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    Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Vampire Information

    *OLD BLOOD-LINE VAMPIRES are the ruling class and are more powerful than ordinary vampires.

    *Reproduction:Only the male Old Blood-Line Vampires can reproduce by birth and that requires an unturned human female. This union will produce OLD BLOOD-LINE Vampire children. These children are wise beyond their years and grow to adulthood at an accelerated pace.

    **Pure Vampire females are sterile.

    ***Age and experience makes a vampire stronger.
    The Lucianos are the oldest bloodline and the strongest.

    *Humans can be either killed or turned by a vampire. Turning is HIGHLY discouraged by the Lucianos since they must try to maintain the human population for the survival of the vampires. Neshephton vampires are very careful to protect the humans of their town, a fact both unknown and/or misunderstood by outsiders of Neshephton.

    *To turn a human the vampire would need to bite their victim three different times. The third timethey would take nearly all of their victims blood, leaving them barely alive, then they awake as a vampire unless they are killed. They also awaken a slave to the one who turned them until they have been trained by their new Master and IF their New Master releases them by allowing them to drink some of their own blood.

    *Turning or killing a human without permission can get a vampire marked for the vampire hunters and they are usually executed for such behavior after atrial by their peers.

    *If a human is turned (and it’s approved).That human is a slave of the vampire that turned them until they consume some of the blood of their vampire master. The vampire master is held accountable for teaching their slave the rules of Neshephton and all vampires.

    *The Old Blood-Line Vampires have learned they can feed on humans without killing them. It requires a great deal of self-discipline which most vampires find difficult but it can be done and it is demanded by the Lucianos Family for any vampire wishing to remain in Neshephton.

    *Criminals are ‘free sport’ for the vampires in Neshephton. Thus why they have little to no crime, usually a crime wave comes when new people make their way into the city of rejection. However, this allows many of the weaker vampires to feed freely so… everyone wins… except the criminal. In Neshephton; CRIME DOESN’T PAY!!!

    *All vampires have the ‘Command Voice’. A type of hypnosis, with it they can control humans within close proximity.The stronger the vampire the more people he can control at once.

    *Most vampires are taught to prepare the victim properly and the moment they are bit will be under deep hypnosis and find the experience highly erotic. If the victim is not prepared they will experience a great deal of pain and unbelievable terror, causing them to fight the vampire and struggle.

    *The vampires fangs grow out when aroused or hungry.This makes them impossible to distinguish from any other human most of the time.

    *The Lucianos family vampires saliva contains a morphine-like substance that kills pain. This is why their bite is rarely painful unless they choose it to be so.

    *The Older Vampires have developed the ability to tolerate some sunlight but it will cause them intense pain and agony after a short time of exposure.Extended exposure will cause them to weaken and die. Younger vampires will begin to suffer immediately.

    *The sound of a vampires voice can set up a resonance within the brain’s pleasure centers so as they learn the proper use of the Command Voice they become more and more difficult for humans to fight.
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    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    How does one kill avampire? Wooden stakes, beheading, burnings, holy water; whichlegend(s) are we following? Or, can they just... die? be killed bynormal methods?

    *Piercing of the heart, beheading or holy water, otherwise they will regenerate.

    Are vampires allergic to garlic? (Or however you would like to describe it)

    Yes they are, garlic makes them quite sick.

    Do vampires sleep in coffins? Do they have to, or is it more of...say, a fetish?

    Notoften. Most houses in Neshephton have bedrooms with no windows, onlythe entertaining rooms on the ground floors have windows.

    Do vampires have reflections/shadows?
    No they do not have a reflection in a mirror.

    Can vampire turn into bats?

    The oldest and most skilled vampires Lucianos can appear to turn into a black mist, crows or bats.
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    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Just thought I'd add to this. Cyberwing, feel free to make any additions or changes to this you feel is necessary to fit in the SL.

    The Džepina family of vampires were the oldest and most powerful old-blood vampires in the city at one time. They were cruel and blood-thirsty. They saw humans as little more than slaves and a food source. Several vampire myths came from how the Džepina vampires treated humans.

    The Džepina family didn't often reproduce with humans, as they saw themselves as superior to all other vampires, and saw humans as their food source and slaves. As a result, their numbers remained small. Their low numbers, pride and arrogance is what led to their destruction when the Lucianos attacked. The family was almost completely wiped out.

    There are absolutely no males left in the family. Ven?ka, my character, believes herself to be the last of her family. It is possible, though, that one or two other females may have survived the slaughter. As females are sterile, there is still no chance for the family to return, which is why it was made certain by the Lucianos that not one male survived.

    The Džepina family of vampires are all distinguishable by their ruby red eyes. These eyes, even if they catch a little bit of light, will almost appear to glow. In addition to the vampire abilities listed by Cyberwing, many in the Džepina family, like Ven?ka, can take the shape of wolves.
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    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    I'm going to add this about the Bardou werewolves.

    The Bardou Family passes the werewolf gene through the Y chromosome, so only blood males will become werewolves while females born to the family live out normal lives. They are more civilized than other werewolves, not hunting humans but instead living off wildlife in the woods. They try to avoid the outside world by living in their mansion hidden in the woods. They also have learned to control their animal urges as best they can, unless one is under extreme stress. They can shapeshift at will and at any time of day. They are not immortal but instead life out normal life spans like humans do. Silver can kill them and the family will avoid silver at all costs.

    (Of course other werewolves could have different characteristics then the Bardou Family, since this family is just one type of werewolf).

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    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    Re: Character Information- Vampires, etc.

    The Strigoi are vampires who hunt vampires (although vampire predator is more accurate), but there are a few differences from vampires. First, Strigoi do not have hearts or blood, so they are immune to staking. It may, however, stun them momentarily, but it might not with the stronger ones. Second, they hate light, but it is not harmful to them. They typically will not go out during the day, though. Fire is, however, very deadly to them, and one of the few things that can kill them. Beheading will also work if you keep the head and body separate.If the head is reconnected, the Strigoi can eventually recover. They are also deadly allergic to garlic. Holy water is critically deadly, as in it disintegrates them permanently. Strigoi may be missing hands, arms, or legs. Third, they can become invisible in darkness. Not only invisible, but incorporeal. While they cannot be harmed in this form, neither can they cause harm since they cannot touch anything. The darker it is, the more invisible and incorporeal they can become. Finally, they do not tire naturally. They will tire only if they have not had a blood meal in a while.

    They crave vampire blood(so much that they will often devour the flesh as well), and they gain a temporary surge of energy, strength, and fury after draining the blood from a vampire. They also gain a small, permanent boon: they gain a fraction of the strengths and wisdoms of the vampires they kill, but moreover they gain their memories. The more vampires one kills, and the more powerful, the more powerful they themselves will become. However, they also become more corrupted, looking less like a vampire and more like a corpse. Eventually, if they become powerful enough, they will mutate into something akin to the classical depiction of a demon.

    Also, I might throw in some things from their classical depiction, but they will only be minor things.

    Strigoi are born when a willingly turned vampire murders and drains their master while still under the effect of their pact. This, however, is not known. Strigoi are strictly evil.
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