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    So I'm fairly new too and would like to join too. Should I post a character bio in that section and wait until it's approved? Or how does this work?
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    Okay, first post. I enjoy reading Fantasy books, so why not join the Fantasy side of roleplaying? I noticed the last two posts were dated back in 2011 without an answer, but they have a pretty high total post count. So maybe they've been in a different roleplay section of the forum, or you guys reached them through PM, iunno, but here's my request for joining this particular roleplay anyway! So... how exactly does this work?


    I still can't find the option to edit my profile...

    EDIT #2:

    I think I found the Edit Profile option, but I don't have permission? o_O
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    I am new to rp and wish to join your game.
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