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    Matheus Milford Icarus

    Matheus Milford Icarus

    A link to Matheus Milford Icarus full biography.

    Short Bio-

    He came out of school filled with ideas for how to make the world a better place. What he found was a world unwilling to listen and it slowly killed his desires to make it a better place. Instead, he started working at making his life better. He became self absorbed and now will do whatever he can to benefit himself at the expense of anyone.

    So he is in the leadership of the religious order and is one of the ones keeping it from being true to God.
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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Ailen Fides

    Brief bio:
    Ailen is a talented knight, excommunicated from the Order and wanted for speaking out against the injustices perpetrated by the order. He is noble, honest and upright. He is the best sword fighter known, and is good with other weapons as well. He lives in hiding, emerging when necessary to act against injustice.

    Full bio: http://quarrelsandquills.com/jas4yeshua ... len-fides/
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Name- Tatianna Alling
    Storyline: Neshephton


    Race- Human
    Gender- Female
    Age- 20
    Hair color- Honey Blonde
    Eye color- Light brown
    Build- Voluptuous
    Height- 5’7”

    Appearance- Tatianna is lovely while not the most gorgeous of all women, she does turn heads wherever she goes. Unaware she exudes a natural sensuality and sweet innocence. Her waist-length, straight, blonde hair is usually tied into a top knot with a trailing pony tail. Wisps of golden hair frame her ‘squarish’ face as they defeat her efforts to tame them. Tatianna’s lush lips are usually playing into a smile for everyone she meets. She has high cheekbones and a strong jawline. Her neck is long and elegant.

    Tatianna moves with the grace of a dancer

    Personality – Tatianna is a gentle person, kind to everyone she meets. She very rarely loses her temper even to those that are unkind to her. She tends to believe the best of those around her and gives most people the benefit of the doubt. She is however often used by people because of her gentle nature. She believes in the Ancient Texts but her belief in the Radiant Order has been shaken.

    History- Born in Radiant City she attended school through almost to University level. That is until her father, a Radiant Knight was killed in a skirmish with werewolves in the outer borderlands. Unknown to her, he was sent there by the higher level Cardinals to stop his continual questioning of the newer policies straying from the Ancient Texts. At the same time her mother became curiously ill and was taken to a Radiant Order Hospital within the Radiant Convent. Tatianna was informed her mother died, the officials refused to tell her where her mother was buried or anymore information than she had died.

    Tatianna was left without anything, the Radiant Cardinals withheld her father’s legacy for her, this she was told was due to money her father owed them (it was quite the opposite but Tatianna could not dispute them). Destitute, Tatianna wandered Radiant City hungry and without a home. Frightened by the cool attitude she received from all of her father’s former colleagues she continued to wander, unsure where to go. The first night she slept at the graveside of her father, weeping herself to sleep.

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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Chase Bardou

    Name: Chase Bardou
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22
    Hair: Messy blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'10
    Race: Werewolf
    Build: Lean but muscular
    Family: Father-Charles, Mother-Serena, Uncle (Charles' brother)- Harold, Aunt (Harold's wife)- Clara, Cousin (Harold and Clara's son)- Jackson
    History: Chase is a werewolf by birth. The Bardou Family passes the werewolf gene through the Y chromosome, so only blood males will become werewolves while females born to the family live out normal lives. Since werewolves are not liked by either the Radiant Order or the vampires, the Bardou Family lives in large mansion hidden in the woods. They are more civilized than other werewolves, not hunting humans but instead living off wildlife in the woods. They also have learned to control their animal urges as best they can, unless one is under extreme stress. They can shapeshift at will and they are not immortal but instead life out normal life spans like humans do. Chase always showed an interest in medicine and wishes to attend one of the universities at Radiant City to do so. Once he had learned how the werewolf gene was passed on in his family he wanted to study medicine to find a way to cure his family so they would no longer be outsiders and so future generations of the Bardou Family wouldn't get the gene. After years of pleading with his father and uncle, they have allowed him to leave safety of the mansion and go to the city to study medicine as long as he keeps his werewolf side a secret from anyone he meets and keeps his cousin, who is like a brother to him, close by.

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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Rachel Connor

    Name: Rachel Connor
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Hair: Long brown with slight curls
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'5
    Race: Human
    Build: Slender with hour glass figure
    Family: Aunt Emma (her mother's sister)-who took her in after she turned 15 when her parents died, Mother (deceased)- Dr. Elizabeth Larkson-Connor, Father (deceased)- Dr. Steven Connor
    History: After Rachel's parents died when she was teenager in what was deemed an accident, her aunt Emma took her in. Emma runs a local tavern and Rachel works for her aunt when she is not attending school. Both of her parents were famous doctors in Radiant City and she attends the university in hopes of carrying on their legacy. She misses her parents greatly but is very close to her aunt who is more like an older sister to her because there is only 10 year gap between them. It is nice for Rachel to be close to her mother's sister because she was only a child and Emma is now the only family she has left.
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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Jackson Bardou

    Name: Jackson Bardou
    Sex: Male
    Age: 26
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 6'1
    Race: Werewolf
    Build: Muscular build
    Family: Father-Harold, Mother-Clara, Uncle (Harold's brother)- Charles, Aunt (Charles' wife)- Serena, Cousin (Charles and Serena's son)- Chase
    History: Jackson, like his cousin Chase, are werewolves by birth. Jackson is more accepting of what they are then his cousin. He doesn't view their werewolf side as something that needs to be cured and as far as he is concerned both the Radiant Order and the vampires who have a problem with the Bardou Family and werewolves in general can kiss his furry tail. He is very close to his cousin and when their fathers allowed Chase to go the university, he went as well to make sure Chase doesn't run into trouble.
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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    How is this?

    Name: Brother Zeriff Sebastian "Zeff"

    Thread: Neshepton

    Gender: Male

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Curly Blond

    Height: five foot 10 inches.

    Build: Normal

    Age: 24

    History: Zeff grew up in a rough part of Radiance City; knowing only one rule: Kill or be killed. At a young age of 19 he made his own gang; which he named "Silent Killers". They raided many different houses of Radiance City, and once one of the Churches. After being caught in a fight with another gang, he was stabbed in the gut and left for dead by his 'Comrades'. He managed to stop the bleeding and survive; and eventually, through the Radiant Church, he came to know God. He became a monk at the main Church in the city at age 20, and resides there still.

    Current Occupation: Monk at Radiance City.

    Hobbies: Reading books, building with wood (Such as houses, shacks, decorations, etc).

    Weapons: None
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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Name: Vallan
    Race: Vampire
    Age: Unknown (The records were destroyed and he just doesn't remember)
    Occupation: Arms Dealer, Informant
    Stats: 6`1``, Blue Eyes, Slim build

    Note: Crispin Glover fit the Image in my head perfectly.


    He`s a semi distant cousin to the ruling family, and a real low life (He has no real power, but has access to those that do). He makes most of his money selling arms, artifacts and information to all factions, but has been known to dabble in almost anything as long as the price is right (i.e: He stays out of the Narcotic, flesh and slave trades unless it will make him a lot of money and he can keep his hands clean).

    The Vampires know what he does, but he`s been handy to keep around for informaiton in the past, and they try to limit the amount he can get his hands on.

    Vallan looks forward to facilitating your lives significantly....for a price.
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Re: Neshephton Character List

    Name: Gerret Luciano
    Sex: Male
    Age: I'm not ancient.
    Hair: Light brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'10"
    Race: Vampire, old blood
    Build: Lanky
    Family: Lets not go into details. The Luciano's have been around since before the town. Their poltical games, secret indiscretions, and power plays make going into family sort of like looking at a bush.

    History: Gerret was considered a rather adept member of the family until an early plot unraveled. Since then, he's mostly make token efforts at the power plays and status games of the family but mostly he spends his time floating about using his vampire status to get by.

    Or at least thats what most beleive. The defeat was infuriating but it did teach Gerret quite a bit. And the surprising amount that one can learn when considered beneath notice is quite useful. And with the right planning, it can yeild wonderful results. Gerret spent decades forging a food smuggling operation with a mystery man called Heart as the head. The group, called Heart's Desires smuggles in people unlikely to be missed from around to serve as meals for vampires who enjoy killing their food. Heart's Desires provides the location, meal and clean up for a reasonable fee. This nets them a rather interesting list of people that could be blackmailed should the need arise aside from the money. Heart uses numerous go betweens and no one knows who he is. Some suspect that the head of the family is Heart and both were quite happy to let that rumor stand.

    Gerret poses as a middle go between for Heart quite often even going so far as to report to someone else on matters and see how much makes it up the ladder. Note drops, mortals told to pass a message and cryptic clues serve as the chain of information. And the use of third or fourth parties for certain parts helps add to the muddy waters.

    Gerret usually spends more time out during the day then most vampires but has two 'umbrella boys' with him. They serve as a mobile source of shade and body guards should anyone try anything during the day. Gerret calls them Hendricks and Jennings and no one is sure if thats their real names or not.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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