There are 3 main races in Rinoth: the elves, the humans, and the dragons.

The elves:
Typically live north of the desert in outposts, villages, and cities. The majority of the elves live in Esgalostia, their hidden city in the Great Forest. There are only a couple of elven villages in the desert, and even those are no more than a day's ride away from an outpost.

The elves' appearance differs from person to person and the only distinguishing factor is that they have pointed ears. They also typically have longer hair although there are some who have short hair.

The elves also have a long lifespan, living several hundred years, and because of this they age more slowly than the humans. Even though the elves aren't immortal, they are resilient and hardy. Many elves are distrustful of the humans and there are a few who outright hate them and wish them to be eradicated from Rinoth.

The humans:
Typically live in the desert and south of the desert. There is only one human city on the southern coast of the country and numerous villages that dot the plains. There is also one human village in the Great Forest, as well as a few in the desert.

Like the elves, the humans' appearance differs from person to person. They have a normal lifespan, living usually less than 100 years.

The dragons:
There are five classes of dragons that live in Rinoth: the Snow dragons, the Dark dragons, the Fiery dragons, the Cat dragons, and the Green dragons.

The Snow dragons:
Wisest and largest of all of the dragons. Their scales are white with varying shades of blue intermixed. Their home is typically at the peak of the Himacha Mountains.

The Dark dragons:
They make their home in the caves that dot the mountainside and don't usually come out that often. Their scales are usually dark brown with lighter browns mixed in.

The Fiery dragons:
They make their home on the mountainside and in the Great Forest. They are known for their quick tempers and their fiery red scales.

The Cat dragons:
Smallest and kindest of all of the dragons, they usually make their home in the Great Forest. Their scales are various shades of purple with some whites mixed in.

The Green dragons:
They make their home solely in the Great Forest. They are also known for their varying shades of green scales.