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    Good wine for a friend's 70th
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    A blue blanket and two Sword and Sorceress anthologies for Dad. I'm finally caught up on his presents until his birthday in October. Hopefully I won't fall behind again.
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    A tankful of gas

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    I ordered three books, one hardcover, two paperbacks, from the 3/4ths retired former owner of a local bookstore. The store is closed, the book-jobber affair she ran for a while is closed down, too, but she told me she'd still take my orders. I haven't heard from her yet, but I figure I should give her a few more days to respond, at least.

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    Mail order dress for my wife

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    I finally followed up on those three books. (I would have done so earlier, but I got sick late last month. I'm just about caught up with what I missed, which is why I'm back. ) The first order was missed, but the followup has registered. Barbara will get back to me after checking on the books!

    Oh, and I ordered three more books from Amazon while I was waiting. They're from too small publishers for Barbara's suppliers to order from now that she's 3/4ths retired.

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    an X-Hose for my little garden

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    {pause} I'm not sure whether to say "An Amazon gift certificate" or "Large print books for Mom." I bought the gift certificate for a friend who'd sent me the books in exchange for an Amazon gift certificate and an extra excuse to check out local used bookstores, rummage sales, and the like.

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    A Murano glass necklace for the wife

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