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    [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    The City of Falurst was under siege. It wasn't any simpler or any more complicated than that. All of a sudden, a big city became an island surrounded by a sea of green and there was no way in and no way out. Humans and the fae had fallen into conflict and all of the citizens were paying the price. All trade had stopped, all traveling had been cut short, just as many hopes had been brought down, because war was a real nasty thing, or even worst, the wait for war, the delay of pain, was a hard experience to live through. At t his moment, there was no riot, no arrows and not even silent attacks; it all had stopped down to a whisper, yet everyone knew it could become a roar in but a moment.

    Life in the City of Falurst had changed for everyone. Some complained, some worried and some just wouldn't stay shut.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    She had lived for a few hundreds of years already but everyone kept treating her like a child, like a teenager at best, and her parents and grandparents were still mum about the siege, as if she wouldn't find on her own.

    "I'm not an idiot, you know." Lielah said to her grandfather, as she found a moment of quiet at her crowded home. "I know what's going on outside. I know a rock might fall on our heads and we would be done forever and all this crap about we becoming something more as city elves, would never happen."

    Ronah the Wise just looked down at her for a moment that lasted forever. His eyes pierced hers and brought her to her knees just as he would if he had yelled at her.

    "Would you even talk to me?" Asked Lielah so impolitely.

    "If you want me to treat you other than like a child, you should start acting your part. If you want respect, you have to prove yourself worthy of it. This constant rant will take you nowhere. You should have learnt this by now."

    Lielah just growled and moved away from her grandfather and towards the window. She was so fed up. First she was trapped within her family, now, she was locked within her city. She had to break all of these ties. She deserved so much better. They owed her. It was their fault that she had been born without any ties to the Green. She was powerless and they seemed so excited about that. The first city elf in her family without any natural power at all. Yay.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Sitting alone under his favotite tree, near to the deep woods, Sevaryan tries to figure out why he’s changing so fast. He always thought that being the first city elf on his family would make things to keep on going normally for thousands of years.
    He was so little and young when he found himself lone in the world, and he finds sometimes a little hard to remember his father and mothes’s face, and still he doesn’t know what happened, if they were killed, trapped or simply disappeared in the middle of a public disturb hundreds of years ago.

    -Try to be strong, Sevaryan. Things are gonna get better soon for you. Try to be strong and never, never be affarid of anything. There, where you feel fear to go, there is where your true life lies.

    This are the only words from his mother, Matreya, he can barely remember at this time.
    His fahter’s voice is just a blurry sound in his mind, like a breeze fading away into a thunder storm.

    Comming from a family of talented musicians, Sevaryan got only one way to spend the time while he can figure out what the heck’s going on inside him: making excelent wooden instruments and play them as no other can in the entire City of Falurst…
    Oh! The love he put in his music!, the sounds he can tear out of the wood with his long pale fingers and his sweet perfumed breath!!! Falurst comes a nicer place to be when he plays. He feels like taken by his own music but he’s so far to be pleasant about that indeed.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Amänth, in Amaranthish, the beginning of green, in Erö’s language, heart of jade, was caught by some dark shadow in the middle of the night and took immediately to the centre of the village. –We are very sorry for the inconvenience we have caused to you but this is a matter of absolute confidentiality, no one behind that siege could hear these words and no other amanthian could find out of your presence here now…

    As you may know, Amänth, it has been five amanthian centuries since Eryonne began to recover its green. Men have cut down all of the trees against the elves, the fae and the rest of Erö’s sons will. It has been told that centuries ago, some trees had their heard of gold, to good for man’s ambition, to sad for Eryonne. Some of them were redeemed, others just disappear beneath the mountains, doomed to never escape from their siege until the redeemed ones feel mercy of them. So it happened…
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    In the middle of the night, in a dead end alley, Kosme appeared.
    "Shudder Eryonne, Kosme the powerful is here".

    "Miau, grrrrr, miau", just a cat heard his fearsome words and it wasn’t trembling.
    "Who am I kidding, I am just a poor apprentice magician.
    Well, who cares"
    , he shrugged and walked toward the city.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    They keep speaking…
    -Almost every man has been set free again; they were forgiven, never found any tree with a golden heart, though. Nevertheless, there is someone who knows about the existence of three trees of this kind and lives in Falurst. He has kept the secret of their locations, as well as the cause why Falurst remains under siege.

    The black shadows faded way and Amänth woke up in the middle of the night. Sweating yet, he tried to stand up and get sort of a meaning about his dream.
    -Who were they? I could not see their faces but their black clothes and who is this guy the spoke about? And the village were I was… was it Falurst? How many centuries ago? I think that I saw the tower from the distance.
    Well, maybe I am complicating my self too much; it was just a dream after all, was it? I still wonder about who is this man and what is the secret he is keeping?

    Amänth decides to walk to the door, he opens and takes a walk around town, and a couple of streets away he runs into Kosme.

    -Kosme! It is a lonely night for a magician, what kind of stars are suggesting you to wander around the city.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    - “I bind to myself today
    The power of Heaven,
    The light of the sun,
    The brightness of the moon,
    The splendor of fire,
    The flashing of lightning,
    The swiftness of wind,
    The depth of sea,
    The stability of earth,
    The compactness of rocks.” -

    These were the first words Bearstone pronounced this morning, as he does everyday at his hut, miles away from the city of Falurst, while opens the doors to the sunrise.

    It happened three days before the city got under siege, when he started his travel to Falurst. He had his cart loaded with a lot of packages to trade on the market. Actually this day he carries more stuff than usually, and instead of hook to the cart his old horse, he hook his strongest horse.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Her little argument with her grandfather had left her angry and somewhat defeated. Her entire family had accepted this new "citizen" aspect of their lives as something cherished, and they even cursed the remaining powers that all of them had been inheriting generation after generation. "Hypocrites!," she always thought. Because she saw her mother once in a while turn the woods on fire while cooking, using her little magic. Or Sienah, one of her sisters, listening to other people's conversations through the air. It was so easy for all of them to deny their heritage when they still had a choice whether to use it or not.

    Lielah just had no choice at all. The first City Elf to be born without powers title would always be shining across her forehead, as if written in blood.

    "Why did I have to be the first one?" She had complained for years and years, and now she felt so fed up. Their family wouldn't care, with so many brothers and sisters, she was special for the one thing she despised the most.

    She was drowning in her thoughts when she heard a particularly beautiful music. She opened the window and the sound grew a little stronger. She had to know where it came from. Not that anyone would miss her at home. And so, with a little goal in mind and a shy smile, she came out of her house, walking towards the source of that beautiful melody.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Kosme walked all night through the city. "I'm hungry", the sun had come out and Falurst had awoken.

    Well, the first thing is breakfast. Kosme looked at a fruit store, "perfect". He sought in his mind some spell to get the fruit, but he could not remember. I think I have to improvise. He saw the apple and he said "Imperare obdormiscere" and the poor saleswoman fell into deep sleep. "Ops, wrong spell".
    Kosme walked all day in the city, he wanted to visit some interesting places, hidden places. At the night he was lost in the middle of dark alleys. In the shadows a human figure ran to him, Kosme stayed petrify, he didn't knows what to do. This person was ever close. "Kosme! It is a lonely night for a magician, what kind of stars are suggesting you to wander around the city", said a voice. "What, who are you, how do you know my name?, Come out the shadows, come to me.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    -Since the beginning of time I was warned about you and your spells. And… your secrets, perhaps! Your mind could be like a whole dark-deep forest sometimes. It doesn’t really matter how do I know your name, I’ve been told about more names before getting trapped in this city.

    Amänth came out from the shadow, his eyes started to shine under the moon and his hair moved slightly with the breeze; that was about the time when a leaf from his blew away, it went up a down again wrapped in a bunch of sparks. -Do not be afraid. Amänth whistled and the leaf spun around Kosme’s head, near his nose it sparkled even more. Kosme sneezed.

    -Bless you, Kosme. This leaf will help you to remember a spell, in case your memory plays tricks on you.
    The leaf felt on Kosme’s left hand. Amänth suddenly disappeared; his steps were heard loud down the alley while he kept walking around so confused… -Why do I know his name? I’ve been told about him but how did I get to recognize his face? Does he know anything upon the secret I am looking for?
    Now my mind plays the tricks on me, need some sleep!
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