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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard looked at Pierce with steely brown eyes.

    Because as my heir, you will protect my interests. I will not have a repeat of what happened in Constantinople and have the treasure that was rightly mine stolen from me.

    It still angered Richard that the group he had paid to retrieve an ancient treasure from the Byzantine Empire had decided to keep it from themselves. Even when they had only received half their pay.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Pierce didn't care about protecting his uncle's interests. This treasure hunting sounded way too dangerous. Especially when half the people on those hunts never returned to collect the rest of their money.

    But-But...But what if I get killed?! Then who will inherit all your-

    He almost said money but stopped himself.

    ...businesses. I'm your only heir so who will take care of that stuff if I die before you?

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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard smirked at Pierce, he knew his nephew well enough to know he wasn't worried about any of the Vanderbilt businesses. The boy never showed any interest in them.

    I could always leave them to Albert.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Albert?!? But he's freaking older then you!

    Pierce exclaimed. He was shocked at the idea of Albert inheriting all his uncle's wealth and that he was expected to go on a treasure hunt.
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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard was growing amused at his nephew's reaction.

    So? He's proven to be more deserving then you have. I'm serious Pierce. Your mother might have let you do whatever you wanted but I won't. Rest her soul but she left you enough money that most people in this country could have lived comfortably off of for the rest of their lives but you've blown in just four short years. I'm not about to leave you all that I have worked hard to get in my life if this is how you act.

    He stood up and pointed his finger at Pierce.

    It's time you prove yourself worthy of being my heir. If you want to be left anything in my will then you will go on this journey and make sure my treasures are brought back here to me in New York City. Do I make myself clear?
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    It was true Pierce had been left a great deal of money and he had already spent most of it. He believed his uncle when he said he'd leave everything to Albert if Pierce didn't go on this trip. He swallowed hard as he listened to his uncle and nodded his head.

    Yes Uncle Richard.
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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard was pleased when Pierce agreed to go.

    Good, I'm glad that is settled. Our guests will be arriving shortly.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Me too...

    Pierce said with a sigh. Going on some treasure hunt was not what he had planned but if he wanted to be in Uncle Richard's will he knew he had to do it. There's no way he could survive his way of life without his uncle's money. He hoped there wouldn't be a lot of bugs or snakes where he'd be going. Albert was ready to greet the guests as they would arrive at the mansion.
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    Jack Halliday sped down the dirt road on his 1894 Hildebrand motorcycle. He had gotten it used. He was supposed to meet his professor Matthias Wellbrant at the Vanderbilt mansion. He didn't know what for but it was unusal for the professor to invite a student so his curiosity was piqued. He wore a fedora had as he drove much to the chagrin of his parents who thought it was dangerous on a motorcycle like that.

    He laughed but what did they know. They were still driving a horse and buggy he thought with a chuckle.

    He turned down the road the mansion was on and just brought the motorcycle to a stop. He shook his head, "What is Dr Wellbrant doing here?"

    "And asking me here on top of it."

    But soon he revved up the bike and headed into the driveway. He parked his bike and went to the front door.

    He knocked loudly and wondered if the professor was here.
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    Albert Napier

    Albert heard heard Jack knocking on the door and opened it.

    Welcome to the Vanderbilt mansion.

    Although Albert had lived in America for over 15 years, his British accent was still heavy. He looked Jack up and down and thought he seemed a little young for Mr. Vanderbilt to have invited on a treasure hunt.

    Who shall I tell Mr. Vanderbilt is here?
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