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    ((And a few more pictures. Still need to fill in descriptions, I know!))





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    ((And two more, in preparation for upcoming plot. ))



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    Nathan's Former Coven

    Amy Dubois

    Life had treated Amy pretty well until her ex-boyfriend Thierry owed money to Nathan for drugs. Thierry seemed to be successful businessman, who treated her to all the good things life but who also hid his drug use from Amy. She found about it when Nathan came to collect on his debts. Thierry offered Nathan Amy as a payment which Nathan accepted but then had Sacha kill him anyway.

    Greta Keller

    Like many of Nathan's girls, Greta has spent most of her adult life as a prostitute. She isn't proud of it but she does it because she has to survive. Nathan found her in Germany after he killed her old boss Alric and took over his home. Nathan told her he'd either kill or she could work for him now. She's seven months pregnant but didn't want to give up her baby even though Nathan sells all babies born to his girls as soon as they give birth. She faked her death and ran off to the community Jasmine told her about to start a new life.

    Cara Levesque

    Cara is the newest member of Nathan's coven. When she 15 years old she became a model. She enjoyed the lifestyle a little too well and got addicted to drugs. Nathan found her in an alley in France. He thought she could be useful trying new batches of his drugs. She has it in her mind that Nathan actually cares about her and hasn't realized he truly doesn't.

    Update: Nathan snapped her neck once he lost his Coven in Vienna. He didn't need a drug user anymore.

    Sia Levin

    Sia is one of Nathan's drug dealers. She often sells the most drugs every night and that makes her one of Nathan's favorites. Nathan found her in Israel when she was running a prostitution ring. Nathan was eliminating the local competition when he met her and liked her spirit. Instead of killing her, he decided to use her knowledge to further his own businesses.

    Update: Sia was killed when Dmitri, Asif, and Ignac came to the coven to rescue Dawn with Amy's help. Knowing either way she'd die, she decided to be killed by them then have Nathan give her a prolonged death for her failure to stop the three men.

    Turner Matthews

    Turner is another member of Nathan's coven. He's a computer hacker. He used to make a lot of money over the Internet but then decided to try and steal from Nathan. Nathan tracked him down and was going to kill him until he decided he could instead use Turner's skills for his own benefit.

    Elena Sammartino

    Elena was studying chemistry in college when her brother Eddie got them both mixed up with a gang. At first the gang was going to just use her as a "plaything" until Eddie told their leader how she knew about chemistry. Instead using her as their whore, they had her create drugs for them instead. The drug business was quite successful until Nathan's coven came into town and tried to eliminate the competition. Eddie and most of the gang was killed but Elena was spared when Nathan found out she was the one creating the drugs and he turned her so she could work for him instead.

    Bruno Sinclair

    Bruno was a top boxer making lots of money until he got into gambling. He lost his fortune quickly and got involved with the mob that he owed money to. Nathan and Jasmine found him dying from a knife attack. Although Nathan doesn't allow too many males into his coven, when he saw Bruno's large size (Bruno's 7 feet tall and is 300 pounds of muscle) he thought he'd be a welcome addition to the coven. Bruno is appreciative of the second chance he was given by Nathan and using his size and fighting skills to protect the coven.

    Ingrid Sina

    Ingrid worked for Amadeus Dorner in Vienna as a medical assistant in his free clinic (which was a front for the man's more illegal activities). Ingrid was spared when Nathan took out Amadeus and his business because Jasmine convinced Nathan Ingrid could be useful for her skills. Especially since Ingrid is trained as an ultrasound tech and Nitya's pregnant.

    Josh Westin

    Josh works for Nathan but knows him only as Micha Duran. Josh is a former CIA agent who went rogue. He would rather have money in his pocket then serve his country. He is an expert at tracking down people who don't want to be found. Nathan has hired him to track down his enemies from his home country that betrayed him 10 years ago. Josh is the only human Nathan deals with.

    Update: When Nathan ran to Mexico he killed Josh so he could have back all the money he paid him.

    ((Jen and I share writing them))
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    Since our characters here will probably refer to characters from Neshephton I'm going to post pics of them and brief descriptions about them. I left out ones that weren't directly tied to Rachel, Chase, or Nathan though.

    Anna and Jackson Bardou

    Jackson is Chase's older cousin. He is the son of Harold and Clara. He is quite happy being a lycan and doesn't understand why Chase can't just accept it. He only got himself involved in the war ten years ago because Chase is as close to him as a brother. He had followed Chase into the human city to protect him in case the humans discovered he was a lycan while attending the university. He didn't regret his choice to follow his cousin because if he hadn't come he wouldn't have meet Anna. Anna is Rachel's best friend from childhood, who during the war got turned into a vampire. After the war ended Anna and Jackson got married. Jackson and Anna were unable to have children of their own and adopted two girls and a boy.

    Ethan Betancourt

    Ethan was Nathan's twin brother. They grew up as orphans and always depended on each other. Even as humans they were cruel but once they were turned into vampires they became worse. Ethan and Nathan used to hunt down human girls and drink their blood. At a party at the local university, Ethan and Nathan saw Chase and Rachel together. Once they realized Chase was a lycan they thought it would be fun to go after Rachel and try to kill him. The plan failed because when Ethan tried to attack Rachel, Chase killed him instead.

    Isabelle and Spencer Caspian

    Isabelle was once Nathan's lover. She hated the local coven because they never treated her like family. Her human mother had claimed a high ranking member of the coven named Gerret was Isabelle's father but he said he wasn't and everyone took Gerret's side over her mother's. When Nathan told her about Venka's plan to overthrow the local coven, Isabelle quickly agreed. Although she later had second thoughts. She learned Gerret wasn't her father and actually came to like her family. She also fell in love with her childhood friend named Spencer Caspian who had loved her since they were children. He taught her she was worthy of being loved and she turned her back on Nathan. Nathan hated her for betraying him and taking her family's side instead. After the war ended Isabelle and Spencer married and travel around the world. They are the ones who told Chase about the clinic in Budapest.

    Update: Nathan tracked Isabelle and Spencer down in Athens. He used a makeshift wooden stake to kill Spencer and handcuffed Isabelle to a boat's railing and let the sun rise kill her.

    Samuel Caspian

    Samuel is Spencer's older cousin. He helped in the war and blew up the pub where Nathan and his allies were plotting a rebellion. The explosion killed many of Nathan's allies and hurt his rebellion greatly. Samuel ended up marrying Isabelle's older sister.

    Update: Nathan tracked Samuel down in Hong Kong and killed him with a wooden stake through the heart.

    Drew and Seona Evans

    Seona was one of Rachel's childhood friends. For a long time she dated a lot of men and had no shame about it. She's the one who made Rachel go to the party that Ethan and Nathan saw Rachel and Chase at. Seona changed her ways when Nathan and Isabelle attacked her and she decided to work at the local orphanange. When the war began, she ran into her first boyfriend Drew who had a drinking problem that caused their break up. Both changed their ways though. Drew had become a cop after cleaning up his act. They fell in love again and married. They ended up having a son and a daughter but continue to dedicate their time to the orphanage. Rachel was jealous for a long time of the happy life Seona and Drew had with their kids since she wanted children of her own.

    Dustin and Ellen Gabriel

    Dustin was once a loyal follower of Nathan. He felt like that the local coven did treat the other vampires badly but he wasn't power hungry like Nathan. He just wanted equality. He and Ellen were once poor humans who planned to get married until a night in a pub when Ethan attacked Ellen and Dustin tried to defend her. Dustin was almost killed but was turned into a vampire. He hated his new life and tried to push Ellen away so she could find someone else to live a normal life with but she didn't care. She still loved him. Nathan knew this and used it. He had Ellen trick Rachel into coming to the pub where he ran most of his rebellion from. The plan failed since Chase came with Isabelle to save Rachel. Ellen was almost killed during the fight and was turned by Samuel into a vampire to save her. Dustin turned on Nathan since Ellen almost died and spilled the beans about Nathan and his rebellion. They were given immunity against what fate would await Nathan and his allies. That information helped the coven stop the rebellion. Once the war ended he and Ellen married and tried to forget all about Nathan. They started new lives as Daniel and Emily Slater.

    Update: Nathan tracked down Dustin and Ellen in Paris and killed them using a gaboon viper.

    ((I retconned Helen's name to Ellen since we already have a Helen in the story and I don't want to cause any confusion.))
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    Emma and Marc Harlow

    Emma is the younger sister of Rachel's mother. Because Rachel's parents were very busy when she was little, Rachel spent a lot of time with her aunt who runs a tavern. When Rachel's parents died in an accident, Emma became her guardian. Rachel helped out in the tavern as a teenager. Since their age difference is only 10 years, they act more like sisters then aunt and niece. Marc is a police captain who didn't agree with the war and went to help the coven stop the power hungry church group. During the war they got married. Although they were surprised to learn Chase was a lycan, both were okay with it since they knew Rachel and Chase loved each other. Emma and Marc have had two sons and a daughter since the war ended.

    Other Bardou family members


    Chase's father and leader of the pack since he was the first born son of James. He doesn't trust humans and vampires much and only agreed to help the local coven in the war because Chase and Jackson had already done so. Despite not trusting many humans, he is married to a human and quickly warmed up to Rachel. Chase's gets his temper from him.


    Chase's human mother. She is more soft spoken then her husband and is the only human in the pack other then Rachel. She is not scared to voice her opinion and will tell her husband to his face if she doesn't agree with him. She liked Rachel instantly when Chase brought her to meet the family and was thrilled her son found love.

    Harold and Clara

    Chase's uncle and aunt. They are Jackson's parents and both are lycans. Clara often sides with Serena though if the men are doing something they don't agree with. Harold is more understanding and even tempered then his older brother.

    (I had to break up my post since I had too many pics.)
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