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    posted by feabie
    Now, whatever the number it was the Sprouse that asked me about Cooly, well, hes my boyfriend, my teddy bear, my little Ken, my prince charming
    Sprouse006: that would be me. can i have a little kiss?

    Sprouse008: there not roaches!!! there....something different, but there not roaches.

    :Fresh out of the cloning vat is Sprouse011.:

    hey guys, whats up? hey whats this button do?

    :Sprouse011 pushes a red button and fires a missle:

    Sprouse006: holy monkey crap in a bucket. warp factor 20. 011 just fired a solar eradicator.

    Sprouse003: big deal, whats i gonna hurt?

    Sprouse006: those things wipe out whole sloar systems.

    Sprouse010. cool.

    Sprouse007: sit down and dont move, 011

    Sprouse011: you got it,boss man.

    Sprouse007: here feabie, cry on my shoulder.
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    *Feabie stared at Sprouse007.*

    I’m not crying on your shoulder? * *Why should I cry when I have all the power of the world in my hands. * *Well, that would depend on what world, because there was once this very small moon floating over Kontiltan that was so so small that if you walked in a straight line, it would take you 6 or 7 steps to get to the same spot where you were at first. *Not that I ever was there , but people told me. *You know how it is with people gossiping. *As for that missile you just fired, I can stop it, I’m invulnerable after all, but you have to guarantee me first that you’re going to get me Cooly. *I miss him so much.
    "OH NO! IT'S FEABIE! " -Jas
    "Augh!!!! Not Feabie!!! We're doomed! Doomed I say!!! DOOOOMMMMEEEEDDDD!!!!!" -Quaxo
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    Sprouse008: my negation bugs found cooley. he's on a planet in that solar system we just left.

    Sprouse006: whats gonna be left of that solar system. that defective sprouse fired a missle at it. say goodbye to cooley.

    Sprouse010: hey,we can have monster burgers when it's all over.

    Sprouse003: man, that system had a pretty good 1 mile race track.

    :Sprouse011 gets up and walks around and stares at feabie. a few minutes later,he;s says something.:

    Sprouse011: hey, it's super girl. i loved your movie. when are you gonna do another one?

    :Sprouse011 walks off panel to another thread:

    Sprouse001: where did 011 go?
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    Ruri's Nightmare

    You mean, that missile is going to kill Cooly? *

    *Once or twice a year, Feabie was left speechless.*

    *This was that time of the year.*

    *The sole idea of losing Cooly forever, who was in fact Lawbringer QLNZ and no one ever figured out why she called him “Cooly”, drove her insane. *I mean, insaner.*

    *Dead worried, she flew through the wall of the Dorito 1, not even worrying about *the big mess she would leave behind. *All she cared about was to stop that flying missile.*

    *At light speed, it took her a nanosecond to get in front of the deadly weapon. *Offering it her chest (well, all male heroes do that, so why shouldn’t she do the same ), she made the missile explode against her in a big show of blinding light.*

    *Only the unconscious floating body of Feabie remained.*
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    :As Feabie flys through the wall, the unconcius Sprouse002 and 004 get sucked out into space.:

    Sprouse009: ooh look at the pretty colors.

    Sprouse006: wow, she took out the most of that solar system. did she say lawbringer?

    Sprouse001: set a course to pick her up.oh yeah,might as well beam in 002 and 004. where is 011?

    Sprouse011 walks back on panel:

    Sprouse011: hey boss cheif, nice light show we have out there.

    Sprouse003: you idiot. whats wrong with you?

    Sprouse005: doesn't seem right to me. disappeared then reappeared.

    Sprouse008: well my bugs are back. little singed but healthy.

    Sprouse001: call a medic up here. feabie needs some help.
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    Ruri's Nightmare
    *As Feabie got brought back to the Dorito 1 by the Sprouse’s, she didn’t say a thing because…*


    *…she was unconscious!*

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    :As Feabie's unconscious body is brought on board, a Medic walks in the room. the Medic is not a clone but a regular person:

    Medic: what seems to be the problem?

    Sprouse001: she deflected a solar bomb. knocked her out.

    Medic: i see. let me see what i can do.

    Sprouse007: shall i give her mouth to mouth?

    Sprouse010: i'll give you a bullet between the eyes if you touch her.

    :Sprouse011 grabs a hammer and tries to get Feabie to wake up. luckily, the Medic grabs it before he hits her.:

    Medic: not a hammer you idiot.

    :the medic starts CPR and she awakens:
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    Character Feabie is offline
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    Jun 2004
    Ruri's Nightmare
    *Feabie comes back to her senses and open her big blue eyes.*


    *With her sight still hazy, she mistook the Medic for her beloved one. *Not waiting for her eyes to recover completely, she grabbed him and gave him a heartfelt kiss.*

    *After an instant, she put him away.* *What’s wrong with you, Cooly? *You taste like a girl. * *Not that I’ve ever kissed a girl before. * *I mean, they’re not my type. * *What? *A girl can’t try? *
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    :After the Medic is kissed by Feabie, he thinks happy thoughts:

    Medic: wow, i think im in love.

    Sprouse007: that should be me she's kissing.

    Sprouse003: woohoooo, now that was some action.

    Medic: wait a sec.....tastes like a girl?

    Sprouse005: yup a girl.

    Medic: must be when i kissed my wife this morning.

    Sprouse007: where's my kiss?

    Sprouse010: shut up 007.

    Sprouse001: so feabie, what are you gonna do know.
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    Sprouse011: hey boss man. where did you put those dorito's?

    Sprouse001: there is the mess hall

    Sprouse011: the mess hall? thats like70 deck down. you know how big this ship is? 300,000 crew and 1,000,000 soldiers. it could take a fewdays to get where i'm going.

    Sprouse001: go and see what you can do then.

    :Sprouse011 heads for the turbolift. walks in and starts to push buttons.

    Sprouse011: deck 7, hmm....weapons and ammo
    * * * * * * * * * deck 15, hey,airplanes. woohooo
    * * * * * * * * * deck 22,indoor paintball?
    * * * * * * * * * deck 35, maintennce, have to check this out later.
    * * * * * * * * * deck 44,wow, snow skiing!! and we have our own mountain
    * * * * * * * * * deck 50, car dealerships
    * * * * * * * * * deck 59, petting zoo
    * * * * * * * * * deck 65,tanks and stuff
    * * * * * * * * * deck 70, the mess hall. alright, where i need to be.
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