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    I like both ideas.

    The old man could be collector of rare items.

    As I think about it. My main character can still be the reporter but she really wants to write/study about history so she'll have some knowledge in it. But it's the reporting things she isn't as passionate about that pays her bills.
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    sounds interesting

    should we go for any particular Aztec treasure?

    I'll get started on my character bios sometime tonight most likely
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    I would think we should, not sure which one though.

    Corey and I are already plotting and thinking of character bios as well.

    I suppose this RP's name could be "The Search for...(whatever treasure we decide)"
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    hmm... I wonder if there's a list anywhere online of ancient Aztec treasures...
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    I did a search and found mostly legends about gold in Arizona...

    Perhaps a switch to Inca treasure? Maybe one of the lost cities: http://www.rediscovermachupicchu.com...nca-cities.htm

    Like Paititi
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    After reading what Paititi was, I think we should look for that.

    Paititi, the Hidden Inca City With Tremendous Treasures

    Mythical city, never found officially. Despite the fact that there were several dozens of claims, there is no scientific evidence any of those ruins found could be the famous Paititi.
    This might not even be a real city, but everyone wants it so much to exist, especially those who discover ruins and those who hunt for gold.
    The city's existence could be pure fiction. It could be like an "Emerald City" in the story "Wizard of Oz", or it might as well be real, like Troy was, until it was discovered by enthusiastic German Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann.
    It sounds perfect for the adventure. A city that might have never existed but was rumored to be filled with treasures. Sounds like something Richard Vanderbilt (the rich old man) would be send a group out to find.
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    Sounds like a good idea.

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    The time period I was thinking of would be early 20th century. Before the popularity of television, everyone having cars, and way before the Internet and cell phones. But we'd still have early telephones, radios and such.
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    I really like that idea too

    and is there a specific date range that you were looking at or mainly just early 1900s?

    and sorry that I don't have my bios created yet. it was a busy weekend and I didn't have much time for the computer... lol. I'll try to get them created sometime this week though
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    I don't have a specific date range in mind.

    And it's okay about the bios. Corey and I have to get to making ours too. They should be posted tonight though.
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