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    its a nice thought, but i doubt the actual practice of your plan will be so effective...if you want to help, maybe you should tell your people to stay out of our way...and our business!
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun
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    Tiraku Laughed

    Credits: Jessss!!! From AMR~!

    " I'm not going to change the world, but I guarantee that I'll spark the mind who will"
    *-Tupac Shakur

    uncle of danaepixie (long story), father of blinks and Buffy Fan.
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    "Well, sweetheart, there is one little problem to your request which if you actually listened to me you would have realized. My people are so scattered that they couldn't collectively get in your way for several years. Now, you can take my offer or not. Either way, I'll see that your chances are improved."
    Currently: Mirror, Varne the hunter, Jeldun, Mr. Makers, Motl the 6th, Chance, Odin, Berry

    Formerly Elixia but she got promoted to her own account.

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    Fine...get caught and we know nothing of you...we will simply continue on the pilgrimage as if you didnt exist
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    tiraku smiled

    i like the way you work.
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    "And if they can keep me, you mean."
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    whatever, as long as you understand!
    Someone in RP. most likely Elle in Final Fantasy, Amora, and The Angels in Minitys army, or Philida- Ursus' counterpart
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    Lana noticed that Niko disappeared and frowned. She didn't have time for this. She looked at the Al Bhed.

    "You are free to do as you will."

    She looked to her guardians.

    "We have wasted enough time, let's go to the temple."

    She then headed off in that direction.
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    Tiraku followed Lana
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