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    Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    I was having trouble keeping up with them myself, so I decided to make up a bit of a list of NPCs. Here are the four I've introduced thus far. I'm sure there will be more. *sigh*


    Boris: The leader elect of Lucian’s pack. He attempts to emulate Lucian’s methods and views as best he can, though he knows he will never be the leader he is expected to be. He is no elder, but he is solid member of the pack and old enough to know how things are supposed to go. The current re-eruption of the war is not how things are supposed to go. There are some who eagerly accept his gentle leadership, but there are others who think he is far too young for such a task. They don’t openly oppose him because they don’t want his job.

    Boris is 5’11” and 165lbs. He has dark brown hair cut short that stands up straight. He has a strong widow’s peak, accentuated by the paleness of his skin. He has a full beard, closely cropped and thick and his pale blue eyes give him the appearance of a relative of a malamute. He is commonly seen wearing a faded navy-blue jacket that used to be lined with brown corduroy. He wears an equally faded pair of denim jeans and flat military style shoes.

    de Rocco: A slimy-looking underling with illusions of grandeur. He’s a cop in the human world who was set up to be Sylvia’s partner by a concerned Pierce. His position as a law enforcer and a Lycan gives him a serious superiority complex. Rocco likes to think he’s important and will take pains to make sure everyone with less confidence than him thinks so too.

    He stands at a not-so-imposing 5’8” and a hulking 180 lbs. Rocco’s hair is black and cut in a military style. He wears a thin line of hair from ear to ear over the tip of his chin. Beady gold-brown eyes shine from under a bushy set of eyebrows. The man is hairy, even when he isn’t in lycan form and his barrel chest is in a constant state of being stuck out. If he has a beer gut, no one has noticed.

    Trefor: The closest thing Boris has to a second in command. Trefor feels an immense amount of loyalty to Boris, mostly because he respects him for taking the role no one else really wanted. Well, no one else fit for the work, anyway. Trefor commonly answers the door – feeling like a first defence for the Pack.

    Standing at 6’2” and weighing 195lbs, Trefor is imposing. He has long, light-brown hair and keeps the rest of his face clear of hair. His eyes are a green-ish grey and look perpetually haunted. His clothing is the colour of dirty brick, perfect for blending into his surroundings to disappear…

    Manik: A self-proclaimed prophet who don’t get no respect. In all likelihood, he really is crazy for believing all the strange theories and myths that have cropped up over the centuries. He is an ancient werewolf – hailing from the time of Lucian – and also a rather ancient-looking man by human standards.

    Manik is of average height, 5’10” or so, and is quite the lightweight. However, his scrawny limbs have incredible density, belying their powerful nature. His hair is completely grey and shoulder-length. Grey-blue eyes stare out at all with the same sort of superiority given him by age and knowledge. He consistently carries himself low to the ground. Several necklaces are strung around his neck and a collection of amulets dangle from a sort of charm bracelet on his left wrist. He wears a flannel shirt and a dirty brown trench coat with no buttons.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    I have NPCs too!


    Her maiden name was Helen Novatna, and her actual married name is Helen Dion. She is currently listed as Helen Yeats on legal documents, since being on the run.

    Helen was born to Lycan parents in the Canadian Pack; she is currently 130 years old. Her relationship with her family was strained when she dated and then married Tim Dion, a mage, and though she maintained contact with the Pack, she no longer lived with them following her marriage. Instead, she and Tim lived in a pleasant, ordinary house in a safe suburb. Helen had a career as a teacher for many years, but quit her job to become a full-time therapeutic foster parent. Millie was originally one of those foster children, but was officially adopted at the age of twelve. Following the confrontation and loss of secrecy about the prophecy, the family has been on the run.

    Helen is able to take Lycan form at will. Though in that form she is stronger than a human, she is no match for the powerhouses of her own kind. Instead, her unique abilities lie in her social skills. Helen has spent many years among humans, and is comfortable with their ways, so she is able to act as a “face” for a Lycan pack when needed. For a Lycan, she has an unusual amount of self-control. She is relatively slow to anger, and often a good negotiator. She is compassionate, understanding, and surprisingly patient.

    She is about 5’7”, curvy but currently looking like she could use to gain a few pounds, with wavy ash-blond hair cut to the shoulder and brown eyes. Her facial features are slightly angular, but she’s an attractive woman. Her clothing is basic, dark, and not particularly noteworthy. She appears to be 35-40 years old.


    Originally Timothy Dion, referred to as Timothy Yeats on legal documents since going on the run.

    Tim was a young medical student when he discovered his innate talents as a mage. Though he worked hard to develop those skills, he also finished school, and simultaneously became a member of a cabal of mages and a licensed physician. He joined a medical practice as a general practitioner, married Helen Novatna (something his fellow mages frowned on, given her Lycan status, but which they didn’t per se forbid,) bought a house, and lived a relatively normal life. As previously mentioned, he and Helen became foster parents, adopted Millie, and then had to go on the run due to the prophecy situation.

    Tim is a quiet, unassuming guy, but highly intelligent. He’s very kind and generous, but rather low-key about it, so that you might not even notice the nice thing he did for you until quite a bit later. His powers as a mage involve the ability to manipulate naturally occurring forces, and he can use these skills to heal, calm the mind, and in limited situations control aspects of the four elements. While the latter has potential for use in combat, Tim won’t fight unless absolutely necessary, preferring to fill the role of medic— a task for which his skills as a physician are often as important as his mage skills.

    He is 6’0” even, and on the skinny side, though he does clearly exercise and stay in shape, mainly for the purposes of health. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, a slightly large nose, and is clean-shaven. He wears metal-rimmed glasses to read. Tim is 42 years old. His clothing is basic and generic, usually sweaters and slacks; the only unusual thing he wears is a ring engraved with symbols of the four elements, representing his mage cabal. His appearance is definitely the academic type, and no one would mistake him for a bruiser.

    Update: Tim was accidentally bitten by Anya, and is now also a Lycan.


    A very young Lycan, turned just a few months ago, she is only 21 years old. Though originally from Slovenia, she came to Budapest to study art at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where she focuses on painting and sculpture. While she devotes most of her extracurricular time to the Pack, she still attends school.

    Alenka is intensely loyal to Boris, admiring him to the point of almost idolizing him. Though she's never told him this, he's a sort of father-figure to her. Alenka has no real power in the Pack, and doesn't seek any yet given her newly turned status, but she's content to be an errand-girl and general jack of all trades for tasks that need to be done. She's no combatant, but will happily go on scouting missions or deliver messages if asked.

    She is 5'3", approximately 100 pounds, and naturally slight of build, but stronger than she looks. Alenka has black hair that is cut unevenly short and spiky, random sections of which are dyed a deep purple. Her skin is pale, and she has large brown eyes. She wears the sort of clothes one would call "artsy," meaning colourful, mismatched, and usually second-hand, unless she's on a mission that specifically requires her to blend in.

    Alenka is loyal, outgoing, and friendly. Though she can be a little overly blunt, what she says can be taken at face value.

    She has been adopted (as an adult) by Tim and Helen.

    Bereket, Jamal, and Kizzy:

    These three are biological siblings orphaned by the fighting with the Vampires. The children are Lycan cubs by birth. Tim and Helen are their adoptive parents.

    Bereket, a girl, is six. Jamal, a boy, is three. Kizzy, another girl, is recently a year old. Bereket is opinionated, strong, and feisty. Jamal is sensitive and loving. Kizzy is serious and quiet, but a smart baby.

    The children are black with a medium-dark skin tone. They have large brown eyes and curly dark hair.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    MOAR NPCs! Dead characters are included for reference or flashback purposes only, and the last listed character as of this time has not yet appeared, but has been created for later use.


    Deceased Death Dealer. Alyosha was a merciless killer of Lycans and a true believer in Vampire superiority, but had a tendency to rant about that superiority when a smarter person would have either run or shut up and started shooting. Killed by Sasha in the metro tunnels.

    Alyosha was about 5'9," blond and blue-eyed. His hair was short and usually gelled into somewhat obsessive order. He was built like a gymnast, with short, powerful muscles, especially in his arms, shoulders, and chest. He dressed in typical Death Dealer attire, and was never without his black leather trench coat and expensive black boots. He had an annoying tendency to wear sunglasses indoors or in darkness, and generally looked like someone who took himself a bit too seriously.


    Also deceased. He was chosen as a stand-in Death Dealer after the destruction of the Vampires' mansion, and never really adapted to it. He had no sense of stealth, and tended to ask "What's going on?!" at the worst possible times, but he was actually a surprisingly good shot. Millie took the bullet Chronos was aiming at Riff, prompting Miksa to fatally shoot Chronos.

    Chronos was 6'3", lean and gawky but deceptively strong. He had black hair that was cut short with a subtle curl, piercing bright blue eyes, and a pointed, hawkish nose. He typically dressed in black, often turtlenecks and loafers in casual settings. In general, he gave rather the appearance of a predatory bird.


    Also recruited as a Death Dealer following the destruction of the mansion, she had never previously used a firearm and almost always shot with her eyes closed. Davia is a born aristocrat who appreciates the finer things in life, and generally demands the most upscale accommodations. She is currently living with Sasha's family, slowly overcoming her prejudices against Lycans and discovering the truth about the brainwashing she received at Viktor's hands.

    Davia is 5' 6", with elegantly coiffed blond hair and amber eyes. She is an attractive woman by nature, but sometimes tries too hard. She wears very stereotypical "Vampire" attire when it is available, with plenty of makeup, lace, velvet, and dark colours, showing a fondness for corset-style tops. Davia is not especially intellectual, but she's not an idiot when it comes to common sense, and she should not be underestimated because of her courtesan looks. Survival is her top goal.


    Ferrin is a Lycan of approximately the same age as Boris, but he has never been considered for any sort of leadership position within the Pack due to being admittedly irresponsible and insane. If he had his way, life in the Pack would be an orgy of chasing and feasting on humans in the streets of Budapest, and storming the Vampire strongholds with guns blazing; a more sensible person would recognize that regardless of the moral issues, from a practical standpoint this would run the Pack into the ground within a matter of hours... but Ferrin isn't much for thinking ahead, and completely lives in the moment.

    Though he very much resents having even the most basic of structures to contain him, Ferrin knows he realistically has the choice of either living with the Pack and following the rules, or being hunted down by the Pack as a liability to the species. He reluctantly accepts this, but should not be relied upon to promote Pack interests-- or for that matter, not to do something totally nuts when not supervised by more responsible Lycans.

    Ferrin is 6'1", built like a rugby player. His hair is shoulder-length and probably dark brown, but hasn't been washed in living memory, so the exact colour is conjecture. He seems to manage to have permanent stubble, though the Pack has never actually seen him freshly shaved. Ferrin is presumably Caucasian, but it's difficult to pinpoint an exact shade under the accumulated grime. His eyes are small, brown, and darting, and he makes very little eye contact except as a direct threat or challenge. Ferrin is the sort of stereotypical Lycan that gives the whole species a bad name, and will be trusted only at your own peril.

    Update: Ferrin is now deceased. He was killed by Helen when he tried to attack the young women in the Pack.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Okay, I don't know whether they'll all be NPC's or more permanent characters but here is the list of a few so far by name. :
    Angelique - Vampire
    Stephan - Lycan (Angelique's lover)
    Jacques - Lycan
    Evan - Vampire
    Katherine (TBA) - Vampire
    Alexander (TBA) - Hybrid
    Rebecka - (TBA) - Female Lycan

    I'll work up a few bios/descriptions and post them later.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs


    Benedek was one of the descendants of Corvinus first reluctantly "recruited" to participate in Singe's hybrid-creation experiments. Benedek turned out to be rather a dud for that purpose, as his blood did not contain the illusive factor that allowed a combining of the species, but by that point he had seen too much, and couldn't simply be released back onto the street. Rather than being killed outright, he was bitten, to see if lycanthropy at least would take; given the dwindling Lycan numbers, it had seemed a waste to do otherwise. Benedek survived the transformation, and remained with Lucian's pack.

    In spite of being turned against his will, Benedek is not particularly sympathetic to humans, feeling they are a lesser species that can be used and discarded-- developing this belief was the only way he could rationalize his own experiences. He takes tremendous pride in being a Lycan, and has very definite views of how his species should interact with others. Benedek is not a fan of the idea of Lycans cooperating with anyone besides other Lycans, though he doesn't actively express those feelings to the Pack higher-ups with different opinions.

    Benedek is 5'10", slightly stocky of build, but not fat. He has short black hair and a small mustache, though he otherwise remains carefully clean-shaven, and he naturally retains a perpetual tan. He can usually be seen in a faded t-shirt and dark slacks, topped with a denim jacket liberally sprinkled with decorative patches representing tourist destinations he has visited.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Loreen Coventry:

    One of the few in the Canadian Pack who have jobs in the outside world-- Loreen is a social worker. For the past six years she has been viewed with disdain by her fellow Canadian Pack members because she encouraged Helen and Tim's relationship, facilitated Millie's adoption, and then helped the family flee. Loreen was treated by that Pack as almost an Omega for these supposed "misdeeds," and when she eventually got the final boot, she joined the Pack that Boris lead instead. Loreen remains a close friend of Helen and Tim.

    Loreen is a black woman in her 40's. She is about 5'4", and while not fat, is experiencing some middle-aged spread. She typically wears her hair in braids, and dresses in practical business attire. She has a pleasant face, and an obvious kindly manner.


    A Lycan. Though he is originally from London, and still bears a recognizable but not overpowering accent, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe. Writing poetry is his true calling, but he works as a limo driver to pay the bills, and is also a well-trained combatant for the Pack. He is frequently smiling and joking, and tends to be in good spirits most of the time.

    Chester is 6'3" and of a lean frame, a black man with fairly dark skin, and has unusually nice teeth. He looks about 30. He keeps his hair close-cut, and is clean-shaven. He tends to dress like a Londoner circa 1970.


    A Lycan. Originally from Pakistan, he hoped to attend university but got caught up in fighting instead, first in a conflict between local warlords, and then in the prolonged conflict over Kashmir. He was happily married as a human, but his wife was killed by a landmine before he was turned. Asif is devoted to his Pack, who he considers his family, and is fiercely protective. He tends to get very angry over harm done to those he cares about, but he is not explosive, and has a very strong sense of justice needing to be done.

    Asif is 5'9", distinctly Middle Eastern in appearance. He looks about 40. Asif keeps his hair short, and is clean-shaven. He has a favourite battered denim jacket that he is often seen wearing, over very basic and standard thrift store clothing.


    A Vampire child. She is nine years old. Her mother is Gabriella, and her father was Kraven; he never acknowledged being her parent, but she looks like a miniature female version of him, so it was obvious anyway. Though never outright maltreated, Nadine was neglected and ignored by her mother, eventually got separated from her, and ended up with the Pack. Tim and Helen are acting as her foster parents-- and Nadine is very, very unhappy with the situation, wanting to return to her mother but unable to.

    Nadine is slender but not excessively thin, and she is slightly short for her age. She has black curls, pale skin, and large, dark eyes. She is a noticeably pretty child, but smiles very little.

    From The Canadian Pack:

    Emil Novotny:

    The Alpha male. He is cultured, educated, and intelligent, though he tends to have an exaggerated view of his own importance, something hundreds of years leading a Pack has done nothing to dispel. He is generally sociable and affable, but quickly becomes cutting and demeaning if his ego is threatened.

    Emil is 6'0", with the slight portliness of an older man used to eating well, but there is grace in his movements, and more than a hint of strength. His hair is black, greying from the temples, and he has deep brown eyes. Emil maintains a slight tan, regardless of season. He generally wears a three piece suit, tie, and shoes polished to a shine.

    Collette Novotna:

    The Alpha female, and Emil's wife. She is gracious and witty, but does not always come across as entirely genuine. She is fiercely judgmental, and heaps scorn on those who displease her, but is quite charming to those she likes.

    Collette is 5'6", but tends to look taller because she is perpetually in heels. Her hair is nearly completely gone to grey, and she wears it pinned up. Her skin is pale, her eyes are blue, and her features are somewhat angular and sharp, though not to the point of being unattractive. She wears the clothes of a wealthy socialite, and always dresses tastefully for the occasion.

    Helen Yeats is the couple's only child.


    A Pack member. He has a goatee, and neatly trimmed blond hair. Also never seen without a suit, and usually wearing sunglasses, behind which his eyes are a startling shade of blue.


    Another Pack member. He is Japanese, also with carefully groomed hair and an expensive suit, and is clean-shaven.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Lukas and Millie's Daughters:


    Eszter is thirteen years old, and a Lycan from birth. She is Roma (gypsy) and has black hair, dark brown eyes, and slightly dark skin. She is small, short, and thin for her age. Eszter is a smart girl, very loving, talented in music, and fiercely protective of her sister Erzsi.

    Millie and Lukas are the girls' adoptive parents. Eszter and Erzsi ran away from their biological mother's home after Eszter was repeatedly raped and Erzsi was molested by their mother's boyfriend. The abuse left Eszter infected with HIV. The girls lived on the street for a month, then met Millie and Lukas at the city zoo and found a new home.


    Nadya is a descendant of the Fae, of the Gargoyle type. She has blonde hair, a pretty face, and unlike the picture, she has jet-black eyes, grey skin that looks slightly pebbled in its colour-shading but is smooth to the touch, and sharply pointed ears. After being used as a weapon by the Fae, she has deformities of the bones of her legs, meaning she must use leg braces and crutches to walk.

    Her life was difficult from the start. Nadya tested positive for drugs at birth due to her biological mother's substance abuse, and spent six months in foster care, during much of which she was suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal. She ended up back in foster care at age two after being left alone with her older brother, Alex. At four, she was back in care yet again as the result of physical abuse and the mother injecting both children with drugs-- Alex was overdosed and didn't survive, and Nadya had to experience withdrawal all over again.

    Nadya was placed with her grandparents at age four at her mother's request, and her life got progressively worse. Her grandfather (who is also her biological father,) uncle, and two male cousins all raped her on a regular basis, and with her grandmother, all tortured and otherwise abused her in an attempt to make her compliant for a lifetime of forced sex and bearing children to continue the family's Fae bloodline. Nadya always wished for her mother to come rescue her, but when her mother returned (Nadya was eight at the time,) the woman instead participated in, encouraged, and escalated the abuse. At that point, Nadya emotionally separated herself from her family, except for another brother, Max, who was born when she was ten. The children were both taken back into foster care when the authorities found out the mother was living in the home. The sexual abuse was not known for two years after she was removed, when Nadya attempted to disclose it to her then-adoptive parents, the Haussmans. Unsure about adopting an older child from the start, and unprepared to deal with the trauma she had experienced, the Haussmans returned Nadya to foster care, keeping Max. After hospitalization for a suicide attempt, Nadya was taken in by Millie and Lukas, who are now in the process of adopting her. Finally, she found people who believed her and were sympathetic to what she had been through, and she was finally able to tell her story and begin healing.

    She is a quiet, pleasant, polite girl, good at handcrafts and making things. She misses her brother Max, but is enjoying living with Millie, Lukas, and her new siblings.


    Liliya is seven years old, a Corvinus descendant, and a recently-turned Lycan. She is also small and too thin, though she is getting closer to a normal weight now that she is receiving regular meals. Her hair is auburn, her skin is pale, and her eyes are brown.

    She is a shy, quiet girl, who loves her family. Since her arrival at the Lycan den, she has delighted in the simple pleasures of being allowed to have a childhood, and being cared for.

    Liliya's biological mother died of an overdose when Liliya was not yet three, and the child was sent to live with her reluctant biological father. He neglected and ignored the little girl until he remarried. Liliya's new stepmother resented the little girl, and she physically abused her, encouraging her husband to do the same. Finally, they sold Liliya to a brothel to be rid of her and make some money on her. Liliya spent six months in forced prostitution, then she was attacked by a Lycan client and left for dead by the brothel owner and her own family. She was found by a Pack member, and was adopted by Millie and Lukas.

    Liliya can't speak, and communicates by sign language, though she is fully able to hear.


    Erzsi is five. She's Eszter's biological half-sister (they share a mother but have different fathers,) and was born a Lycan. Also Roma like Eszter, she has short black hair, brown eyes, and a medium skin tone. Erzsi suffers from the effects of fetal alcohol exposure, and is developmentally delayed, especially in abstract thinking, memory, and cause/effect; she will face some longterm mental challenges. The fingers of her left hand are fused to her palm, rendering the hand basically unusable. In spite of her challenges, however, Erzsi is a cheerful and content child, quick to laugh and very attached to her siblings.
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    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs

    Re: Underworld: Aftermath - NPCs


    Zabel is a young woman of nineteen with light brown hair, blue eyes, and naturally tan skin. She is the mother of a newborn baby boy named Krikor.

    Zabel's parents were the leaders of a small Lycan group in Canada, who eventually butted heads with the primary Canadian Pack in a territorial dispute. Both her mother and father were killed in the ensuing violence, and Zabel herself was taken prisoner.

    Desiring an heir, the leaders of the Canadian Pack used Zabel as an unwilling gestational surrogate, to carry their biological child. They brought the young woman to Hungary so Doctor Fejes could do an embryo transfer, and she was bound and sedated in a mental hospital, with the intention of keeping her captive till the delivery. In spite of the circumstances of his conception, Zabel grew to love her baby, and wanted to raise and care for him even though there seemed to be overwhelming odds against her.

    She managed to escape from the hospital, and was found by the Budapest Lycans. In a final showdown, she was attacked by Emil and Collette and their goons, and the baby was cut from her body, but she was rescued and her child was returned to her.

    In spite of the horrific trauma of the birth, she is recovering, and she is enjoying being a mother to her newborn son. She herself was adopted by Helen and Tim, and is settling into their family, though she still misses her biological parents and probably always will. Currently, Zabel's world pretty much revolves around her baby, which is exactly how she wants it to be.


    A young Hybrid boy. Simon was a test subject who was rescued from... or perhaps intentionally left by... Doctor Fejes.

    Simon's age is unknown, but he is estimated to be around nine or ten. He was very malnourished as a result on the experiments done on him, but he is gaining weight and becoming more healthy and active. Simon has dark skin, brown eyes, short black hair, and a bright beaming smile. His frame is that of a lanky growing boy, but he is likely to be a strong young man when he has fully developed.

    Simon is energetic, curious, and talkative, frequently in motion. Simon enjoys outdoor games and running around, now that he finally has a chance to do so. He is curious about everything and asks a lot of questions, but is sometimes hesitant to reveal personal things about himself, preferring to make small talk or query others for things he can learn.

    Though he is an intelligent boy, Simon has experienced little of the world, having spent most of his life in a lab. He sometimes struggles with making good behavioural choices for the same reason; almost everything is new and strange to him.

    Simon was the son of a captured recently-turned Vampire, and an unknown Lycan genetic donor he has never met. His mother died in captivity, and Fejes was left for the group to find, in an attempt to spread an infectious plague. Simon survived his illness, and has been adopted by the Kazlar family, where he is settling in well.

    Doctor Antal Fejes:

    The Director of Psychiatric Medicine at the Varghas-Tolnai Clinic in Buadpest, who is prone to doing unethical experiments, particularly on immortals. Though he actually does have a reasonable knowledge of medicine, he is also a quack who will provide any diagnosis for pay. Recently, he has been working with the military on Hybrid experiments, as well as his own personal research projects.
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    ((I'll add actual little bios when I get the chance, but for now, you can at least see how some people look.))



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    ((And a couple more; it was too many images for a single post.))



    Suzanne de Morville:

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