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    Jessam's backstory

    Jessam's backstory

    this is the backstory I wrote for Jessam back in 2006 when I had my wisdom teeth out and was confined to the couch

    Chapter 1
    It was during the annual celebration that Andaer moved his family to Esgalostia. Everyone from the surrounding areas was arriving for the celebration, and even the dragons made an appearance. Once Andaer got his family settled, he made his way toward the palace where King Faelon was expecting him. Andaer found the king in conference with two other elves.

    “Ah, Andaer,” Faelon said, looking up as a servant let Andaer in. “We’ve been expecting you. Let me introduce you to my son, Jarrod, and the commander of the guard, Sidhion.”

    Andaer nodded a greeting to Jarrod and Sidhion and then waited for the king to finish. Once they had finished their conference, Faelon and Sidhion walked over to where Andaer was waiting. “It’s good to have you joining the guard, Andaer,” Sidhion said warmly. “Adan is a remarkable student.”

    “Thank you sir. I know that my youngest son is looking forward to training to be a soldier once he’s old enough,” Andaer said with a smile.

    Before Sidhion could respond, a knock sounded on the door and a young elven man entered the room, and bowed to the king before turning to Sidhion. “Excuse me, sir, but there seems to be a small prob—” The young man’s eyes fell on Andaer and he broke off his sentence. He shook off his shock and turned his attention back to Sidhion. “There’s a small problem out in the courtyard. Some children are causing a ruckus with the adults, and the adults are complaining.” Sidhion nodded and said, “Thank you Adan. I’ll take care of it right away. Why don’t you spend the rest of the day with your family?”

    “Yes sir. Thank you sir,” Adan said, his eyes lighting up with pleasure. Once Sidhion had left, Adan turned to his father and asked, “Did you just come for the celebration? How’re Mama, Ellethwyn, and Jessam doing?” Andaer laughed at the barrage of the questions and lovingly wrapped his arm around his son’s shoulders. “How about you go see for yourself? We’ve moved to Esgalostia. It’ll be better for when Jessam gets older.”

    The two elves left the palace and wound their way through the throngs of people in the road. It took longer than it normally would have due to the crowds, but eventually they made it home. Andaer opened the door and was nearly tackled by Jessam. He was fairly strong for a six-year-old and he grinned up at his father. “Come play with me!” he told his father. Andaer laughed and extricated himself from Jessam’s grip. “Not now, Jessam. Maybe Adan could play with you.” Before Adan could even answer, Jessam grabbed his older brother’s hand and dragged him through the house to the backyard.

    Andaer watched Jessam drag Adan off and then searched for Silima and Ellethwyn. He found them in the kitchen preparing a meal for the family. “How are my two favorite women?” The sounds of childish laughter floated through the open window as Jessam played with his older brother. Ellethwyn and Silima looked up when Andaer spoke and smiled. “I see you’re back from your meeting with the commander,” Silima said. “How did it go?”

    He walked over and wrapped his arms around Silima’s waist while Ellethwyn smiled up at her father and continued to stir the pot of stew. “I start tomorrow morning,” Andaer told his wife. “Adan and I will go to the palace in the morning.”

    “You might want to leave before Jessam wakes up. You know how much he’ll want to go with you,” Ellethwyn commented from where she stood.

    Andaer laughed and walked over to his daughter. He kissed the top of her head and said, “That I do, Ellethwyn. He hasn’t talked of anything else since I told everyone we were moving to Esgalostia.”

    Ellethwyn laughed and turned to hug her father. “The stew looks to be done, Mama.” Silima walked over to the cooking pot, and tested the stew. “Yes, it is done. Why don’t you go round up the boys, and I’ll get this served.” Ellethwyn nodded and left the kitchen to head to the backyard. She stood in the doorway and watched her little brothers roughhousing with toy swords. She couldn’t help but laugh as little Jessam bested Adan over and over again. “Come on you two. The meal’s ready,” she called to the two boys.

    Adan managed to get close to Jessam and scooped the young boy up into his arms. They went into the house and everyone sat down to eat before they went to join the celebration. Jessam quickly finished his meal, excited to join the celebration. This would be his first celebration, since he was too young to attend the previous ones. Once everyone had finished eating, the dishes were done, and then the family left to join the rest of the elves in celebrating.

    The scent of spring blossoms was in the air as elves from all over the country came to celebrate the end of winter and the start of new life. Everywhere you looked, you could see elves singing their praises to El for bringing them safely through the harsh winter. As soon as the family arrived at the courtyard of the palace, the boys immediately took off to find old friends and make new friends. Ellethwyn stayed with her parents as they walked around the courtyard inspecting the various booths with elves selling their springtime wares.

    Adan found a group of trainees and immediately went over to them. Most of the boys were full fledged trainees while the others were still learning the basics. The trainees usually took the younger boys under their care, helping them learn the basics needed in order to enter the trainee class at age 14. The group of boys headed off to have some fun before they would have to return to lessons the next day.

    Jessam had quickly ducked out of sight of his older brother and found a large group of boys playing on the courtyard lawn. A small group of girls were playing nearby, and one girl in particular caught his eye. He ran over to the boys and quickly took charge and organized a game of “war.” They started playing, and the group of girls stopped what they were doing and watched the boys. All of the boys had sticks that they were using as swords, and having a wonderful time. The game lasted until all the boys, except one, were lying on the ground “dead.” Jessam was the last boy standing, and he strutted around while the other boys stood up. He stopped walking, and glanced over at the girls, and an idea came into his mind.

    Jessam called the other boys over and said quietly, “See those girls? We should include them in our game!” The other boys glanced over and quickly nodded their agreement. Jessam walked over to the girls and said, “You’re going to be part of our game.” He walked away before the girls could even say anything. The boys quickly split up into groups again and faced off. “The winner gets to claim a girl!” Jessam exclaimed right before he rushed at another boy and quickly “vanquished” him. He then ran over and grabbed the hand of the girl who had caught his eye and pulled her away. Soon the game was over and the groups of boys and girls merged to play together. Jessam stayed with the girl he had claimed and smiled at her.

    “What’s your name?” Jessam asked the girl as they were playing together with the other children.

    “Tahlee,” she replied shyly.

    “Hi Tahlee. I’m—” Jessam started to say just as Ellethwyn came and interrupted. “Ah! There you are. Come on. It’s time to go home.” She took her younger brother’s hand and gently pulled him to his feet. “But…!” Jessam started to protest, but Ellethwyn only shushed him and pulled him toward where their parents were waiting. Jessam looked back at shy, little Tahlee and waved goodbye to her wondering if he would be able to see her the next day. Jessam was quiet as the family walked home; his mind was consumed by thoughts of Tahlee. He loved everything about her…her shyness, her quietness, the gentle way she played with the other children…

    Even as Jessam was put to bed that night, he couldn’t get Tahlee off of his mind. I wonder if I’ll see her again… He wondered as he drifted off to sleep…only to dream of the child he was smitten with.
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    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Chapter 2
    Jessam woke up early the next morning and bounded into his parents room. He bounced onto their bed, and jumped up and down until Andaer sat up groggily and tried to corral Jessam. “What are you doing up so early? You should still be in bed.”

    “I’m not sleepy! Let’s go outside, Papa!” Jessam exclaimed, wiggling out of his father’s grasp and bouncing on the bed again.

    “Not now, Jessam. I have to go to work today,” Andaer said, corralling Jessam again and then dropping back onto the pillow.

    “Can I go with you, Papa? Please?”

    “Go back to bed Jessam.”

    “But I’m not sleepy!”


    Jessam heard the warning tone in his father’s voice and grudgingly walked back to his room. He bounced on his own bed for a while until Adan yelled at him to stop making so much noise in the room they shared. Jessam bounced one more time and then sat on his bed pouting. He lay back down and after a few minutes of staring at the ceiling, ended up falling asleep again.

    When Jessam woke up a few hours later, his father and Adan had already left. Jessam moped around the house for a while, until his mother and sister told him to go and play outside. He walked outside and sat on the steps for a little bit until the girl from the previous day entered his mind. I wonder if I could find her… Jessam hopped up from the steps and scampered off into the city, heading toward the palace. When he couldn’t find her, he settled with a group of boys on the palace lawn and started up a game of war again.

    Unbeknownst to the boys, they were being watched from the nearby bushes. A young girl paused in picking flowers to watch them. Jessam felt eyes on his back and he turned in order to try to pinpoint the source. When he couldn’t figure it out, he shrugged and returned to the game. Once the game was over, Jessam decided to investigate the nearby bushes and he walked over there, only to hear a faint humming. He parted the bushes and saw the girl from the previous day picking flowers. She was humming softly and didn’t hear Jessam come through the bushes. “Hi,” Jessam said softly. Tahlee stopped humming and spun around, dropping her flowers in the process.

    “Sorry,” Jessam said as he knelt down to pick up the dropped flowers. Once he had them all gathered he stepped toward her and held the flowers out. “Here’s your flowers my Lily of the Valley Lady,” Jessam said shyly. Tahlee smiled shyly and took the flowers from Jessam.

    “I never got to tell you my name yesterday,” Jessam said. “My name is Je—”

    “Why do I always have to find you before meals?” a voice interrupted Jessam. A hand reached out and grabbed Jessam’s hand and he looked up at his older sister as she started to drag him home. “Ellethwyn!” Jessam protested as he tried to get out of his sister’s grip.

    “Stop protesting. It’s lunchtime and Mama wants us home,” Ellethwyn said, continuing to drag Jessam home.


    “Hush Jessam.” Jessam sighed and looked back, but Tahlee was gone.

    As soon as Jessam finished lunch, he ran outside and started looking for Tahlee…but the girl had disappeared. After searching for a few hours, he heard some voices coming from the courtyard of the palace. He pushed his way through the bushes and stopped when he saw a group of older boys taunting Tahlee. They had knocked the flowers from her hands and trampled them, and the poor girl was trying not to cry. Anger welled up in Jessam and his hands curled into fists. He let out a yell of outrage and rushed the nearest boy, tackling him to the ground before the others knew what had happened. One of the other boys rushed over and yanked Jessam off of the other boy. Jessam wriggled out of the boy’s grasp and glared at him for a few minutes before recognition entered his eyes.

    “I know you!” Jessam yelled. “You’re in my brother’s class! All of you are! You should know better than to pick on a girl!” He glanced over at Tahlee and stepped closer to her. “Are you alright?” he asked her softly. Tahlee nodded and stood close to Jessam.

    The boy raised his eyebrow and the other boys took a closer look at Jessam. “Are you going to let a runt like him tell you what you can and can’t do, Suli?” one of the boys called out.

    “I’m not a runt!” Jessam yelled. “Go hide somewhere, Tahlee. I’ll protect you,” he whispered to the girl behind him. He turned his attention back to the older boys in front of him, not seeing Tahlee get a defiant look in her eyes and put her hands on her hips. “No!” she exclaimed quietly. “I’m gonna help you!” She rushed at one of the boys, but he easily knocked Tahlee down to the ground. Anger surged through Jessam again and he released a war cry before tackling the boy’s legs and bringing him down.

    “How do you like being knocked to the ground?” Jessam asked, standing up and starting to kick the other boy.

    “Are you going to let that runt get the best of you, Sellion?” Suli taunted his brother.

    “Shut up, Suli,” Sellion grumbled as he moved out of Jessam’s reach and stood up, glaring at the young boy. Jessam met his glare and matched it. Some of the boys started to move toward Tahlee again, and Jessam quickly tried to intervene, but not before they had managed to knock her down again. One of the boys grabbed Jessam by the collar as he tried to help Tahlee up and yanked him back. Jessam landed on his rump and anger swelled through him again. He jumped to his feet and rushed the group, tackling a good majority down. Something snapped inside of Jessam and he just started kicking and hitting the older boys.

    After a few minutes, several guards ran out of the palace and toward the scuffle. Andaer spotted Jessam and pulled the young boy off of the older boys. He held the wriggling Jessam under his arm while the other guards helped the boys up and directed some of them to the healers. Jessam could see one of the guards helping Tahlee to her feet and in the general direction of the healers while Andaer carried the struggling Jessam home.

    “You should know better than to pick a fight, Jessam!” Andaer lectured the boy.

    “But Papa…” Jessam started to protest.

    “No buts, Jessam! You should know better than that. Even your brother and sister didn’t pick fights with the other children! You, young man, need to learn some self-control when it comes to that temper.”

    They had arrived home by this time, and Andaer carried Jessam straight to his room and set him down on his bed. “You are not to leave this house for the rest of the day. If you behave for your mother and sister, you might be allowed out tomorrow for the final day of the celebration. Am I clear?”

    “Yes Papa,” Jessam said quietly. Andaer then left the room and told Silima what had happened in the palace courtyard. “I’ll make sure he stays around here.” Silima told Andaer, following him toward the front. After Andaer had left, Silima went to hear what had happened. It took some coaxing before Jessam would tell her what had happened.

    “They were picking on her Mama! I couldn’t just let them!” Jessam said, almost in tears. Silima hugged Jessam close and said, “I know Jessam. I know.” She held him close for a few minutes and then said, “Now…how about we take a look at those bruises?” He nodded and let his mother carry him to the kitchen.

    “What happened to you?” Ellethwyn asked, glancing over at Jessam.

    “Nothing,” Jessam said crossly, not wanting to tell his older sister that he had gotten into a scuffle while trying to protect a girl.

    “Don’t pester him, Ellethwyn,” Silima told her. “He’ll be helping us for the rest of today.”

    Ellethwyn nodded and as soon as Jessam’s bruises were taken care of, Silima put him to work helping around the house. There wasn’t much the small six-year-old could do, and soon he was sent to play in his room. After a while, Adan and Andaer came home and Adan went to the room he shared with Jessam…and immediately got on his brother’s case. “How could you do that Jessam?! My class was almost cancelled because of your stupidity!”

    “Leave me alone,” Jessam grumbled, trying to ignore his brother.

    “No Jessam. When are you going to grow up?” Adan asked, still angry with his brother.

    Before Jessam could answer or Adan could continue, they were called for supper. Jessam only picked at his food, ignoring most of the chatter. “Jessam? Are you alright?” Jessam looked up at his father and nodded. “Yes Papa. May I be excused?” His mother nodded and Jessam left the table and retreated to his room. Andaer watched him leave and then looked over at Silima. “How was he today?” Silima smiled and said, “He was on his best behavior. I think we should let him go out tomorrow. It is the last day of the celebration after all.” Andaer nodded and was about to reply when a knock sounded at the door. He went to answer and quickly read the note. “Silima? Sidhion wants to see me for a while. Can you keep an eye on Jessam and Adan? Adan seems to be upset with his brother…”

    “Of course,” Silima said. “What does he want to see you about?”

    “I’ll tell you when I return.” Andaer kissed his wife and then headed out the door for the palace.[center:2el9zryx]*****[/center:2el9zryx]
    There was a heated discussion going on when Andaer was let into the room. “This is completely unorthodox!” Sidhion protested. “Never have we let a boy so young enter the trainee class!” Faelon was about to answer when he noticed Andaer standing in the doorway. “Andaer…we were just discussing your proposal.”

    “He’s too young!” Sidhion repeated. “He won’t be able to keep up with the other boys!”

    “Give him a chance! Test him if you have to!” Andaer exclaimed. “He’s stronger than he looks. He took on several boys who were older than him earlier today while trying to protect a young girl!”

    “Fine. Bring him tomorrow after the celebration and we’ll see how he does,” Sidhion said, clearly not liking the idea.

    “Thank you sir. That’s all that I ask,” Andaer said with a smile. He left the room and headed back home. He told Silima what had happened and she looked at him in shock. “Do you think that that’s such a good idea?”

    “It’ll be better than him getting into another fight. If he’s accepted, then he’ll be joining Adan’s class…”

    “Should we tell him?”

    “I’ll tell him tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll be accepted. He’s fairly strong for a six-year-old,” Andaer said with a smile. He walked into the room Jessam and Adan shared and kissed both boys goodnight…even though Jessam was already asleep.
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    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Chapter 3
    The whole family was up early the next morning, getting ready for the final day of the celebration. “Can I go outside? Please?” Jessam begged his parents. With a laugh, his parents conceded and Jessam ran outside to play. He ran around with some of the other boys for a while until he ran into Tahlee. “Hi Tahlee!” Jessam exclaimed. He grabbed her hand and dragged her off before she could say anything.

    For the rest of the morning, Jessam and Tahlee played together. After the midday meal, the entire city gathered in the palace courtyard where King Faelon and the elders were waiting. “Thank you all for coming. We would like to announce those that will be joining their lives together in the future. First off, King Faelon would like to make an announcement,” one of the elders said.

    The king stepped forward and said, “I would like to announce the betrothal of my son, Jarrod, and Melena. May they both have happy lives.” Jarrod nodded to his father and smiled out to the crowd. The elders then read the list of some other couples that were betrothed before saying, “If there is anyone else wanting to be betrothed, come up now.”

    “Let’s go up!” Jessam told Tahlee excitedly. “I wanna marry you!”

    “But…” Tahlee started to say before Jessam grabbed her hand and dragged her up there. “I wanna marry Tahlee!” he announced to the crowd before kissing Tahlee in front of the entire city. The citizens gathered chuckled gently at the sight of the two small children wanting to be betrothed to one another. The elders took it in stride and finished the ceremony before the crowd got too restless.

    “Thank you all for joining us for this annual celebration. May you all have a fruitful spring!” King Faelon announced before the crowd started to dissipate.

    Andaer quickly came to the stage and picked up Jessam. “Come on. We have somewhere we need to go.” Jessam nodded and turned back. “Bye Tahlee!” He called as she was taken away by her parents. Andaer led Jessam to the arena adjacent to the palace and quickly sought out Sidhion.

    “The tests shouldn’t take too long. Come along Jessam,” Sidhion said as soon as the two came into view. Jessam followed the commander into the arena and looked at him expectantly, not sure on what he was supposed to be doing. Sidhion wasted no time at all, and quickly started a barrage of tests. Jessam handled each test with ease and Sidhion was amazed at the strength and endurance of the young boy. Once all the tests were completed, Sidhion walked over to Andaer and said, “Well…he’s passed all the tests. If you still would like for him to join Adan’s class, bring him to the palace tomorrow morning and we’ll get him started.”

    “Thank you sir,” Andaer said, nodding his head to the commander. He took Jessam’s hand, and the two walked home together. “Well, Jessam. Looks like you’ll be going with Adan tomorrow. It’s completely unheard of…but you’ll be joining Adan’s class beginning tomorrow.” Jessam was ecstatic at the news and happily skipped home.

    “Mama!” Jessam exclaimed as soon as he entered the house. “I get to go with Adan tomorrow!”

    “No you don’t,” Adan said, coming from the next room. “You’re too little.”

    Jessam pouted and just stared at his older brother. “Papa! Tell Adan that I get to go with him!”

    “He’s right, Adan. Jessam was tested by Sidhion this afternoon after the celebration. He’ll be joining your class starting tomorrow,” Andaer told the lad.

    Adan didn’t reply, but only scowled as he left the room. Jessam scampered outside and watched as a few dragons flew through the fading light of the sky. He was excited and nervous at the same time, and he wondered if he’d still be able to play with Tahlee. Jessam was put to bed early that night, in preparation of his big day.

    Jessam woke up early the next morning and quickly dressed. He headed outside before anyone else in his family was awake, wanting to find Tahlee. He was unable to find her, however, and was forced to return home so that he could walk with his father and brother to the palace. Once they had arrived, Sidhion led Jessam to the room where the boys met before their training began each morning. The room was already full as the boys laughed and joked with one another before their day started. They all quieted and turned their gazes to the young boy being led into the room.

    “Isn’t he too young to join us?” one boy asked in a whisper.

    “Isn’t that Adan’s little brother? I thought he was only six…” another boy said.

    Adan was slouched down in his seat, not wanting to acknowledge that his baby brother was joining his class. Sidhion made the introductions and then split the boys into two groups to test and hone their skills. A small sword was given to Jessam to practice with, and soon he was in the midst of the other boys. The class tried to go easy on Jessam…until they realized just how skilled he was, then they went on as if it was a normal day. Toward the end of the day, the boys had a sparring contest, and they were once again shocked when Jessam nearly won the little competition. “Is that your brother?” one boy asked Adan. Adan nodded as he realized just how skilled his little brother was. After class, Adan walked over and patted Jessam’s shoulder. “Good job today, little brother,” he said before walking off.
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    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Chapter 4
    The years passed and Jessam grew into a handsome young man. He excelled at his classes and soon passed his brother in class and rank. He still loved to spar with his brother, but it seemed that Adan kept on spending more and more time by himself, almost like he was jealous of his younger brother. Jessam continued to search for Tahlee, but he never again was able to locate the girl he had fallen in love with when he was a boy. He searched every chance he got, and even tried searching in the palace archives for any mention of her or her family, but with no luck. He grew more and more despondent and threw himself into his classes, mastering each new technique before moving on the next one.

    By the time Jessam reached the age of twenty-one, he had attained the rank of general, the highest commendation available. He was the youngest general in elven history and was a brilliant tactician and soldier. As a result, he was sent out on various missions and after one such mission, as he entered the palace court, his breath was stolen away by a figure from his past. Can it be? He wondered as he took a step closer. There in front of him stood Tahlee, now a member of the court and training to be a healer, looking as beautiful and radiant as he remembered. He was about to go over to her when he saw her turn her attention to another member of the guard…a young elf by the name of Ralinor. Jessam sighed quietly and turned away. Tahlee had looked so happy, and he didn’t want to ruin that happiness. Jessam felt like a piece of his own heart had been ripped out of him as he headed for the guard quarters to rest.

    Then came the fateful day when everything that Jessam knew changed forever. He knew of the dragons and the settlement of humans at the base of the Himacha Mountains. He knew that the peace of Jarrod and Melena couldn’t last forever, and he was right. Early one morning, Jessam climbed to the tallest tower to scan the countryside. In the distance, he saw a fine gray mist settle over the mountain and valley, and Jessam’s eyes widened. He ran back downstairs and hoped that the magic of the city would protect them from harm. After a couple of days, the mist dissipated and Jessam was sent out to search for survivors. He searched for several days, and was discouraged when he found no elven survivors.

    Returning to the palace, he knelt before the king and said, “I’m sorry m’lord. But I was unable to find any survivors. Whatever that mist was killed everyone outside the city walls.”

    Jarrod stood up and walked over to the window, Melena at his side. “You may go, Jessam,” he said quietly. Jessam nodded and quietly left the room. “I sense uneasiness, Melena…” Jarrod said softly, staring out the window. Melena laid a hand on his shoulder and said, “We’ve been through things like this before. We’ll be able to withstand this as well.” Jarrod smiled at Melena and kissed her gently. He was encouraged by his wife’s optimism, but was unable to shake the feeling of uneasiness that had settled over him at the pronouncement of no survivors.

    After that day, the dragons were never seen again. Only a few select elves even knew that a few dragons had survived the attack, and even less had seen the dragons that had survived. Soon there were reports sent in by scouts that a good majority of the humans had survived as well. A large gathering of the surviving humans were planning on crossing the desert and forming their own city in the south. Those who remained founded the small villages of Cayiern, Wythiead, and Calinath. Jarrod sent a few elves to help the humans cross the desert, and the humans gladly welcomed the help.

    Jessam helped as much as he could, trying to stay away from the palace. Ever since he had seen Tahlee with Ralinor, he had been in a depression and refused to even look at any other maiden. Ellethwyn watched her brother sadly and pulled him aside one evening when he was visiting at home. “You should get over her Jessam. She’s with someone else now, why can’t you move on?” She asked gently. Jessam only looked at his sister in shock. “She doesn’t even know my name, Ellethwyn. I searched for her for years, and when I finally find her again…she’s already fallen in love with someone else. She’s probably forgotten all about me.” Jessam said sadly. Ellethwyn wrapped an arm around her brother’s shoulders and said quietly, “Then you should move on as well.”

    Jessam shook his head and said, “I can’t. Tahlee’s the only one that I love. She’ll always be the only girl for me.” He slipped out from his sister’s embrace and said, “I should be going now. There’s still some things I need to get finished.” Ellethwyn nodded and walked with her brother to the door. She stood in the doorway watching him walk down the street before shutting the door. Jessam returned to the palace and was walking through the halls when he accidentally bumped into Tahlee and Ralinor. “Oh…excuse me Tahlee, Ralinor,” he said, stepping to the side. Tahlee looked closely at Jessam…something about him seemed vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place it because he had the hood of his cloak obscuring his features. “How did you--?” she started to ask but Jessam walked away before she could finish her question.

    Jessam continued to train in the palace arena with the other guards, and even took his turn in teaching the younger trainees. One elf would repeatedly sit in on those training sessions and watch Jessam as he taught. Jessam had noticed him and finally went to the spectator’s box after class one afternoon and confronted him. “Can I help you? I’ve noticed you watching before…” The elf stood up and looked at Jessam. “My name’s Quentin…Ralinor’s brother.” Quentin said the last part in a voice dripping with malice. Jessam didn’t say anything, but just looked at the elf with a raised eyebrow. Quentin looked back at Jessam calmly and said, “I was wondering if you could help me with something…”
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    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Chapter 5
    The years passed and Jessam had started spending more and more time with Quentin when he had free time. He wouldn’t listen to Ralinor’s warnings about Quentin, no matter how many times Ralinor tried to dissuade Jessam from spending time with Quentin. Quentin had shown Jessam many secrets over the years, and Quentin was slowly gaining power that no one could even fathom. It seemed that Quentin and Jessam were getting quite close…although it was a strange kind of friendship. Quentin liked to play on Jessam’s sympathies, and took advantage of the general as often as he could. One day, Quentin disappeared from the palace. No one knew where he went, and no one had seen him leave either. Jessam searched for him for a few days, but was unable to find him. Quentin returned several years later, but he would continue to disappear every so often.

    One afternoon, Tahlee and Ralinor were out for a walk in the forest. They had been married for a while now and were expecting their first child. They were happy together and couldn’t wait to become parents. They were walking and talking happily together when Quentin suddenly appeared in front of them. Ralinor and Quentin started to argue, and Tahlee tried to stop them but to no avail. Suddenly, Quentin got a malicious look in his eyes as he looked at Tahlee. He stepped toward her and shoved her off the nearby cliff. “Ulcoquen! NO!” Tahlee screamed as she fell. In that moment, Ralinor knew that the brother he knew had vanished…replaced by this beast in front of him. Glaring at his brother, Ralinor quickly climbed down the hill to see if Tahlee was alright.

    Tahlee wasn’t badly injured, and Ralinor was able to help her return to the city. Unfortunately, Tahlee and Ralinor’s child was born stillborn later that evening, and they were devastated. Unbeknownst to the grieving parents, Jessam was there when they sent the baby’s body off to the Green Shores. He wished that there was something he could do for Tahlee, but the only thing he could think of was to offer his condolences. Walking over to Tahlee and Ralinor, his cloak once again obscuring his features, he said softly, “I’m sorry for your loss Tahlee, Ralinor.” He then disappeared from sight as he returned to his duties, his heart aching for Tahlee. Tahlee watched him leave, that odd sense of familiarity washing over her yet again.

    As the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into years, everything seemed to go back to normal. Quentin had vanished again, but by this time, no one cared to ever see him again. Then disaster struck again. An epidemic struck a nearby village of humans, and Jarrod sent out a team of healers and soldiers to try to help the village.

    Quentin had known that Jarrod would send out people to help and he planted a seed of contempt in the minds of the humans. He managed to convince the weak-minded humans that it was the elves that caused the epidemic and that they were coming to finish them off. When the team of healers and soldiers arrived in the village, the humans attacked them without a doubt. The elves were taken by surprise, and almost all of them were wiped out. Tahlee had managed to escape, although she was heavily burdened with the task of reporting the casualties, which included her immediate family and her beloved Ralinor.

    Jarrod was grieved by the news that Tahlee brought and offered what condolences he could. Sometime during this, Jessam had disappeared from the palace as well. By this time, he was already deeply ensnared in Quentin’s lies and believed everything Quentin said…but something about what had happened felt wrong to Jessam. When he finally found Quentin, he confronted Quentin about his actions, but he only sneered at Jessam. “Getting soft again, are you General? Perhaps this will help motivate you.” Jessam watched in shock as Ulcoquen had his family dragged out from the trees. “NO! Don’t hurt them!” Ulcoquen only sneered and said, “Oh I won’t be hurting them.” He then grabbed Jessam’s arm and forced him to watch as his family was brutally tortured and then killed.

    Jessam freed himself from Quentin’s grasp and started to run toward his family, but several thugs body slammed Jessam and he dropped to his knees, dazed. “Let that be a lesson to you, Jessam. If you ever cross me again, there will be dire consequences. Who knows…maybe Tahlee will be next?” At that pronouncement, Jessam wilted and Ulcoquen smiled, ready to set his next plan in motion. “Go back to the city, General. And tell no one of what you saw tonight.” With one last look at the bodies of his family, Jessam stood up and walked back to the city. Ulcoquen nodded at the thugs, and the bodies were dragged off.

    With a sneer plastered on his face, Ulcoquen returned to his stronghold and headed down into the dungeons. “Now that you both have been ‘killed,’ what shall I do with you?” he asked his prisoners. Adan looked at him with contempt, while Ellethwyn only looked at him placidly. “Jessam will find out how you deceived him. He will find us,” Ellethwyn said softly. Ulcoquen gave a short laugh and said, “He will never find you. He believes that you’re dead. If everything goes as planned, he will never find out the truth of what happened.” He left the dungeons then and headed out to speak with one of his guards. “Take them to Minok. He will know what to do with them for the time being.” The guard nodded and went to do as he was told.

    Little did anyone know what Quentin had up his sleeve. One evening, Jarrod and Melena decided to throw a celebration. Everyone was puzzled as to what the occasion was, but when everyone gathered in the city square to share a leisurely evening meal with their friends and family, Jarrod stood up to make an announcement.

    “My friends. I wish to share some very good news with you all. I would like to announce that my wife, Melena, is pregnant with our first child.” As soon as the announcement was made, everyone started to shout out their congratulations. Melena sat at the table and beamed her pleasure. Tahlee was there as well, and she was happy for the king and queen. She went up to Melena and bowed, saying, “My queen. If you need any assistance, I will be ready to help you.” Melena smiled warmly at Tahlee and said, “Thank you Tahlee. I’ll remember that.”

    Over the next couple of months, Melena was working on a secret project. She and Jarrod had already found out that they were going to have a girl, and they planned on naming her Sira. Melena had had some disturbing dreams over the past couple months, and she shared them with Jarrod, knowing that their time together was coming to an end. One night, she took the completed drawing to her husband and asked, “Jarrod…I would like you to engrave this on this box lid. We’ll need to hide our daughter’s identity for the time being. I have a feeling that something awful is about to happen…” Jarrod complied and once the engraving was complete, they placed a silver tiara, a note, and a small locket on a velvet cushion in the box. Melena hid the box with her belongings, and couldn’t help the feeling of foreboding.
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    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Re: Jessam's backstory

    Chapter 6
    One night, Melena woke early and quickly packed a bag. Jarrod stirred and sat up, watching his wife. “I must go.” Melena whispered. “It’s not safe for us to be here anymore. Will you come with me?” Jarrod sighed and said, “I would love to…but I can’t leave the people. El will protect us though. I agree that you should leave. Our daughter needs to be safe.” Melena walked over to Jarrod and tenderly kissed him goodbye. “I will take Tahlee and Morelini with me. They will be the only ones who will know where I am.” She left the room and got Tahlee and Morelini before leaving the city. Jarrod stood at the window and watched her leave. That evening, Tahlee and Morelini returned to the city and told Jarrod that Melena was safe.

    It happened in the early morning hours. Ulcoquen attacked the city and took it by force, claiming the throne for his own. He believed that he was the rightful king, and made everyone give obeisance to him, and he banished those who refused. Morelini was already out of the city when Ulcoquen attacked, and Tahlee was one of those who were banished from the city. Ulcoquen arrested Jarrod, calling him a traitor to all elvenkind for helping the humans. Jarrod was forced out of the city, and no one heard from the true king again. Jessam was now fully in Ulcoquen’s control and believed that the humans should be destroyed.

    After that, the entire demeanor of the city changed. Outsiders were no longer welcome in the city, and everyone was afraid to speak for fear of Ulcoquen’s wrath. There were still a few, however, that wanted things to return to the way things used to be and hoped that their royal family would return soon.

    While in hiding, Melena gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was perfect in Melena’s eyes, and she wished that Jarrod could’ve been there. Morelini was able to find Jarrod, and told him about the birth. He was happy, but he wished he could’ve been there to help. “Melena wishes it too, my king.” Morelini said softly. “She’s beautiful though. Looks more like Melena…but has a lot of your characteristics.”

    After only a couple of months, Melena knew that her hiding place was close to being discovered, so she sent Morelini out to search for a family to raise Sira since Melena wouldn’t be able to take the child to her new hiding place. It was far too dangerous for a child to be raised in. When Morelini returned with the news that she had found a family, Melena tearfully handed the baby to Tahlee and then watched as the two maidens took the child out of the hiding spot. “Goodbye, my dear Sira. Remember that you have the strength of the dragons. They will always be there for you…as will I.”

    By the time Tahlee and Morelini returned, Melena had already packed up and left. Neither maiden knew where the queen’s new hiding place was, and they hoped that she was safe. After several months Ulcoquen started to hear rumors of the birth of the princess, but he was unable to figure out whether they were real or not. “Sooner or later, I’ll find out.” He growled to Jessam. “That’ll be YOUR job, General. Find out whether the princess is alive.”

    “Yes m’lord,” Jessam said with a bow before leaving and starting to interview the people in the city. After quite a while, he returned and said, “I’m sorry m’lord. But no one seems to know whether or not the princess has been born.” Ulcoquen didn’t say anything and just walked to the window in the throne room. “I’ll find you Princess. Whether you want to be found or not, I WILL find you,” he growled out the window, looking toward the forest.

    Years passed, and Ulcoquen forgot all about the lost princess, focusing on keeping his reign. He knew that there were several groups that wanted him dethroned, and he quickly sent Jessam out to arrest those groups of treason before they were able to do anything. Ulcoquen also had other ways to keep the peace in the city and surrounding forest. One day, Ulcoquen sent out his prize war birds to scout the mountain and forest. It had been years since anyone had tried to overthrow him, but he wasn’t about to let his guard down. After a few days, only one of the war birds returned…and it carried unsettling news. “Jessam!” Ulcoquen called, walking out into the corridor and waited for the general to come toward him. Jessam knelt at Ulcoquen’s feet and Ulcoquen said, “I have a mission for you. It’s of utmost importance.”

    “Anything m’lord. I will do anything for you.” Jessam said, waiting for further instructions.

    “There’s a group in the woods that I want you to join. One of them you will recognize instantly. Join them and maybe they will lead us to the greatest prize.” Ulcoquen said, with an evil smile. Jessam nodded and left to start his mission. He skirted the stables and made his way into the forest, searching out the trail of the group he was to infiltrate. As soon as he heard voices, he pretended to be lost and hoped that it would be enough to get him in the midst of the group.
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