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    A DAB+ radio, without which I can't listen to my favourite oldies station after New Years Day
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    Books for a friend. (Not brunch/dinner; Uncle Lester was too fast, and beat me to the check.)

  3. #663
    A rug

  4. #664
    Videos for Mom

  5. #665
    A coffee-machine

  6. #666
    Books for myself. I had a brief lowering in the sales resistance that is normal this year when I saw two books I wanted in good condition for a better price than I hoped to find.

  7. #667
    New mobile phones for the wife & I (the old ones were about 10 years old)

  8. #668
    two comics for myself; an early Fantastic Four, and a What If...?

  9. #669
    LED light bulbs

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    Does peace of mind count? I've been busy paying bills for a couple of days, which does wonders for my sales resistance. That's really high right now...

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