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    The hotel they were seeking seemed to be quite far. Enthony pointed his finger to the North and checked its shadow on the floor. “Yes, I was right. We've been walking for one year and three months.”

    “That's impossible!,” Clonathan complained. “It hasn't been that long! It isn't even dark!” He rubbed his head wondering what kind of mind tricks the tree was trying to play with him.

    “I'm way older than you, Mr Suspect of Homicide, and that makes me right.” The tree spoke slowly not really caring about Clonathan's responses. After all, he rarely used his ears and he wasn't in the mood of using them right now.

    “You're such a moody tree!,” Clonathan concluded. “You should be set on-- on--”

    Enthony opened his eyes wide and one of them fell to the floor, turning out to be a big seed. While Violet tapped on Clonathan's shoulder. “You shouldn't threaten a tree with setting it on fire,” said the little flower fresh as new, since she had been watering herself for this entire time. Yes, the entire year and three months. “They fear nothing but fire, so, whatever happens next, is on you.”

    Clonathan got worried about the outcome of his wording. “Enthony, I'm really really so--”

    “Talk to the branch,” said Enthony as he showed him a whole lot of leaves.

    “I'm sorry, I really am! It's just that I'm exhausted and worried and--”

    “I'm not talking to you anymore,” said Enthony. “I should know better than trying to make friends with criminals.”

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