~~General Info~~

~Animals~ Same as Earth, may be added onto.

~Plants~ Same as Earth, may be added onto.
-Moon Rose- Rose that blooms at night under the full moon, it has a white stem with black petals like a normal rose.


Gemstones can be placed into armor, weapons, jewelery. ( by placed I mean it came with it)

Sapphire-blue- boosts water based magics
Ruby-red- boosts fire based magics
Emerald-green- boosts nature based magic (earthly magics, plants and stuff)
Onyx-black- boosts death based magics (dark magic)
Diamond-white- boosts healing magics (light magic)
Amethyst-purple- boosts air based magics
Topaz-yellow- boosts lighting based magics

In the world of Aragoth all kingdoms and places of civilization use gold coins.

~Crafted things~
In Aragoth, the people have figured out how to dye things, so if you got a favorite color or a color you wanna see on your characters armor, weapons, clothes, pretty much you can make anything your're character owns whatever color you want.

~Grades of Crafted things~
Lowest- Human made
Middle- Dwarf made
Highest- Elf made
No grade- Giant made (only Giants can use Giant made things)

(that means an elven made thing is better than a dwarf made thing which is better than a human made thing. Usually races don't have the other kind of peoples stuff and visa versa)

((additional game playing notes, when creating a character please note that you can do pretty much anything that is listed in any of the posts, wheither its a good thing or a bad thing. After all this is a fantasy world ))