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    Anakita Snakecharm's Family

    Stefan Baruch, Husband

    Like Anakita, Stefan was born in Ashford, a village in Ascalon; his mother was unwed but he came from a large and boisterous extended clan. Stefan met Anakita at the Ascalon Academy, and in their years as traveling companions they became friends, then lovers, then husband and wife. Stefan is a Warrior by profession, and is 36 years old.

    Gemma Snakecharm, Anakita's niece, age 8

    Gemma spent most of her life with a refugee group lost in the Shiverpeaks, during which time her mother died. When she was rescued from the Dredge in Sorrow's Furnace, she came to live with Anakita and Stefan. Anakita is Gemma's biological aunt.

    Kimi Qi, their ward/daughter, age 8

    Kimi is Canthan by birth, and came to live with Anakita and Stefan when her parents contracted the Plague and had to be put out of their misery. Anakita couldn't help relating to the plight of the young orphan. Kimi does not call Anakita and Stefan her mother and father yet, but she treats them as such, and with time is becoming more accepting of them as a second set of parents.

    Djalila Baruch, daughter, age 6

    Djalila was born in Elona, to a Paragon named Malia with whom Stefan had a relationship years ago. Malia never told Stefan about the child, but she claimed him as the father when she registered the birth. When Stefan learned this years later after Malia's death, he went to find his daughter. Eventually it came out that Rhodri Snakecharm is Djalila's biological father, and Malia had lied, but the child remained with Anakita and Stefan.

    Ryder Vespera, surrogate sister

    Ryder was a Krytan orphan who joined the Shining Blade as a teenager. After being captured by the White Mantle and interrogated by a minder reader called the Inquisitor, she was treated as a traitor by many of her fellow Shining Blade members. Bartholos has now declared that she is no longer to be held in ill favour, much to her relief. Ryder has joined Stefan and Anakita as a family member and traveling companion, becoming like a sister to Anakita. She is 22 years old.

    Rhodri Snakecharm, estranged twin brother

    Rhodri is Anakita's twin brother. He is a sociopath with manipulative tendencies, who has no concern for others. His hobbies include messing with people's minds and fathering kids for whom he does not provide child support. Rhodri resents anyone who cares for or is kind to Anakita, and does his best to make his sister's life as miserable as possible. Update: Rhodri is now deceased, killed by his own poison when he tried to murder Ryder.
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    Jack Patchworkhero
    (Or Patchy, but that's only for the ladies)


    Human: Vabbi and The Desolation

    (Wilderness Survival focused)

    Jack wears brown and grey primeval armor, with blond shoulder-length hair in braids.
    He wears an eye-patch, because it helps his marksmanship, and maybe even helps him pick up chicks.
    He looks to be about in his late twenties.

    Jack's known a good life of hardy adventures, drinking, and takes some aspects of the Vabbian culture to heart: those being blissful ignorance, and an appreciation for food and drink. He's happy, carefree, and a good bit childish, with a complete disregard for consequence. He is, however, willing to go out of his way for a pretty face, to display his own mighty marksmanship, or if there's free foods involved. He's a socialite, and enjoys comfort as much as he enjoys dancing naked with wyrms in the hot sun of the Desolation. Jack's always dying to open up to someone, and despite appearances would rather a good friend than a good lover.

    The Forgotten Longbow is his favourite bow, because it really stick's em with arrows right nice.

    Collector of items of minor value, with the intent of vending them to the populace, in areas of major and minor danger to one's person.

    Family situation:
    Jack has a wonderful supportive family that believes that his escapades into the Desolation are only a phase, and he will eventually get over all this adventuring business. However, after a minor communication problem, they no longer accept his bills.
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    Name: Xenia Agapita

    Gender: Female

    Age: 25

    Nationality: Istani, from a small village in Zehlon Reach, Elona

    Profession: Dervish, secondary Ranger

    Occupation: Sunspear

    Physical Description: Xenia is moderately tall and has a muscular build, especially through the shoulders. She has brown eyes, black hair that falls past her shoulders on the rare occasions she wears it loose, and skin the colour of rich chocolate. When Xenia is working - and she considers herself to be working most of the time - she covers her head with the traditional Dervish hood, so even some of her closest Sunspear friends have never seen her hair. Xenia is often described as elegant and stately, and her rather intimidating demeanor can come off as haughtiness but is actually a combination of determination, concentration, and confidence.

    Personality: Xenia is utterly devoted to the Sunspears, and to the causes of righteousness and justice. She is a fierce fighter and a loyal friend and comrade, willing to carry a task through to the bitter end. Her firm sense of right and wrong sometimes strays over the borderline into legalism and rigidity, but more often just makes her passionate about the battles she fights. Xenia is confident about her fighting abilities, but less so about her interpersonal skills, and she always puts work before play to the point she can rightly be accused of being boring at times. Her manners are impeccable, and she was taught from girlhood to be unfailingly polite. She is kind, generous, and friendly once you get past the rather tough and stoic exterior.

    Family Situation: Xenia is the oldest of five children born into a poor but happy family of subsistence farmers living in a fishing village deep in Zehlon reach. Although her Sunspear duties often take her far from Istan, her parents and siblings are proud of her accomplishments, and the family maintains a close bond even when they aren't in geographical proximity and then resume as though no time has passed when they are together again. Xenia was very proud when her younger sister joined the Sunspears, following her example.

    She has neither a romantic partner nor children, and rarely does a thought of wanting either cross her mind.



    Practically from the time she was born, the people of Xenia's village predicted that she was destined for leadership and adventure. As a small child, she organized the other children's games and occasionally berated them for bad behaviour. Her mother guessed that she would become a teacher someday...

    But Xenia had other ambitions. For as long as she can remember, she has had only one dream - to be a Sunspear.

    As soon as she was old enough, she began training, out working all the other recruits in her class. Although she was certainly not without natural talent, the biggest way in which she stood out was through effort and practice. The training wasn't always easy, but Xenia was determined, and there was no real doubt in anyone's mind that she would be taken into the ranks of the Sunspears, sooner rather than later.

    This prediction proved correct, and she was still quite young when she began serving under Kormir. Although Xenia was not part of the climactic otherworldly battle against Abaddon, she was there on the ground, helping to hold back the Kournan troops and Margonites so a decisive victory against the rogue god could be claimed by others. Her role in the fight was less storied, but she did manage to distinguish herself on the battlefield and earn the respect of her fellow fighters.

    Since the defeat of Abaddon, Xenia has continued to give her all to serving the Sunspears, a calling that has taken her to many lands and through many battles. No job is too big or too small; if the Sunspear command orders her, Xenia will be there.

    Noteworthy Possessions: Xenia doesn't own much, because she doesn't need much. She has a Sunspear uniform, a set of purple and white Elonian robes for travel or when she wants to keep a lower profile, and her favoured scythe, a gift from a guildmate.

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    Name: Chava Blue

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Nationality: Half Tyrian and half Canthan by birth, she was born and raised in Cantha

    Profession: Ritualist, secondary Mesmer

    Occupation: Employed by Anakita Snakecharm

    Physical Description: Chava is slight, slender, and flexible of build. She moves with the grace of a dancer. Her hair is long, glossy black, and usually worn in an embellished braid down her back. Her skin is the colour of milky coffee, and her eyes are a rich brown that is almost black. She looks exotic, mysterious, eye-catchingly beautiful and... to many... alluring.

    Personality: Although Chava is sometimes deliberately enigmatic, and allows people to assume that she is a shallow temptress many take her appearance to indicate, she is actually deep-thinking and highly practical. Chava places no value on physical appearance, never having truly benefited from her own, and she is skeptical of the value of material possessions. She tends to hold her tongue unless she is sure she is right to speak, and she is capable of a great deal of verbal filler in social situations, but her genuine insights are usually worth listening to. Chava is caring and giving with her friends, although prone to being aloof to the point of rudeness with strangers.

    Family Situation: Chava's parents died of illness a number of years ago. Her husband, Jao, was a member of the Jade Brotherhood, and was killed by the Ministry of Purity in their attempt to purge Cantha.

    Chava's only living family member is her son, a toddler named Chi.

    She considers Anakita and Stefan's family and her guild to be a surrogate family.



    Chava's father was a Ascalonian adventurer who came to Cantha in search of new sights and new challenges; her mother was a local girl, a widowed peasant farmer's lovely daughter. There was immediate attraction between them, and they married and settled down. Between his marriage and his death, Chava's father would never again set foot on the Tyrian continent, considering Cantha his adoptive home. The couple sold provisions and supplies to the people of their village and to foreign adventurers, and made a modest but sufficient living.

    Chava was born and raised in Kaitan Village, on the Panjiang Peninsula of Shing Jea Island. She was an only child, and her parents died when she was a teenager. The young woman missed their guidance and wisdom, but by that point she was a student at Shing Jea Monastery, so it was unnecessary to find her a new guardian; she simply became the full-time charge of the teachers at her school.

    The young woman was a good student, and she made rapid progress toward qualifying for her Ritualist Insignia. She was, however, also very attractive, and unfortunately eager for all the delights of adult life. It wasn't long before she found herself a boyfriend, a fellow student named Jao - and then found herself pregnant. Jao hastily proposed marriage, but Chava was doubtful. She wanted to finish her training, and while a child would be a complication, a husband seemed like a far more final stumbling block.

    Jao assured her she wouldn't have to give up her schooling, so Chava put her reservations aside and pledged her fidelity to him in marriage. Her new husband had not been entirely sincere when he said he would support her decision to continue her education, though, and he kept coming up with reasons she needed to "wait" to return to her studies. Eventually the lack of work available for unskilled hands on the island forced the young couple to move to Kaineng City, and Chava knew - with her Ritualist Insignia still uncompleted - that her dream had come to an end.

    The brief marriage was a tense one. Chava was bored most of the time; keeping their small house and spending her days alone with an infant didn't challenge her or stimulate her mind. Money was always tight. Jao had trouble getting hired, but was adamant that his wife not go to work herself. They struggled to provide necessities, and Chava became increasingly angry at Jao that his pride was making their lives so difficult. The two fought constantly, and both regretted marrying so young and so unwisely.

    One day, Jao announced he had found a long-term job, and tensions eased... for a time. Jao failed to tell Chava that the "job" was as an enforcer for the Jade Brotherhood street gang, and when the Ministry of Purity began their campaign to eliminate the city's gangs, Jao was one of the first casualties.

    The young widow's position, at that point, was incredibly vulnerable. Jao had insisted on being the sole breadwinner, and had made no provision for his own demise. Chava had no job, and no real prospects of one. Her training had not been sufficient to qualify her as a Ritualist, so she couldn't find mercenary work. Now she was also left with a small child to raise and support on her own. There was very little money saved.

    Chava gathered her courage, and spent what little money they had to travel to Ascalon, hoping to find her father's parents, and to form a household with her extended family. She found her grandparents fairly easily, but they had no interest in her father's Canthan family, nor did they recognize any bond with her. They turned Chava and her son away, to fend for themselves.

    Now on her own in a strange country and having gone from little money to none, Chava had few options. She worked as a prostitute, selling her body to the soldiers of Piken Square so her child wouldn't starve. There was plenty of interest in her wares - but Chava's despair and self-hatred increased with every stranger's bed she occupied.

    Finally, she met Stefan Baruch - who wanted to hire her not as pleasurable company, but as a wetnurse for his and his wife's children. Chava accepted the position, glad to be doing something more respectable, and went to work for Anakita Snakecharm's family.

    Anakita, upon finding out that Chava never finished her training, is now also mentoring and providing for her education and supplies, so Chava can finally earn the Ritualist Insignia she began working toward what seemed like a lifetime ago.

    Noteworthy Possessions:

    Chava uses a wand taken from one of Shiro's Constructs, and a fan from a Temple Guardian as her focus.

    She also carries a pair of goggles given to her by her Asuran friends, and she is still discovering all of the strange object's many uses.

    Chava alternates between three sets of armour: a basic Canthan set as pictured above, an Asuran set, and a Norn set.

    (Asuran Set)

    (Norn set)
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    Name: Nevin Ujarak

    Age: 26

    Nationality: Istani

    Profession: Ranger/Elementalist

    Occupation: Sunspear

    Physical Description: Nevin stands nearly 6 feet in height, his frame supported by a lean, muscular build. A shock of black hair is nearly always hanging over his golden-brown eyes. Roan-toned skin absorbs sunlight between the pieces of his fine Sunspear armour. In battle, Nevin often wears a face-covering, as though the insistent stare of his eyes will cause the enemy to turn and run. He has yet to see evidence to the contrary.

    Personality: Haughty. Indifferent. Unpersonable. At least, that’s what people who deal with Nevin in an unofficial manner would have to say about him. Driven. Passionate. Ambitious. That is the description of Nevin given by his superiors. Those who work with him would likely have much more colourful language at their disposal. The Ranger is often perceived as an arrogant prick with only his next promotion on his mind – Nevin wouldn’t argue with that perception. Delays, foolishness and liars are his top pet peeves.

    History: Nevin grew up in the markets of Kamadan – the laws of economy and fair trade being instilled in him from the time he could walk. His mother manned a textile booth near the docks, while his father travelled the world to bring fine fabrics and foreign threads back for sale. A merchant sailor, they called him.

    When Nevin turned eight, he found out that his father was no ordinary merchant. He was a Corsair. At first, he was unsure how to feel about this. His father had rarely been present in his life, but Nevin still felt a familial attachment. As time passed, resentment grew. Not only was his father not there, he was breaking the law. The boy began to equate the illegal nature of his father’s work with the man’s absence.

    He began training before he came of age. Throwing knives, play-fighting with other boys, learning rudimentary staff moves – but it wasn’t until he reached military age that he found his true talent. The bow. Nevin’s keen eyesight and strong arm seemed perfectly suited to the weapon. The boy also possessed some talent with fire, something he hadn’t previously known about himself.

    Natural desire to achieve as well as the drive to excel has pushed Nevin upwards in the Sunspear ranks faster that many of his co-consignees. It is a source of pride for the man and he loves nothing better than to order a group of well-trained warriors around.
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