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    The Search for Paititi

    The Search for Paititi

    Richard Vanderbilt

    Manhattan in New York City is home to the mansion of Richard Vanderbilt. He is one of the richest and most powerful businessmen in the city. His family is proof of the American Dream. His great grandfather immigrated to the United States from England and opened up a textile factory. In just four generations the Vanderbilts have dominated the business world. Success has always come to a Vanderbilt in business. The family has interests in many different types of businesses now and even owns a rail line. Richard has more money than he could dream of spending. Not that he believed money would buy him happiness. He had that once, Richard thought as he sat his cherry oak desk in his office. On his desk was a faded photograph of his wife and only child. They died almost 20 years ago on a family vacation in Maine. He sighed as he touched it. Sweet little Claire, she would almost 30 now....Richard took a drink of his brandy and looked at the time. His guests would be arriving soon.

    Albert is everything ready for tonight?

    He called out to his butler.
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    Albert Napier

    Albert heard Mr. Vanderbilt call his name and walked into his office.

    Yes sir, everything is ready.

    Albert had worked for Richard Vanderbilt for over 15 years now. Once a professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, his uncle James had been Richard's butler before him. Sadly his uncle grew very ill and needed someone to help. Albert was feeling frustrated and stressed at the university and took the chance to come to America. After his uncle died he never left. Being a butler was actually relaxing to him, he had far less to worry about then trying to teach students. Some who had no business even being in the university except their parents expected them to attend it. Although his colleagues had been shocked. He remember Michael Walsh saying he was crazy to give up his tenure to be a rich man's butler. Of course Albert heard two months later Michael died of a heart attack so Albert thought he made a wise choice. He was still going strong at 72 years old and in better health them some men half his age.

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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Excellent. And is Pierce awake?

    Richard asked as he took another drink of his brandy. Pierce was his only living heir. His sister's son. Annabelle had spoiled that boy rotten when she was alive. Richard wondered if it was because the boy had no father was why she let him do whatever he wanted. Richard had been tempted many times to send Pierce off to military school but knew Annabelle would never allow that. Knowing Pierce though, he would have just been kicked out anyway.
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    Albert Napier

    Possibly. He did claim he had a "late" night when he checked in this morning.

    Every night was a late night for Pierce. He slept most of the day and partied every night. Albert believed the boy was going to go to an early grave at that rate. Not that Pierce cared what anyone thought. He was a selfish young man who never thought pass his own wants. Albert asked Richard.

    Would you like me to have him come to your office?
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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard just sighed when Albert said Pierce had another late night. Of course he did, all his nephew ever did was party. Well if Pierce was going to be his heir he was going to have start earning his keep around here. He nodded his head at Albert's question.

    Yes please do Albert. I need to talk to him before the guests arrive.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    I'll get him at once Mr. Vanderbilt.

    Albert told Richard and went to Pierce's living quarters. Even though night would be coming soon, Pierce was still sleeping away in his bed. He hadn't went to bed until 8 am that morning after a night of partying. The room was very dark and Pierce had his head buried in his pillow. Albert opened the shades and pulled the pillow out from under Pierce's head.

    Time to wake up young Pierce.

    Pierce grumbled at the idea of being woken up and tried to cover his head with his sheet to ignore Albert.

    Go away Albert...

    Albert grabbed the sheet and threw it on the floor. Pierce had fallen asleep wearing the clothes he had worn last night. They were all wrinkled now.

    No can do. Your uncle is requesting you in his office right away.

    Can't it wait? I need my beauty sleep.

    If I were you, I wouldn't make him wait. He might freeze what's left of your trust fund.

    Not that there was much left. Annabelle had left a large sum of money for Pierce in her will. He could not access it until he was 21. At 25 years old he had spent most of it. That comment woke Pierce up and he leaned up on his elbows, his black hair a mess and his eyes looking blood shot.

    Do you think he'd really do that?

    Concern filled Pierce's voice, Albert shrugged.

    I wouldn't put it pass him. Since I've worked for your uncle I've come to realize he doesn't like to wait for anything.

    Pierce frowned, Albert was right, Uncle Richard did like having his way. He sat up on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair.

    I should probably go see what Uncle Richard needs.

    A wise choice.

    Albert told him with a nod of his head. He left Pierce to get up. Pierce changed his clothes and walked to his uncle's office.

    Albert said you wanted to see me Uncle Richard?
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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard looked up when Pierce walked into his office.

    How wonderful to see you awake when most of the city is. Albert was right, I need to talk to you. You know I'm having some guests tonight correct?
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Pierce narrowed his eyes at his uncle's remark about his sleeping habits. He knew better then to say anything though, Albert could be right and Uncle Richard might freeze his trust fund. Pierce nodded his head.

    Yeah. You're sending them off on another one of those treasure hunts.

    Not that Pierce had a clue what that had to do with him. He could care less about his uncle's collection.
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    Richard Vanderbilt

    I'm so pleased to discover you've paid attention to something that doesn't involve women or booze. Perhaps that fancy boarding school your mother sent you to has paid off after all.

    Richard replied to Pierce dryly.

    You are correct, I am forming another treasure hunting group and you will be joining them in the adventure.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Pierce tightened his jaw at his uncle's next comment. His mother had sent him to a very expensive school and Pierce had barely passed it. If he wasn't a Vanderbilt he probably would have been thrown out of it. His mouth dropped when his uncle informed him he would be joining the group.

    What? Why?!
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