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    Salt for the water-softener
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

  2. #682
    Gas medicine and sore throat drops

  3. #683
    Grab rails for the loft ladder

  4. #684
    Tickets to Cinema at the Opera. Carmen... has some gorgeous music, and it's really impressive how fast the orchestra can go for the fast parts. I cared for the story little and characters less, but the music was gorgeous.

  5. #685
    Set in a tobacco factory - a bit politically-dated, but I agree the music is great.

    A newspaper

  6. #686
    With a bull fight, and smuggling, too. Yes, not politically correct, but the music is nice.

    A couple of comics.

  7. #687
    Door chimes

  8. #688
    Comics: Conan, Daredevil, and a new Red Sonja/Tarzan.

  9. #689
    A haircut

  10. #690
    It's technically not a purchase, but a comic collection I ordered arrived. I'm pretty excited. It the Galactus Trilogy in it, and certain friends have convinced me that's something to anticipate. Even better, it means my collection is complete until just past it, so the lost feeling when I tried to skip ahead shouldn't be there when I get to it.

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