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    I bought a rain poncho for Mom, but the home nurse who came yesterday and today says she doesn't want to wear it. She puts a raincoat on Mom instead. That would be fine, except the raincoat is water resistant, while the rain poncho is waterproof, so Mom's not as protected from the rain. {rueful smile}

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    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    Shoes for Mom. Hers were so old, she really needed new ones. {rueful smile}

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    Batteries for the smoke alarm

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    A book and two water bottle carriers that arent' working so well; one kept dropping the bottle. {small smile}

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    A bucket to catch that falling liquid (with a hole in it, dear Lisa )

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    I ordered new water bottle carriers. Ones with solid bottoms that shouldn't dump out the bottles.

    Tho I do have temporary arrangement that ought to work until they arrive. It involves putting the rough, not-too-durable water carriers inside the durable water carriers that were dumping the bottles out in such a way that they hopefully will keep the bottles in place between each other. But I'll be glad when the ones with solid bottoms come. They're expected shortly before Christmas.

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    Medication for after my wife's cataract operation (going smoothly)

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    The water bottle carriers with solid bottoms arrived, along with a rain jacket and socks.

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    Mobius™ 5-Bay FireWire 800, eSATA, USB 3.0 RAID Hard Drive Enclosure - For the RAID Array I built to back up all my digital files.
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.


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