Within the Mai's Inn storyline, some things have been established about magic and mages in Eryonne.

First there are three Orders of Mages in the world signified by color and the magic that they use. Green, Blue, and Red. First there is the Green Robes. They will not cast a spell that injures either another person or the planet. They will sacrifice themselves in order to save others. There is no lethal force allowed of a green robe.

Second there are the Blue Robes. They will cast spells that will harm others. They will try to find another way. If none presents itself, they will defend themselves against whatever is attacking them or remove the obstacle in their path. Lethal force is allowed but it is done with great regard for what they are doing.They are a moderate order and they come in both selfish and sacrificial varieties. Many wear some object that shows which way they lean. Such as a green pendant or a red one.

Third are the Red Robes. They will cast spells without regard to how they effect others. Lethal force will be used without regret. They can be overly selfish in how they treat others. However, they can also be friendly. Some will hesitate to kill while others do it without regard. They will take whatever means they feel is necessary to complete a task. Nothing will be allowed to stand in their way except a threat to their own life. They have in the past hired out to others who needed magic done. Often they will work with a tyrant. Some times even they can be pushed too far however.

There are several towers of Sorcery in the world. These towers contain great libraries of spell books and other scrolls useful to mages. In addition, young students go there for training. When they are old enough they can be assigned as an apprentice to an older mage who will take over their training.

After a mage has been apprentaced they must continue to study in order to maintain their craft. Mages are given 5 tests after their apprenticeship ends to determine their skill level. The final two are often avoided by many of the mages because they can have psychological impact on the mage. In addition, the final one can be deadly if the mage has not been trained property as all safeties are taken off the spells.

Also at the main tower in Bumadi Forest. It is southeast of the city of Falurst. There the heads of the three Orders will meet and discuss and make rulings that effect all magic in Eryonne. In additions meetings will be held among the orders. And charges may be brought against members of the Order.

There is also a great feast held at the tower where many mages gather and celebrate their craft. It is held on the longest day of the year and is called the Feast of Magi.

There are Renegades in the world. These are mages who have chosen not to align with any of the orders and will be hunted down if they do not refrain from using magic. Most of these renegades are hired out by rich to complete unscupulous tasks and while the Red Robes are lethal in some of their magic, Renegades typically make sport of using lethal force typically.