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    Name: Kendall Williams
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Hair: red
    Eyes: blue
    Build: petite, but athletic
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: student
    History: Kendall is nearing graduation for her undergraduate degree, but she has also been taking graduate courses concurrently. Her favorite class is her graduate archeology course that she is taking with Matthias and has already come to the conclusion that she wants to travel the world as an archeologist after she's finished with her education. If she had her choice, she'd drop out of school once she had her undergraduate degree and travel the world, but her parents won't allow it.
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    Name: Sir Walter Rigsbie
    Age: 56
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Gery
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: Athletic
    Height: 5'11/ 180.34cm
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Historian
    History: as a small boy Rigsbie was fascinated by history and the writings of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer,
    He studied hard and earned numerous Scholarships.Rigsbie attended University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, The College of William & Mary, Amherst College, and Brown University spending only a limited time a each. Rigsbie finally settled in Harvard University and stayed until he had obtained a full Doctorate in Archeology, Anthropology and History. Rigsbie acknowledges Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers and Professor Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie as pioneers to their fields. and follows there ideals that "all artifacts, not just beautiful or unique ones, be collected and cataloged"(Pitt Rivers) and that "the true line of research lies in the noting and comparison of the smallest details."(Petrie). Rigsbie explores and hunts for artifacts and treasure for which ever Museum hires him. He occasionally works with private collectors but only if he gets half the artifacts to donate to a museum of his choice. His only wish is to preserve history for later generations to enjoy and to add forgotten knowledge to the world. the Inca, Maya and Aztec are Rigsbie's favorite civilizations. Rigsbie has worked on most of the Maya, Aztec and Inca digs going on in his life time.

    Name: Gouw Luang Hun ("Luan" for short)
    Age: late 20's
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Athletic/ muscular
    Height: 6'0/ 182.88cm
    Nationality: British - Mongolian
    Occupation: Archaeologist Assistant, Body Guard
    History: Born in Bacup England to Mongolian immigrants, Luan grew up
    on her family's meager farm helping her parents. She taught herself to read.
    During her mid - late teens her Father moved them to the city, he believed it
    was safer and that the jobs in the city would be better. Luan Sir Walter Rigsbie
    when he was asked to lecture at The University of Liverpool by Victoria University.
    Luan helped Rigsbie and from that point on has accompanied him as both his Assistant and Body Guard.

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