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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    While playing a new song that came from his very deep concern about himself, Sevaryan spoke in ancient words he wasn't pretty sure about the real meaning, but it sounded kind of powerful... maybe a spell!, he tought.
    Somehow, in this "state ofe grace" out of control, an inner voice tells him things he can barely comprehend.

    He stopped singing but kept on playing his new lute.
    A little figure behind the bushes gained his attention.

    Who are you?
    Do i know you?
    Haven't you been told that nousing around is not quiet a good habit.
    Come, sit here by me. My name is Sevaryan and i'm not gonna bite you.

    ("THRICE AROUND THE CIRCLE'S BOUND SINK ALL EVIL TO THE GROUND", he prayed in his mind, just in case that unknown presence could harm him...).
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Lielah stood still for a moment. She was still very young if you think in elf years; if she as a regular woman, she'd be already dead. And she was there was so much to learn and that not everyone should be trusted. Her grandfather had taught her well.

    "You play such a beautiful music." She said still keeping her ground. "For someone who gave up his magic heritage in exchange for a civilized life, the tune you play echoes the sound of the wood all too closely, it's almost magic."

    She walked a little closer, ready to run back home if the city elf sitting in front of her tried anything off. "I haven't seen you before at Falurst. Whether I've been keeping to myself for too long or you're not from this place. Your music even reminds me of the Myth of Hamelin." She looked down for a moment wondering if she was being rude… again… "Do you still have some magic in you?"
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Sevaryan was atonished with the beauty of that girl comming out from the bushes, but he would'n let it show, for respect to the one that promisses to be his first friend in Falurst.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oxim
    "Do you still have some magic in you?"
    I can do this!.. and telling that he opened his left hand and blowing gently between his fingers, eyes closed, he appeared standing beside her...

    I really don't know if this can be called magic, but at least i have fun doing it. Sometimes i can stay for a long time in two places at a time so i can play two different instruments and sing with two different voices at once. Do you wanna see?

    She was amazed looking that glorious act he was performing for her, while he was singing:

    Of all the birds that ever I see,
    the Owl is the fairest in her degree,
    For all the day long she sits in a tree,
    and when the night comes, away flies she,
    Te whit, te who, to whom drinks thou?
    Sir knave to thou,
    This song is well sung, I make you a vow,
    and he is a knave that drinketh now.
    Nose, nose, no-o-o-nose,
    and who gave thee that jolly red nose?
    Cinamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, and cloves,
    and that gave thee thy jolly red nose.*

    *Thomas Ravenscroft's Deuteromelia # 7 (1609)
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Lielah didn’t say a word. The song was so beautiful and this city elf was so kind. And he still had powers, like all of the city elves she had known so far, but his abilities were beyond magic, they were covered in emotions and sweetened with love, like only true elf's incantations were. She stood up and tried to speak, but she just couldn't. She wanted to know so much about him, was he truly from Falurst? She had never seen him before, but this was a big city… a big city full of lonely people. She stood up and took a few steps back, still somehow overwhelmed by this city elf's melody. She wanted to run away and never see him again, but she couldn't. She wanted to leave the city but it was under siege, just like her whole life.

    Overtaken by emotion and music, she answered the only way she could, with a sad melody that she always thought, defined her.

    The sky, the rising sun... Solitary
    And you my only one... Solitary

    And she ran through the forest.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Why does it always have to be like that? Why does everybody run from me?
    …everyone always leave me alone…

    He picked up his stuff and started his walk back to the city.
    It’s a little bit late and maybe some food and a good rest could be fine at this moment, he was thinking…

    Walking was not one of his favorite things to do in life, so, being careful there is no one in the woods who can see him, he turned into a translucid white mist and flew home…
    During this kind of travel he can barely think, because all his energy is used to enable his new shape, that’s why he likes to do that . It’s the best way to deal with some dissapointments in life… not thinking, just being a pale white mist…

    Everybody is loosing their powers. There are generations to come that won’t be like us. Our history will be just a story the children would hear from the old ones, our future sons and daugthers, whom will come to this world withot knowing how does it fells to spell a wish and make it true, to move one hand and change the wolrd… Secret words will be lost, sacred chants won’t be sang… To be an elf city is not that much if we have to pay this way…There’s no way back, is in our blood, in our faces, in the way we move and talk to each other.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Secretly, Lielah hoped the strange city elf would have followed her. She shouldn't have left that way. It was so rude on her part; and she wouldn't have minded at all if it was anyone else, but there was something about this Sevaryan that shook her so deep inside, that made her care -- it was overwhelming.

    She continued running as if that was the only way to let go of the anxiety that was moving rampant inside of her. There was so much she wanted to accomplish and there was so little she could do. She was trapped in her least favorite place in the world; the place that saw her being born and getting damned with a never ending powerlessness. She hated Falurst so badly and she didn't know how to leave, how to survive. And now... now she finally felt a connection with someone else and she couldn't bear it, she just couldn't.

    She trampled on a root and fell heavily on the grass. Tears ran down her face as the pain became too big; pain that wasn't coming from her hurt leg, but from an aching heart.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Awaken from a dream again I see nothing but a Grey clouded sky, dry sticks and branches with no leaves above. Turning to my right and lifting my arm, pointing up my index to find out where the breeze comes from, I am forced to look beyond... there's a pale blinking light, far, about couple of miles away; it's getting me hypnotized. Now it's spinning around and getting closer, the nearest it approaches the more it blows and the wind is so strong now that it's beginning to spin around me.

    Unconscious and finding my self in the middle of a twister, the light approaches more, I'm already blinded. Now my dream got true, even though this is time when I woke up, I don't want to know what's next.

    I just listened to a scream. Now I try to stand up but I can't stand clear off the trees because the wind is pushing against some trunk as well as I keep on listening to the screams. I can't move, my own hair has tied me against the trunk and this is about the time that the screams are coming from behind the light. I don't know what to do, except praying:
    [align=]"Eru händlar om mej ihåm lös min läd, händlar Eryonne om tha störm" (Eru save me from losing my leaf, save Eryonne from the storm)

    A pouring rain felt instantly and a thunder crush down on the tree where Amänth was tied; by this moment, the wind stopped and the light faded away letting a girl show up, she was horrified , pale and voiceless. This young elf came running and crushed into a twister, which already flew away and now a poor wounded elf lying down on a trunk of coal is all she sees.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: Power


    Loxo sat under a tree watching the siege on the city, with his hood up the rain dripped causally off of the rim, with his claymore and bow next to him he sat watching the great siege.

    Next to him was his companion, Nema the pitch black wolf who has been with Loxo since she was a cub.

    As the rain began to come down heavy Nema laid down next to Loxo, nuzzling his harm for comfort. Loxo gently scratched behind Nema's ears.

    "This is what we have come for Nema, War." Loxo said looking at the siege on the town.

    Nema looked up at her friend, her red eyes peered into him with joy, a hunt she would love the taste of meat and blood always exited her. getting up she began to patrol the tree.

    "Calm Nema, it will be some time." Loxo laughed

    Disappointed Nema laid back down next to Loxo.
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