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    The Character Bio Thread

    The Character Bio Thread

    So everyone knows where to look for details on the new characters that inhabit this area.

    Major Powers:
    Minor Powers:
    Items of Note:
    Brief Description: (Height, weight, appearant age, gender, colorings, etc)
    World Hidden on/attached to:

    Feel free to add other lines to that as you wish. Figured the above should provide some decent data.

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    Name: Selene
    Titles: Goddess of Ice, The Ice Queen, Queen of Pagos
    Major Powers: Ice manipulation. Selene can create anything she imagines out of ice
    Minor Powers: Teleportation and telepathy
    Items of Note: Selene wears a ring that shows the crest of her kingdom. In battle she creates a spear out of ice.
    Brief Description: Selene is a female who appears to be in her mid to late 20's. She has blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She is about 5'6 and 130 pounds with an hourglass figure. She often wears white dresses.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Nero
    History: Selene is the queen of the Kingdom of Pagos. Her kingdom is to the North and full of ice and snow. She has no memory of her childhood. All she knows is that she is an orphan who was taken in by the King of Pagos as his daughter. Upon his death, she became queen. Her appearance in Nero and rise to power mirrors that of Nero's other ruler, Barrett. He is the king of Fotia.

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    Name: Barrett
    Titles: God of Fire, The Fire King, King of Fotia
    Major Powers: Fire manipulation. Barrett can create fire at will and he is prone to destroying things with it
    Minor Powers: Teleportation and telepathy
    Items of Note: Barrett carries a sword that's hilt is craved with his kingdom's crest. In battle he will turn the sword into a fire sword
    Brief Description: Barrett is a male who appears to be in his late 20's to early 30's. He's 5'9 and about 190 pounds with a muscular build. He has dark hair and eyes. Often dresses in black.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Nero
    History: Barrett is the king of the Kingdom of Fotia. His kingdom is to the South and is a desert with mountains bordering Pagos. He has no memory of his childhood. He was told that the Queen of Fotia adopted him and after she died he became king. His appearance in Nero and rise to power mirrors that of Nero's other ruler, Selene, the Queen of Pagos.

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    Name: Victor
    Titles: God of Madness
    Major Powers: Shape shifting
    Minor Powers:Madness firearms (Turns body parts into guns that shoot madness rounds)
    Brief Description:
    Height: 8' 4"
    Weight: Varies
    Color: Usually red skinned with random colors seen in his veins
    Age: Lived to be 35 before he died and was turned into the God of Madness
    World Hidden on/attached to: Different Universe
    History: Victor was once a vicious and considered insane pirate until the day he died. When he died a series of events took place that turned him into the God of Madness. He, at first, didn't want to do what the other Gods had done, create life and gain power through it. All he wanted to so was kill a certain individual that ruined his God life by taking his Lover. But over time he realized that he must use the aid of others in order to get what he wanted. Over time his goal went from Revenge to save his universe. Though some times he tends to revert back to his selfish ways and will do whatever it takes to win, he still has the survival of others as more important.

    Name: Loki
    Titles: Dark Servant, Servant of Death, Servant of Darkness
    Major Powers: Blood magic
    Minor Powers: Other forms of dark magics
    Items of Note: He carries a battle axe.
    Brief Description: 7'5"/ 200 lb/ looks to be in his thirties/ Skinny but built/ Dark hair and maroon eyes/ wears faded colored clothes
    World Hidden on/attached to: Different Universe
    History: Loki was cursed with the name of an evil god, because of his outcast status he became obsessed with dark magics. He learned and mastered many forms of dark magics and with that he destroyed those who cursed him. He then found ways to be immortal and to teleport with his magic. He became a gun for hire, serving anyone for shelter and knowledge. He doesn't care who he works for, he doesn't care if he either hurts people, if he's secure to survive he's fine with it.
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    Titles: Child of Choas / Destroyer of the Gods
    Major Powers:Spiritual manipulation (Controlling others to destroying their souls)
    Minor Powers:
    Items of Note: She carries two swords that she has trained herself to channel her powers through.
    Brief Description: She has dark blue hair with dark purple eyes, her skin is pail and she wears dark purple armor.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Another Universe
    History: Vile is the child of Pandora (Goddess of Chaos) and Void (God of Death). When the other Gods learned that her powers were of the soul she was feared to be the destroyer of them. So Pandora took the child and placed her inside a tomb that the other Gods could not find. There she was left with the greatest swordsman and the wisest priestess created by the Gods. For several eons she was trained to fight and defend and to use her powers properly. Then she was finally found by Victor who was looking for her to help him kill Grim (A being that was threatening to destroy their universe).

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    Name: Maverik
    Titles: The Hunter
    Major Powers: Perfect marksmanship
    Minor Powers: Minor self-gravitational control, minor projected-gravitational control, nearly impervious skin
    Items of Note: Maverik is cybernetic, the electrical currents of his brain being his only connection to humanity.
    Brief Description: Two words can describe him: thin and sharp. He stands about 5'4" in height with a thin and lanky build. Very white to silver hair of generic length in an unidentifiable fashion. His pale skin resembles that of an albino. Beyond his white complexion, an easy character to dismiss from memory, the sort you know you have seen but cannot remember where or doing what. His features are primarily thin and sharp: a thin, pointed nose, thin face, slightly sunken cheeks, shallow forehead and a sharp chin. His pale blue to gray eyes seem almost lifeless. Almost, but not quite.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Unknown

    History:Maverik was once a man from an advanced human society, but had his mind implanted into a robotic body in order to defeat an even more powerful cyborg styling himself as "Doomega," the end of all things. Maverik took advantage of a flaw in Doomega's design and destroyed the being. Or so he thought. His organization betrayed him, and attempted to rebuild Doomega, his mind still existing in the technological ethers. Maverik again stopped them. However, he knew that he would not be able to prevent Doomega from being reconstructed somewhere, someplace, sometime. He guarded his homeworld for many years, but as time wore on, and everyone he had know died around him, he became weary of life himself, but he could not die.
    As eons went on, he found purpose in one thing, destroying Doomega completely. He recommitted himself to his training, having endless time, and perfected his art. He eventually made aware of the "gods," powerful beings of other planets, and was recruited as a mercenary by some organization to kill these "gods" before they realized themselves, their powers. He knows that somewhere, Doomega waits for him, and that this mission is the best odds to find him and finish the job once and for all.
    He holds no animosity against these "gods," being, to him, just another mission.

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    Name:Emit Shornoc
    Titles: God of Time, High Chronicler of Magiks, Keeper of the Guardians of Rekōdo

    Height: Very tall (6'5")
    Weight: Thin, willowy
    Age: Ageless appearance
    Gender: Male, though his appearance can be feminine even without the ability to shift what life his past-life body his soul is residing in.
    Hair: White-blond
    Eyes: Blue-gray
    Colorings: Ivory skin
    Markings: A tattoo across the spans of his back (of time runes) that controls his source of magical ability on his world.

    Major Powers: Manipulation and control of the ebbs and flows of time
    Minor Powers: Time travel, time speed control, ability to stop time and change time at a whim. Can control what state of time it is and that can have an effect on others varying from small nuances to age and past lives.

    Items of Note: Physical appearance changes depending on the era of time his soul or mind is in. Can change sex, age, skin color etc. based on a mere thought, but cannot remain out of time for too long without the danger of getting lost.

    Brief Description: Emit (the tall, blond fellow) is a man of young, but many years. His hair is long, always hanging in his face, and nearly white if it were not blond with boyish blue-gray eyes and a charming smile. He does not always appear so, for he takes his role as High Chronicler of Magiks very seriously. He is very tall and elegantly thin in an almost feminine way. Strength is not one of his many feats, but his magik and intellect do the talking for him. He is well versed in hand-to-hand combat in case magiks one day fail him and is quite agile.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium

    Emit was born as all children are in the country of Rekōdo. Every person is born with the ability to use magik and is encouraged to develop their abilities as much as they are encouraged to further themselves academically. Emit was one of the few born to Rekōdo with a very high magical ability. Immediately when he entered school, he was swept up into advanced studies and bred for the position of High Chronicler of Magiks. He was one of the youngest to achieve such a high title. The only higher one could go is to be on the High Magik Council of Rekōdo, which deals with the magiks and magical studies and laws, or to be the ruler of the country.

    Emit held one of the most important positions in Rekōdo. He was the keeper of all information in their country, from past to present and possibilities of the future. As High Chronicler, it was his duty to record the history of the country, what has happened was happening and what may happen, and keep account of all it records within the Central Library. To protect the documentation of their country’s entire history, Emit is charge with being the Keeper of the Guardians, two massive, magik stone lions that sit outside the most protected room of the Central Library. He is their only master and he holds the magical key to their commands.

    The last and first most important thing Emit is placed in charge of it the Book of Memories. In it is the recording of past rulers since the beginning of time and with it the life account of the last ruler to touch it. No one is allowed to lay their hands upon the book or it will record their lives within it. Only the rulers are allowed to view the past of the rulers before them. Once they touch it, their lives and memories are recorded into the book for the next ruler to see when their time passes. All the secrets of the pasta re held within this book and if one were to put their hands on it and see what only the privileged are allowed to see, the results could be devastating. Not even Emit is allowed to handle the book.

    These tasks Emit took to heart and despite his youthful, whimsical appearance, he took his tasks seriously and became well respected among the people of Rekōdo. That was… until she came. The young princess of Rekōdo was newly crowned in his 10th year as Head Chronicler of Magiks. As the one who scribed the events of Rekōdo, it was his privilege and duty to record the events of her testing and coronation.

    He had never seen the Princess before, no one had since she had been sent to private schooling to one day help her ascend the throne. So it came as a terrible shock to him when the Princess sought him out at the Central Library before her coronation and asked his help. She had a dream where she stole the powers of the kingdom, was hunted and killed. It drove their world into darkness and chaos. Emit was stunned but she begged him, dropping to her knees before him and pleaded for his help. He could not refuse her, for he had taken the 5th Oath: Protect the rulers of Rekōdo from harm by another unless they are tried and found guilty of a crime. So he had to help her and after a while a part of his wanted to help her, despite how badly it would throw his own world into a turmoil he could only imagine.
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    Princess Pasce

    Name: Pasce di Minones (pronounced Pass-kuh Min-non-ey)
    Titles: Goddess of Space and Dimensional Travel, Heiress to the Five Provinces of Rekōdo, Princess of Rekōdo

    Height: Tall (5'7")
    Weight: Petite
    Age: Ageless appearance, but often appearing very young
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Light brown with a red shine
    Eyes: Green
    Colorings: Cream colored skin
    Markings: None

    Family: King Heron (father, deceased), Queen I'yana (mother, deceased), King Ehrin (uncle, deceased), Prince Eri (brother)

    Major Powers: Manipulation and control of inter-dimensional travels and of the universal space around us all
    Minor Powers: Can be everywhere and anywhere at once or nowhere at all.

    Items of Note: When her Godly powers awaken, she can transport others to different worlds, but the extensive use of inter-dimensional travel often comes at a price. Likewise, she can send others to different worlds or dimensions… for a price. Her powers work best and easiest when she is in the presence of Time itself.

    The glasses she wears have the ability to see into other dimensions.

    Brief Description: http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k312/ihime/tsubasa_artbook_030.jpg ]Princess Pasce[/url] (the girl in the center of the picture) is a mystery to all the people of Rekōdo. Very few have seen her as she’s grown up in required isolation to undergo training to become the next ruler of Rekōdo. That is, if her magik abilities are strong enough to meet the requirements. She is fair with green-gray eyes and short, wispy reddish brown hair. She is very slight and tall for her very young age. Pasce is very quiet and quite proper. Since coming out of a world of quietude and tutelage, where she's mostly kept to her studies, Pasce usually stays in the presence of her governess or of her older brother. He is her Life Guardian and her sworn protector. He has trained for nothing else. Often, she can be found reading, with delicate reading glasses perched atop her nose, studying or in quiet observance of the world around her.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium


    Their father passed on naturally after a long, content life leading the people of Rekōdo. In the order of procession, the children of the past ruler, if benevolent and wise, are the first to be considered for leadership if of a proper age. If not, whoever is designated as the child's trustee in the predecessor's will shall rule temporarily until the child is of proper age and passes all tests and protocol to ensure magikal proficiency. If there are no children, the heads of the 5 provinces compete for the spot in a magikal tourney. Luckily for the last King of Rekōdo, he had two children. A perfect amount. One to rule and one to guard.

    Pasce, being the younger of the two children, is to rule by default and her older brother. Pasce is barely 15 years old, but the weight of rule is on her shoulders. She has studied, as most children of Rekōdo do, in the magikal arts, philosophy, history, languages, and more. She has trained for the day where she has to pass every magikal feat the High Magiks Council can concoct.

    The day approaches and with it come dreams. it is said, in Rekōdo, that a very few can walk among the dream world, a reality identical to our own, but only accessible through Dreamwalking. Many people skirt in and out of it and see glimpses of things that later hit them as deja vu, but it is an art to walk consciously among it and enter and leave as one sees fit. Some can even Dreamweave and walk among the future or among other worlds. It was in one such mystikal place that Pasce saw the future, of what she would do and how it would turn the world of Emporium upside down and shatter the peace of Rekōdo as all alive knew it. And then she was hunted down and killed for it.

    Pasce was terrified. She needed to know if her dreams were to be reality so that she might purposely fail the tests and give her brother the throne instead. So she sought out the High Chronicler of Magiks at the Central Library. She tried to sneak in, having knowledge of the wards in place, but she did not count on Emit himself being present in the very secret and very safe room she tried to enter.

    He did not know her, very few did, and when she told him who she was and why she was here, he rebuked her, disbelieving. Pasce begged him, fearing for her life, and when she had convinced him of who she was, he felt obligated by the 5th Oath to protect her. Without her, she would have been doomed.
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    Name:Felicity Juliana Poahr
    Titles: None
    Major Powers: None
    Minor Powers: None
    Items of Note: Felicity is a tinkerer, a child prodigy of sorts, good with the mechanical workings of both technology and magic. However, she is orphaned, and is little able to advance her skills in training.
    Brief Description: A ten-year old human girl (although you might not know it by her maturity), Felicity stands at a meager 3"9' and is a scant 46 lbs. She is scrawny, but not unhealthy. Her complexion is fair and smooth, both milky and silky when clean, which it rarely is. She typically wears loose, baggy boy's clothes. She is actually quite strong in spite of her appearance. Her face is lean, thin, and angular, but again, not unhealthy. Her hair, which is usually kept trimmed just above the shoulder, is naturally light brown but is stained nearly black in most places. Her eyes are a gentle amber, which hide a deep warmth.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium

    History: Felicity's parents both died when she was still a baby. The details of how are a mystery from Felicity; she was too young to know and was never told by anyone. She knows only that they died at the same time, and she assumes it was some sort of accident. She was raised in an orphanage until the age of five, where she was adopted by a negligent family. She ran away after a couple of days, where she met a street gang. Not the surly, violent, and illegal sort, but a street family, children, teenagers, and a few adults, each whose story was similar to her own. They banded together to help each other survive. It was there that her gift for mechanics were discovered. She had almost an innate aptitude for understanding a problem and seeing how to solve it. Learning soon that she needed to help support the street gang, she put herself to mechanical repairs. The shop owner, while first skeptical to hire such a young girl, quickly noticed her ability, and, due to her age, cuteness, and possible a chivalry toward her gender, the shop owner became a sort of uncle to her; being himself in no position to raise a child, he would not adopt her. However, his affection for her is genuine, and he wants to see her succeed in life. He provided her a job and an apartment for her to live in. When she was seven, he made her a junior partner, as it were, and gave her a section of the shop that could be hers alone. She had already acquired a fairly loyal clientele, and has since grown it, being known in certain circles as the best repairman (or repairgirl, if I may twist the language) in the whole of the city.
    She is also the owner of several inventions, a few of which she keeps secret to herself, but others which she has sold. She hopes to buy two houses; one for her street family, and one for herself, a place she can truly call home.

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