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    thanks Gary, just hope I can get some time freed up. Very difficult to do these days.

    **Okay had company come in and had that to deal with all week... Going to try to go over the bridge scene stuff and get that written up this weekend.** (crosses fingers)
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    Here's a summary for what Corey and I have written for those who have fallen behind.

    -Rachel and Chase spent part of the day at the Summer Gala and then with Emma, Marcus, and Chase's family. All were relieved that Rachel and Yanna had been safe from the night before. They had planned to go swimming until Helen tricked Rachel into coming with her, believing that she could help Yanna not have to carry out the bridge plan.

    -Nathan decided to try and get his revenge on Chase and Rachel. He used Helen to lure Rachel to Lucas' pub. She only agreed because Nathan threatened to have her lover, Dustin killed. Nathan was debating between just killing Rachel because of Ethan or keeping her as a blood doll. Either way he wanted to Chase to see that he had Rachel. Helen had a left a note for Chase to know where Rachel was. He knew it was trap but didn't care. He had Isabelle and Samuel agree to come with him to get Rachel back. Spencer wanted to go as well but Isabelle said she had a plan to distract Nathan and he couldn't be there.

    -Rachel and Nathan were fighting when Isabelle came with Chase in his wolf form on a chain. She used her charms to distract Nathan while Chase went to rescue Rachel. Helen had regretted helping Nathan and tried to attack him but he threw into a wall of glass and left her death's door. Rachel insisted they take Helen with them because she knew that it was love that caused her to trick her. Once Nathan realized he had been tricked, he was angry. Luckily Isabelle grabbed Helen and Chase had Rachel and they got away. Samuel who had been waiting in the pub threw a grenade into the pub after the group escaped out the window. Lucas' pub blew up.

    -Rachel and Chase headed back to the tunnels while Samuel and Isabelle debated what to do about Helen. She was dying but they couldn't just turn her into a vampire with her permission. Dustin had heard the explosion and ran off to find Helen. When he saw what condition she was in, he told Samuel that Helen wanted to be a vampire. Samuel then turned Helen making him her master although he views himself as a teacher instead. Isabelle told Dustin he had to come with them to tunnels and he agreed.

    -Isabelle took Dustin to an interrogation room while Samuel said he'd watch over Helen. She filled Spencer in on what happened and after talking to Samuel, also told him that she had kissed Nathan. She had been worry he would be upset at her and Spencer said he didn't like it but knew she did to help Rachel so he forgave her for it. Isabelle wanted Dustin to tell her every plan he knew of Nathan's but he refused at first. He knew he'd be dead if he told. He only agreed when immunity was offered to him and Helen and that Spencer said they could start a new life in Natium. The plan is for Dustin and Helen to leave once Samuel says Helen is ready to be on her own.

    -Helen woke up in a panic but Samuel was there to calm her down. He told her he had turned her and that he would help her through the newborn phase. She could see Dustin soon but not Rachel since it would be a while before she could control herself around humans. He took her to get her first taste of human blood, allowing her to kill a criminal as he watched.

    -Rachel apologized to Chase for the trouble she caused and he said it was okay. She felt dirty from Nathan's attack and showered. They both agreed not to tell Yanna about what happened. Chase said he felt Rachel should leave Neshephton because how dangerous it was and Rachel refused. He confessed he felt it was his fault that Nathan went after her because he killed Ethan and that she would have been off if they had never met. She disagreed and quickly reminded him that she had went to Neshephton with Ethan. They agreed they were the best things that ever happened to each other and Chase said he wanted to be safe. Rachel told him she wanted the same for him and they agreed the best way for them both to be safe was to stick together and they began to express their feelings for each other.

    -Jackson is still being protective of Tatianna.

    -Anya decided to look into a job offer at Darbor's school so she would have something to do while Tom was on duty. Adam and Mikayla are trying to settle into their home as quickly as possible. Anya said she'd help her brother and sister-in-law unpack and Mikayla said they would go to Export to look for a wedding dress for her once Adam had the swords done. Anya went on a picnic with Tom while Adam and Mikayla went to unpacking.

    -Garrison and Cade spent the day with their girlfriends. Tracy had been a big help to Julia while Becky had been helpful to Sandy making the ugly wedding dress. Garrison was even nice to an old girlfriend he saw at his mother's shop. Both are eager to move into Mikayla's old apartment even they don't have a lot of furniture to fill one. Garrison's father suggested a store that would give them a discount. Although Garrison's brother told him that Cade should head in for the discount because the owner of the store is the father of one of his exes and she wouldn't give him a discount. Garrison and Shawn advised Hunter to eventually confess his true feelings to Olivia once they both have grieved the loss of Olivia's brother who was killed when Gen had attacked the blacksmith shop in Radiance City.

    -Seona, Drew, and the children had a great day at the Summer Gala. Noah even won the orphans a pet kitten. Seona told Drew she was worried about her family that was supposed to be visiting her grandmother and asked if he was worried about his. He said he was although he had been disowned by his father before he had gotten sober. Seona told him she hoped someday they would see he changed. Drew said he was glad she at least knew he had and she was glad he knew she had changed as well. The kids found them kissing and Noel asked if they were getting married because they were always kissing. Drew decided that was the perfect time to ask Seona to marry him. She accepted and is using a ring he had once given her as an engagement ring. The kids were very excited about their engagement and quickly told Sister Terese. Seona and Drew decided to get married once the kids' costumes for their pla was done and throw a large reception for family later. The kids are excited about it and volunteered to help decorate the cathedral.

    -Molly had a wonderful time spending her day with Trent and his sister Lauren. Trent had a great time too and they agreed to meet up tomorrow for another date. Molly told Cade that Trent already makes her happier then Keith ever did and Cade said he was happy for her.

    -Nathan survived the pub explosion and is angry to learn Dustin betrayed him in favor of Helen. Nathan added him to the list of people how have wronged him. After he makes sure the bridge really blows up, he plans to start getting his revenge.

    -Emma was worried if she and Marcus would ever go home to Radiance City. He said he was sure they would and if her tavern gets vandalized in the mean time they would rebuild it. She agreed with Marcus that she shouldn't worry about things she can't control right now.
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    Thumbs up

    Awesome summary Jenny! Thanks!
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    You're very welcome. It's great to see you.
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