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    The Search for Paititi: Characters
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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Name: Richard Vanderbilt
    Age: 63
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Bald at the top of his head, the sides are white from age
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Tall and lean
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Businessman
    History: Richard Vanderbilt is from a family of rich businessmen. His great grandfather immigrated to the United States from England to start a textile factory. Over time the Vanderbilt family has expanded their businesses from factories to include a railroad line and many other profitable businesses. Richard is a widower, his wife Laura and his only child, a daughter named Claire, were killed in a boating accident on a family vacation 20 years ago. His only surviving family is his nephew Pierce. Richard has more money then he could ever dream of spending and since the death of his family he has spent a great deal of money collecting rare and priceless objects from around the world. His mansion in New York City is filled with treasures from ancients cultures that could rival the collections of the world's greatest museums.
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    Sophia Morales

    Name: Sophia Morales
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Long, curly black hair
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Build: Curvy
    Nationality: Peruvian American
    Occupation: Translator
    History: Sophia Morales is a translator. She works with her father Hector to translate Spanish into English for businessmen who seek to open businesses in Mexico, Central, and South America. Her father is an American of Spanish descent born in Texas while her mother is originally from Peru. Her parents meet when her father traveled to Peru on business. Sophia has always been interested in her mother's home country although she was born in Texas as well. She is sometimes subjected to racism because of how dark her features are. She is also sometimes called a Mexican and although she does like visiting Mexico, she is quick to point out she is an American like everyone else born there.
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    Dr. Johnny Oleson

    Name: Johnathan "Johnny" Oleson, Jr.
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Short dark brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Muscular
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Doctor
    History: Johnny Oleson is a doctor like his father Dr. Johnathan Oleson, Sr. Unlike his father though Johnny isn't a doctor for the money. While his father's clients are the rich of New York City like Mr. Vanderbilt, once Johnny earned his medical license he left New York City for a quieter country life in Kansas. A move his father looked down upon. He lives in a small farming community where he is the only doctor and many of his clients pay him in food and other goods. He doesn't mind that he isn't making a lot of money though. He wanted to be a doctor to help people.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Name: Pierce Vanderbilt
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Short black hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Muscular
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Party Boy
    History: Pierce Vanderbilt is a spoiled rich boy who still hasn't grown up. His mother, Annabelle was Richard's younger sister. He was born out of an affair his mother had a with a married man. The man refused to claim Pierce as his own so Annabelle raised him herself. Not that Pierce had a hard life since Annabelle and her brother are rich. Annabelle died of cancer when he was 20 and he got access to his trust fund when he turned 21. A trust fund that is almost gone. Pierce blows his money on women, alcohol, and living the night life of New York City. He has no ambitions in life other then having a good time and no interest in any of the businesses his uncle runs.
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    Albert Napier

    Name: Albert Napier
    Age: 72
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Short silver
    Eyes: Blue that are hidden behind his thick glasses
    Build: Lean
    Nationality: British
    Occupation: Butler
    History: Albert Napier is originally from England. He is an educated man and never expected to be a butler. He was a professor at the University of Cambridge teaching mathematics. His uncle was a butler for Richard Vanderbilt until he grew very ill. Albert came to New York City to take care of his uncle and help him in his duties. After his uncle passed away he decided he enjoyed working for Mr. Vanderbilt enough to became his next butler. He was getting older and having trouble keeping up with all his students. Becoming a butler was a nice change of pace for him.
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    Name: Jack Halliday
    Age: 20 years old.
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Build: Athletic
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Graduate Student of Archaeology
    History: He is a graduate student nearing graduation. He is the student of [insert Ellesar's Professor here] This will be his first trip outside of the United States. His parents are farmers and he is the first member of the family to go to College. He is muscular from the long days of working in the field as a kid. He graduated in his undergraduate with honors and was awarded a full scholarship for his graduate work.
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    Jordan Wilder

    Name: Jordan Wilder
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Long blond that is often tied up in a ponytail
    Eyes: Blue that are hidden behind black framed glasses
    Build: Hourglass
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Journalist
    History: Jordan Wilder is a journalist in her hometown located in Ohio. Her older brother Harrison is the editor of the newspaper she works at. Her main duties at the newspaper is to be the advice columnist because it is viewed as a "woman's job". Although Jordan likes to write, she is bored of her job because she feels she just gives the same advice over and over again. Her real passion is learning and writing about history. Sometimes Jordan will get assignments that no one else wants or has time for. Her favorite assignment was the article she wrote about the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City when they had a new historical exhibit. Jordan loves learning about ancient cultures would love to write about them but has been told no one has interest in the past because it is over. All readers care about is the present and future. She's also been told she should be thankful she has a job at the newspaper since most women her age are married and have children. Her mother and aunts thinking she is risking becoming an old maid since she is 27 and has no husband.
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    Name: Matthias Wellbrant
    Age: 45
    Gender: male
    Hair: brown, but beginning to gray
    Eyes: brown
    Build: trim and fit
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: professor
    History: When Matthias was younger, he used to travel the world with his parents, looking for different adventures. It was during these adventures that Matthias discovered his love for archeology and vowed to someday become a great archeologist. His parents supported his dream and when he was old enough, helped him get into college, where he graduated with honors. After he completed his undergraduate career, he decided to travel the world again with some colleagues to go on various digs. It was on one of these digs that he met Daniella, the young daughter of a wealthy client who had hired his team. He became smitten with her almost immediately and then made it his goal to court her. After a short courtship, they finally married and Matthias decided to forego his adventuring and he returned to school and finished his graduate degree. It was also during this time that his son, James, was born. He has now taught archeology to both undergraduate and graduate students for over 10 years and enjoys spending his free time with his wife, but he desires to go on adventures again like he did when he was younger.
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    Name: Daniella Wellbrant
    Age: 42
    Gender: female
    Hair: auburn
    Eyes: grey
    Build: trim and fit like her husband
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: assistant professor
    History: Daniella was born overseas to American parents who were currently supervising a dig. She was a privileged child and had everything a young girl could want. Most of her young life was spent traveling with her parents, although she did spend some time in a British boarding school for several years. At one point, she was with her parents on a dig and met an archeologist named Matthias. She immediately found him interesting and wanted to spend more time with him but her father wouldn't allow it, until Matthias asked if he could be allowed to court her. After a brief courtship, they married and returned to America to raise a family and pursue a teaching career in archeology instead. With her son, James, now out of the home and married, she spends most of her time helping her husband with various duties, including gathering together his teaching materials. Occasionally, she'll even teach a class or two of his when he's busy with other things.
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