauses. His mind follows the path his words have set him down and can't find a helpful ending. After a few moments he continues.**

    My mentor, Brother Ashlin, has fallen ill. I must get him out of the city and to healers. When I saw you I hoped you were familiar with the Rainbow Caverns and the lake located there. Brother Ashlin is a kind, honorable and peaceful man... I don't want the violence here to put his life in danger.
    Please... Can you help me? Is there a way ou through the caves?
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Not able to be practical being one of her big problems and perhaps a tad too idealistic, Yehlee simply continued to glare back at them.
    "The mistake is YOURS not mine, you fools! The only way out of a fight is to either annihilate your enemy or to make peace. The first would bring you starvation and slow, painful death for years to come. The second is your only sensible option! If you don't begin using that space between your ears a bit, you are bringing doom upon yourselves and your families. This wee thing can't harm you! She is injured. How is mocking her or injuring her further going to bring you peace? Would you like to think of your wee little ones in the hands of a hostile people being done this way? Don't be hypocrites, try to find a germ of nobility in your hearts! I, as a healer can not stand by and watch this! Give the wee one to me and maybe...just maybe we can figure a way to STOP this senseless battle and keep everyone from being injured!" Yehlee persisted stubbornly.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Illia Sei

    The Residential District...

    When Hamund moves, Illia Sei takes a step back. It was a quick almost invisible motion that, when finished, had the Elven woman's hand laying upon the large wrapped object that leaned against the fountain. Her delicate were splayed and the translucent, white webbing between her fingers became visible. She looked as if she was ready to grab whatever that thing was and run, but instead she used her other pale hand to draw her hood quickly back up around her face. Only hints of long silver hair remain to remind Hamund of what she looked like. Illia Sei's large blue eyes, easily seen as being very wide, looked around her with the sudden fear that she may be being watched. She looked down another alleyway just as Roia ducked and disappeared. Next she looked to the building tops, but the harsh sun made her close her eyes tightly and jerk her head away, back toward Hamund as he speaks. When he speaks of her bretheren... other distant clans, her blue eyes grow wide for a very different reason.

    "H-amund" she tried the name out on her tongue. If they had encountered more of her kind, but where... here? Impossible. No one knew they were here. But then why would he ask her of the caverns? If her people had let him go then surely they were j'elendili? "You and your sintar... you are elf-friends? J'elendili?

    She had, without meaning to, given Brother Ashlin somewhat of a compliment. Sintar was simply translated as a "Knower," but it simplicity was not matched among the Elves. A "Knower" was someone who had vast knowledge of their world and the world around them. It was a high honor to be given that name, but Illia Sei could not think of another way to term Hamund's friend.

    "What is... ill... within him?" she asked slowly. Her head tilted and her stern eyes held suspicion. Hamund did not know how much he was asking of her. Bringing them near the caverns would be putting her people, an entire city, in danger... but if they were elf-friends, they would have had to done something great for the people they discovered. Helped them in some way... earned their trust. She would need to know more before she could help him. If she helped him.

    "How... is it that Troll and Human are so close?" she asked of him. It was a simple-sounding question, but the way she looked directly at Hamund let him know she sought truth. Lies were a very dangerous thing among her people and were not tolerated. Her fingers flexed over the large, wrapped object she'd set down by the fountain. She was not being fully brave here. The way she stood, so poised and still would still rescound with a fawn about to flee.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Narm had slowly wandered away from the colorful caverns and was making his way towards the Market. He had a craving for some fresh bread and fruit. He suddenly thought of spreading cinnamon honey syrup over the whole thing. An odd Cyclops breakfast delicacy. A wide smile crossed his face as he imagined finding the syrup of his desire. He turned down various alleys and before he knew it, he was standing in the midst of market places mayhem. People bustled to and fro, taking great care to avoid bumping into the gentle Cyclops. A small girl tugged on his pant leg to get his attention. She waved at him when he looked down and he gave her a pat on the head. She ran off and Narm let him broad smile widen a little more as he turned into a huge crowd.

    The scene caught Narm off guard. He did not expect to see an angry mob of children in the market place. At the heart of the struggle stood a small girl with a cut on her forehead. She had been injured and Narm initially thought it was the crowds doing. A quick view through 'past sight' briefed Narm on the thieves and her current predicament. She was protecting a fairy and the crown was turning ugly. As the screaming intensified Narm decided to intervene.

    "Children, surely there is enough violence outside of the walls to quench your thirst. Why have you brought the fighting so close to home?"

    There were many murmurs before someone finally yelled out above the crowd.

    "It's her fault. She wants to save all the fairies," one man yelled.
    "Hand the city right over if she had her way," screamed another.

    Narm was always amused at the conclusions of children. They often preferred to use their emotion rather than logic. Very un-Cyclops of them. Narm used his large frame to slide through the crowd ending up in between the injured girl and the mob. He distracting them with conversation as he moved.

    "Do you want to end this war?"

    Several cheers of 'yes' and 'of course' roared up from the crowd.

    "Do you want to be free to return to your farms and travel outside of the city walls?"

    Again the crowd roared an approval. By this time Narm had positioned himself in between the fairy, injured girl, and the crowd. Now he needed to convince them to let him remove the problem. He needed a better understanding of the situation. He addressed the crowd again.

    "Would you give me but a moment to understand our young fairies part in all this?"

    Narms voice was loud and reassuring. The Cyclops had always been known to be fair and just. There was a little mumbling before someone yelled "Hurry up".

    Narm gave the crowd his huge smile and nodded. Even just the smile brought the level of anger in the mob down a notch. Being looked at by the kind EYE of a parent or teacher had that effect. People loved to feel cared about.

    Narm then turned around and watched the events that led up to the fairies capture in the market. He saw the large man crush her wing in his hands. Watched the man proudly display her in order to gain attention. He was at the heart of this and Narm had an idea.

    "I see that this fairy was a gentle creature from the forest."

    A hush took the crowd as he spoke. All knew the power of the Cyclops and they were captivated by his voice and the telling.

    "She traveled to our city to find the cause of this war. It seems that the fairies are seeking an end to the conflict. They want the same things we want. To end the fighting."

    The murmurs started up again briefly. They didn't like the idea of a fairly being on the side of good. It made it more difficult to justify their violent actions. Before they could raise any protests Narm continued.

    "This man has captured her," Narm said while pointing towards the large man,"he has injured her and brought her here to be placed on display. Actions like this are sure to make this war worse. We must find a way to regain peace. The answer lies not in kidnapping and injuring those who do not wish us harm."

    Narms last sentence confused the crowd slightly. He knew that sometimes with children it was best to mix words. This would sound more reassuring then the simple truth.

    "Let me take them both away. I shall take these two to the city guard. Perhaps they can give us the answers necessary to find an end to this war. Let me help you. Please."

    By now he had the crowd. The started to cheer and nod in agreement. All except the large man who had captured the fairy. It seemed he did not appreciate the Cyclops liberating his new toy. The man stepped forward and put his arm forcefully on Narm.

    "The fairy is mine. No one will take her from me," he barked.

    Then the crowd let out a huge sigh as the man swung at Narm. The punch struck Narm in the chest but he did not budge. Instead his huge Cyclops arm shot out and grasp the man at the neck. Instantly lifting him up into the air. The large man grabbed Narm's single arm with both hands attempting to pull free. The crowd stepped back at the impressive show of force. Silence fell over the area. Narm spoke up.

    "There has been far too much fighting these last few weeks. It stops here."

    And with that Narm dropped the large man on top of a small table below. The table shattered with a loud crash and the man stayed down. Terror crept over his eyes as he looked at the Cyclops. He had never felt such power. He realized how lucky he had been to not enrage the Cyclops. So silently he sat on the ground as Narm picked up the cage and placed an arm gently on the back of the injured girl.

    "Come little ones. Let us see if we can help resolve this fighting once and for all."

    And with that the crowd slowly parted as Narm made his way through. His smile helping to remove the weight of anger on each of their shoulders. Many of the mob shook their heads and fingers at the man who kidnapped the fairy. No one reached down to help him to his feet as the mob dispersed.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    "Thank you for the rescue, my good fellow. Listen to you they did but not to me speaking the same words!" Yehlee shook her head with disbelief but turned her attention to the cage. "Please? We must see to her injuries, I don't be wantin' the wee one to go into shock now. I'm a healer, Yehlee Sertis at your service." Yehlee was ready to slip her pack off here only a few paces down the street from the nasty mob. Her attention now completely on the poor thing in the cage, her healers heart taking over her thoughts.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege


    Muriel remained in a curled up ball on the floor of her cage, she was too afraid to look at the giants that were mocking and scorning her. She wanted to thank the parrot for his help, but the fear within her was paralyzing her actions. She was beginning to lose hope in her situation when she heard a feminine voice speak out among the crowd, admonishing them for their actions and pleading for Muriel. Her eyes peered out through the cracks she allowed within her fingers to steal a glance at this human that would speak up for her. But as soon as her eyes looked upon the woman, the crowd grew restless again and Muriel shut her eyes tighter and wanted to shrink into nothingness within her cage.

    Lying on her side only made her wounded wing stab with pain, but she dare not move lest the crowd go mad and come after her. Try as she might, the poor woman who had come to her defense seemed to be getting into as much trouble as Muriel. How could these humans turn on their own kind? Were they really that savage? Her heart cried out to the woman, both for help and also in fear for the womanís safety. She never meant for any of this to happen, she only wanted to find out about her family.

    The one, who had captured her, seemed to be stunned by the reaction of the crowd. Things were not going as he had planned and he thought he might have to grab his prize and run. But just as Muriel believed that she and the human woman would suffer the angry wrath of the others, she heard the voice of a true gentle giant. She recognized the soothing tone that belonged to the Cyclops and Muriel opened her eyes again with a resurgence of hope. If anyone could soothe these savage people, it would be this Cyclops; it was what they were good at.

    Muriel remained as she was, listening to the Cyclops as he spoke. Unfortunately, there are many who do not see the wisdom of their kind. And as a result, negotiations do not end entirely peaceful. Thus was the result of poor Angusí impromptu trip up into the air and sudden crash landing onto the table. At the beckoning of Narm to Muriel and the human female, she uncurled from her place of refuge and braced herself for the jostling of her prison.

    Still very unsure of any human at the moment, Muriel moved close to Narm, trying to reach a part of him to touch and thank him for saving her. Even after the caring words and concern from Yehlee, Muriel was uncertain as to whether she could trust any human. She spoke not a word during their trek away from the crowd; she simply grasped the bars of her cage and waited until to see where the Cyclops would take them. At this point, anywhere was better than where they were at.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    "I am afraid that most people only respect strength and size. I apologize that those men were unable to see the strength of your heart and your steadfast resolve. You risked much to protect this one."

    Narm said as he lifted the small cage to reveal the little fairy. Narm gave both the fairy and the girl a large smile.

    "Yehlee Sertis, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Narm. I would suggest we put a little more distance between us and the market before you get too comfortable."

    Narm kept his hand on Yehlee's back and continued to guide her away from the market place.

    "Here, as you have risked your life for this little one, she is yours to care for."

    With that Narm handed the small cage and its injured occupant to Yehlee. He glanced again at the girls injuries.

    "How badly did the thieves hurt you? Should we not also find you a healer for your injuries?"
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