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    Here is the aspect of it though that can be useful, he can see the attack and how he defends against it. So, in a sense, he could still have the same basic ability, with the added twist that he might even see himself getting hit instead of successfully defending. And again, knowing that you can't stop it, or trying to stop it and failing, or failing because you tried to stop it, could have some real psychological implications, you know? Just because you can see the future doesn't always mean you will like it.

    But yes, the whole aspect of seeing the attack so he can defend against it would still work. Just that he would also see himself defending as well.
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    okay, I should have my character(s) up within the next few days. it's taken me a bit longer due to unforeseen circumstances at home... sorry about the delay.
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    No problem, you do what you have to. I'm on vacation, myself, so I've been a bit slow too.
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    Any chance I could get in? I know I have terrible timing. I hope the game is still running.
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    Yes, it is. I've been on vacation, and, well, tonight I have a headache. Come up with a character and we'll get you in.

    If my headache goes away tomorrow, I'll post something.
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    Okay, I've got two ideas. Both of them are non-human perspectives (What can I say, I like doing that) so they aren't "just a normal guy but" or "deep down just as Human as the rest." Let me know what would fit best for your game.
    1) Mandrake (plant person) pilot/animal handler and overall outdoorsman. Superb perception, heaven's harness (jet-pack), energetic, nice, loyal, a bit unusual
    2) Goblin healer, not a nice friendly, nurturing, Hippocratic Oath kind of healer, and not a buddy buddy, honorable, just misunderstood kind of Goblin either.
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    Well, Either could work. We are in a desert, so the Mandrake might not be a great choice, but the area is heavy in ranching, so...

    I'll let you decide. Personally, a goblin rancher might be better; you know, combine the two, but I'll leave it to you.
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    Pipipsiwa (Pip)

    Race: Mandrake
    Gender: A-sexual… it is a plant and reproduces through flowers, roots, and budding (go fig.) However, when interacting with most species it is customary for a Mandrake to imitate a sex so that others can relate to them better. In that sense, Pip usually chooses to be associated with the female sex.
    Occupation: Outdoorsman, tracker, pilot, animal handler
    Abilities of Note: Perception (Mandrakes have superb hearing and vision, far greater than even Elves), Natural Survival (with their only needs being food, water, and CO2 they have no need for houses or farms), body adaptation (they can adjust themselves to thrive in most environments this includes their head growths) Piloting, Animal Friendship (Most animals will not perceive a walking plant as a threat of any kind) Heaven's Harness (Rocket pack)
    Appearance: Pip is short and sleight of frame and has pruned herself to be similar to a humanoid (two arms, two legs, two eyes in the front of a head) She has a mimicry of vegetation on her head that can be fashioned much like a human fashions their hair. Currently it is kept in a "pony tail" that is a sapling with desert like leaves. Her body is root like (much like a carrot) only purple fading to white markings on the face. She has eyes that are completely blue orbs with no distinction of pupil, iris, or white.
    Personality: Up-beat, undyingly optimistic, friendly, loves animals (usually untamed and sometimes dangerous), does not view the world as a human, has difficulty making out the intricacies of human culture (but still has a grasp on most aspects of it.)
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    Looks good. Feel free to get in any time you want.
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    I'm still planning on joining this, Shadow. just haven't had the time (or motivation to be honest) to actually just sit down and create a character. I'm hoping to be able to do it soon though...
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