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    Sprouse001: The Return

    Sprouse001: The Return

    Somewhere on a forgotten planet in a backwater galaxy, 3 figures walk through a deserted field. As they look up into the sky, they sense that someone or something has been gone for far to long. One of them looks at the chrono-watch on his wrist and looks at the others.

    Person #2: I think it's time, Boss
    Person #1: Agreed. We've been gone way to long.
    Person #3: Want me to gather the others?
    Person #1: Yes. It's time to make a comeback.
    Person #2: Do you think anyone will be ready for us?
    Person #3: We we're a bit out of control last time. It should be more fun this time around.
    Person #1: It will be fun. I just hope everyone else is ready for our return. Go get the others.

    The first person walks a few steps forward and stops. He reaches around and touches the hilt of his sword. He realizes it's been many years since he has unsheathed his sword. He slowly draws it out straight in front of him and stares at it. It begins to glow in a orange color. He brings the sword back and inspects it. Suddenly, he raises the sword up into the air and in a flash of orange light and the smell of dorito's and the person is revealed as Sprouse001 and he yells:

    Speed Kills. Drive a Ford and live forever.
    #1 Fan of LAW and Jenny's Baby Meter.
    God Of Dorito's and Fluffing
    Possum...The Other White meat
    Negation Nation
    This is Ford country. on a quite night you can hear a Chevy rust.
    Great Big Globs Of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts.
    all GODS creatures have a place......right next to the potatos and gravy.
    <a href="http://monster.namedecoder.com">

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Sprouse001 lowers his sword and is filled with renewed power. The rest of his clones walk up behind and stand there waiting on him. Sprouse turns around at looks at the clones and is glad they are still around.

    Original Sprouse001: We're back in the game again guys, gals and jack-a-lopes. We had a wild time a few years ago. It's time for us to see our old friends again.
    Evil Sprouse002: Agreed. It's been to long since we tried to take over the universe.
    Racing Sprouse003: Dang straight. Lets drop the green flag and get this race started.
    4 Horseman Sprouse004: It's time to ride out and conquer. Let the universe fear out Negation powers.
    Pilot Sprouse005: Lets kick the tires and light the fires big daddy. Woohoo.
    Engineer Sprouse006: The "Dorito 1" is online and ready to go.
    James Bond SProuse007: I'm good to go. Vodka Martini and P-38 with silencer. Bring on the ladies.
    Negation Bug Handler Sprouse008: My bugs are itching for a hunt, boss-man.
    In Love With Minity Sprouse009: I wonder if Minity is still around and if she remembers me?
    Defective Sprouse010: The Sprouse God got an email from this website and decided to make a comeback.
    Drinking Sprouse011: It's party time now. I brought the beer and it's time to crash a party.
    Wrestling Sprouse012: WHOOOOOO!!! We are back.
    Western Sprouse013: Ah reckon we ought to saddle up an git going.
    Sprouse014 the Jack-a-lope: Let get this show on the road.
    Laughing Sprouse015: Hahahahahahaha!!!!
    Gansta Sprouse016: YO!!! Waz-up my homies. Lets break out the Gin and Juice and jet on out of here. Word to yo mama.
    Pirate Sprouse017: Arrrh mateys. Time to set sail.
    Sprousette: I wonder is M is still hot.....
    News Reporter Sprouse019: I got my news crew ready and we are ready to report our return.
    Mortal Kombat Sprouse020: It's time to steal a soul or two.
    Gremlin Sprouse021: It's time to start multiplying and eating after midnight.
    Surfer Dude Sprouse022: DUDE!!! Like it's about time, man. I was like getting major bored. Like, not to many wave here dude.
    Run-on Sentence Sprouse023: alrightwearebacktimetocheckouthewomenandhavesomefu n.
    Angelina (One of Minity's angel's. realized she had more fun with the Sprouse's and possibly defected): Alright Sprousey baby. let blow this joint and get on out of here.

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    ((Whoa! Now here's a blast from the past! Great to see you again, Sprouce! ))
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    [highlight=#111111:dnprj4vz]It&#39;s been a while. I got an email about the message boards and decieded to check it out again. I forgot how much fun this was. I went back and read my "Dorito 1" thread. that was some funny stuff. and i realized i got a bit carried away with the Sprouse clones. Good times.[/highlight:dnprj4vz]

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    ((Welcome back.))

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    ((Welcome back))

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    [highlight=#111111:2s1ld8se]JENNY!!! So good to see you again. one fo the Sprouse clones missed you. not really sure which one it was. Maybe you know which one it was. Take your pick. Just remember, Sprouse009 is in love with Minity and whoever you pick will be crazy about you and profess his undying love for where ever he goes.[/highlight:2s1ld8se]

    [highlight=#111111:2s1ld8se]Whats going on Corey? It&#39;s been a while but i&#39;m back. I&#39;ll try and post when i can.[/highlight:2s1ld8se]

    [highlight=#111111:2s1ld8se]I&#39;m thinking of re-starting a "Dorito 1" thread. those were fun times.[/highlight:2s1ld8se]

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    ((Welcome back Sprouse!))

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    ((Same old, same old here. Work and spending time with Jenny and Teddy.))

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    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    Re: Sprouse001: The Return

    ((Well I suppose #20 can be in love with me. There's nothing wrong with a fan. ))

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