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    Of course: wish it could always be that easy to buy.

    A soap-dish
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

  2. #672
    Yeah. I wish peace of mind was always that easy to buy.

    Today, I bought another book.

  3. #673
    Tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show in May

  4. #674
    An old collection of comics. Okay, not that old; only slightly older than myself. I'm turning 50 on the 25th.

  5. #675
    A 12" TV for the wife to watch in the kitchen (50? Still a kid, then! )

  6. #676
    (Thanks.) I've paid for groceries, but that's about it since ordering the book.

  7. #677

  8. #678
    Not even groceries, this time.

  9. #679
    A session with my physiotherapist

  10. #680
    Five comics. I very much regret leaving certain others in the store, but at $12 a comic, they stayed.

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