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    Name: Branwen
    Home: Currently The World of Emporium
    Place of birth: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Titles: Currently has none
    Age: 17
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue.
    Height: 5’10”
    Appearance: Branwen has long dark hair and light blue eyes. She has a slender build that is slightly athletic. Despite being a charge of the Shaaman Cast, she likes to wear adornments such as bracelets and necklace.

    Abilities: Not all of these abilities have manifested themselves.

    Empathy – Branwen is a strong empath, but not in the manner one would expect. Branwen’s empathy extends to animals rather than people. She can communicate with any creature and has the power persuasion over them, often times turning a dangerous animal into their ally. She is so connected to creatures that not only does she feel their pain and suffering, but they feel hers as well.

    Elemental – Branwen’s connection is strongest with Earth, but she can use all elements to her purpose. Her eye’s take on a bluish aura when she uses her elemental powers, the more power she uses the more blue the aura. She often exhibits this aura when she is angry or when she's opening a portal for travel. The portal appears as a vapor or mirage and allows travel between universes in seconds.

    Power Source – Branwen is like a giant mass of energy and can be used to augment or strengthen other's abilities. This ability is both a blessing and a curse.

    Telepathy – Branwen's telepathy is the same as her empathy, it is completely animal based. Branwen has the ability to communicate and understand most species of creatures in the universe.

    Combat – Branwen will eventually be trained to be very proficient with a sword, dagger and bow. She is a quick thinker; light on her feet and a natural leader.

    Personality: Branwen is all heart which often times leads her into trouble. She's intelligent, gentle by nature and very caring. She is a peace keeper and places others above herself to the point of almost martyrdom.

    Family: Unknown

    Brief History: Everything before her life in the Shaaman Cast is unknown. Like Kali she doesn't recall being a slave, her only evidence of that life are the whip marks on her back, another trait she shares with Kali. Although she has loved the time with these people who have taken her in as one of their own, she feels someting is missing, like a piece of her heart or soul has been torn asunder. Until she finds these missing pieces, she cannot find true happiness in her new home.
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    Alain LeCavalier

    Name: Alain Terran LeCavalier
    Titles: High Councilman of Taroc; Alain of Taroc; Guild Master of Taroc; Master of the Predictive and Prophetic Arts; Scourge of the Gods

    Height: Very Tall (6'4")
    Weight: Muscular build
    Age: Ageless; late thirties
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Long black hair (gray at temples) kept back in a ponytail at the base of his skull
    Eyes: Brown with flecks of red
    Markings: A stone arm of magikal constructs. Earned during the Great War of Magik to replace a limb taken from him.

    Major Powers: *Advanced Combat Sense and Predictability - Alain, born a Taroc, was born with the ability to predict and foresee, a skill that surpassed all around him. Perhaps it was this that his Ancestral Spirit saw in him. It went beyond predicting actions through mind reading, reading star charts or the bottoms of tea cups and all that other outside the Province of Taroc consider 'hocus pocus.' Alain can sense the secrets of any battle. These "secrets" take the form of sounds within his mind. They're sounds of various tone and intensity. Each specific sound has a specific meaning and over the years Alain has learned to understand what they all mean. He can read how almost any battle will play out, whether he's involved in the fight or not. But this combat sense tells him nothing if fighting or violence is not involved. If violent intent is not involved (such as in accidents or natural disasters) Alain will hear nothing. To an untrained mind this combat sense might sound like random noise or chaotic music playing over and through their thoughts. Basic meanings will be easy to understand, if someone tries to attack Alain, for example, the sound would be very alarming and let him know something is wrong. This is Alain's most formidable skill.

    *Superhuman Abilities - Strength, speed, endurance and agility. All are gifted to him from his stone arm (left arm). He is resistant to damage, though not actually invulnerable. He can shrug off all but the inhumanly strong punches, while magik can wound him but not as effectively as they would for a mortal man. He heals several times faster than normal and can survive injuries that would normally cripple or kill a human.

    Minor Powers: *Telepathy - Alain is also a talented telepath. He can read minds, communicate mentally and even block most psychic or magikal attacks. It is only due to his year in the Great War that he has the training to defend his mind as well as he can.
    *Teleportation - His body errupts in red fire as it teleports away and appears later in a burst of more red fire. These red flames are intensely warm but don't burn unless Alain wishes them to. Alain is also able to teleport anything he is touching with him, though this is more difficult if there is resistance from the other.

    Brief Description: Alain is an outspoken man, wisened only by the years and experiences he's had, and there have been many. He fought in the Great War of Magik at a very young age after being thrust into a high ranking position. His body has been hardened through battle and intense combat training, both magikal and physical, to the point of being at peak physical condition a man his age. His skin is marred by several scars and markings left over from years spent fighting dozens of hard-fought battles. Though these scars are only minor badges earned over years of fighting and don't distract away from the herculean body, the intense stare, a commanding voice and a presence that has melted the hearts of many remains. Alain has gentled over the years, but there is an intensity, a passion and a fire that burns brightly in him that has yet to meet its match.

    Items of Note: Alain's left arm, from the mid-bicept down, has been replaced by a stone replacement for the arm that was taken from him in the Great War. The arm is made of marble and has lines and curves of gold running over it. The arm moves as naturally as a real arm. It is also completely indestructable. Nothing has been able to harm the limb in any way. This allows Alain to channel great sums of his ancestral magik when striking out with this arm and also gives him something to block almost any attack that is sent at him. Since this is not a flesh and blood arm Alain has no sense of touch through it. Although he does possess some kind of magikal awareness for it, so he knows if it's touching something and can get a sense of what it is touching. If he were holding an egg the arm would let him know what it is and he can judge how delicately he must hold the egg. But the arm can't tell him hot/cold, soft/hard or anything more than basic information that he needs to utilize the arm.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium

    History: Alain has been the head of the Taroc guild for over twenty years. He was chosen at a young, adult age when the previous High Councilman passed and the spirit of the ancestors of Taroc chose him. It was a humbling experience, but what would a young man, barely out of his teens know of humility? He had little chance to earn it. The Great War of Magik between the provinces had started before he was risen to his new title and once he gained the power of his people's past, Alain was thrown into the thick of battle for his province. It was, perhaps for this reason he was chosen by his ancestral spirit. Like many of the High Council Members, Alain has a gift that surpasses all other magik wielders of his age. He was able to advance his natural-bron Taroc talents pertaining to prediction and prophesying and apply them to the battle they were fighting against the other provinces. It was this that often lead the people of Taroc to victory and caused the other provinces, who'd often thought the focus of the Taroc's magik to be a waste of time, to show them the respect they deserved. When the war finally ended, Alain was the one who headed the peace treaties and led the creation of the Magikal Laws and how to effectively and fairly choose a ruler for the Country of Rekōdo.

    It was the beginning of the Second and current Era. After the war, Alain and the other council members helped repair their broken county. Along their way, they heard tales of the war and set about having them recorded for the records in the Central Library. One story he found to be particularly disturbing and went to investigate. It was then that Alain found an eight year old Nalia among the darkness and blood of her family - a gruesome killing that she supposedly committed. Alain picked up the child and hurried her through magikal channels to a place of safety. During his travels, he saw the things from which she cried out in fear. He would not speak of what he saw, but an investigation from the High Council and probing from Darmon of Maginus revealed that the child had tapped into Nightmares of the Nightmare Realm. Despite warning bells in his mind, Alain did not oppose Darmon's taking Nalia under his tutelage.

    Over the years, Alain kept a close eye on Nalia. Her control over he powers impressed him and terrified him as much as her willingness to test the Totems she was retrieving did. He openly supported her move for independence from Darmon when his greed for the magikal Totems she unveiled became all too apparent. They could not risk a second Great War because one powerful man grew hungry for more power than he deserved or needed. Under Alain's suggestion, Nalia was put in charge of the Enchantress Guild for her efforts and abilities to work with the Totems and uncover their secrets. Now free of Darmon's constant vigilance, Alain visited Nalia to work with her in deciphering some of the Totems. His indestructible arm proved useful.

    Over time, their time together blossomed into something wonderful and forbidden. Alain was much older than Nalia but could not resist what a beautiful woman she had grown into. They have maintained a secret affair for many years and go to great lengths to keep their love hidden from the world around them. If it were unveiled, it could disrupt the balance between the provinces and cause unrest. Some might see it as a threat to the treaties they'd agreed upon so many years earlier. Others might stir such sentiments and breed unrest solely for their own personal gain. She is the one thing that matches Alain's passion and fire, but it is the one thing that could ruin them all.
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    The High Council Members of Rekōdo Country

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium

    Attachment 1452

    Titles: Darmon of Maginus, Guild Master of Maginus, High Councilman of Magik, Master of the Dark Arts and the Ancient Arts

    Height: Tall, 5'10"
    Weight: Average build
    Age: Old, Second oldest of the Council (late 50s)
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Silver, long
    Eyes: Blue
    Colors: Black & Dark Blue
    Markings: None visible

    Personality: Ambitious, dark, calculating

    Major Powers: Dark Arts* Specializes in knowledge, use and lore of anything considered to be among the Dark Arts ranging from new-age spells to ancient blood rites and sacrificial rituals.
    Necromancy* Knowledge of Necromancy (use of magik to traffik with the deceased, make deals and steal current family power through bargaining). There is a rumor that Darmon has found a way to do this to living Spirits, such as in an Animal Spirit for the Shamaa.
    Force-Based Magik* Also the leader in Force-Based Magik, where magik is used through spell, seance, incantation, charm/totem, or potion to force people to tell the truth ot to commit acts otherwise against their character.

    Attachment 1453
    More images of Jinai can be found here.

    Titles: Jinai of Da'Jinn, Guild Master of Da'Jinn, High Councilwoman of Magik, Mistress of Fortune and Fate Arts

    Height: Short-Average, 5'5"
    Weight: Slender, athletic build
    Age: Mid-Average, Third oldest of the Council (mid-late forties)
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black, long
    Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
    Colors: Orange & Green
    Markings: None visible

    Personality: Superior, proud, suspicious

    Major Powers: Manipulation of Fate* Can give, warp and manipulate wishes and fate through the Genie Arts, though is not dependent on the presence of a genie to do so.
    Summoner* Can summon powerful Jinns and Efreets (genies/spirits of air and fire). Earthen and water-based Jinn exist, though they are harder to summon in the desert terrain. They are difficult to deal with if you are not a Da'Jinn.
    Master* Can master the powers and gain control of any Jinn created.
    KeyMaster* Throughout the centuries, her people have been nomads, traveling through physical pathways used by their ancestors as well as magikal ones. Jinai has the ability to find, seek, hide or create doorways and magikal highways. She has profound knowledge given to her by her ancestral spirit on these doorways and claims they they extend beyond the desert and even beyond the provinces of Rekōdo.

    Attachment 1454 Attachment 1455
    Herotus and Adaya

    Titles: Herotus of Astral, Guild Master of Astral, High Councilman of Magik, Master of the Impossible Arts / Adaya of Astral, Guild Mistress of Astral, Mistress of the Tantric Arts

    Height: Average, 5'8" / 5'7"
    Weight: Slender / Slender
    Age: Average, Fourth oldest of the Council (early-mid thirties)
    Gender: Male/ Female
    Hair: Long Blond / Long Amber
    Eyes: Brown
    Colors: Purple & Yellow
    Markings: None visible

    Personality: Mischievous, Self-centered, Seductive

    Major Powers: Astral Projections* Herotus and Adaya have the ability to project the soul or an image of the soul outside the body that can move unimpeded by the physical world. They have a spectacular intelligence for geometry, physics and major sciences that make this possible.
    Holographic Projections/Illusions* Herotus and Adaya have the ability to project entire scenarios into people's minds. The stronger-willed the person, the more difficult this is. They are masters at making impossible, possible.
    Tantric Arts* Adaya especially has mastered the Tantric Arts, the power to use the body and mind to create a response, outcome, or effect in others. Some call it 'seduction' but the core of the art runs much deeper on a soulful level. Adaya has developed tantric spells, potions, perfume and musiks (not to be confused with the ordinary 'music') to suit her wants and desires.

    Attachment 1456

    Titles: Mindoka of Shamaa, Guild Master of Shamaa, High Councilman of Magik, Master of the Natural and Spiritual Arts

    Height: Tall, 6'0"
    Weight: Muscular build
    Age: Old, Oldest of the Council (though through his meditative arts, he appears younger then Darmon - much to his dismay) (early 60s)
    Gender: Male
    Hair: None, gray and black goatee
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Colors: Brown & Blue
    Markings: Spiritual tattoos all along his body

    Personality: Quiet, Wise, Protective

    Major Powers: Animism* The belief that every living thing (people, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, etc.) has a soul or spirit that can be summoned to guide help, protect or gather information. This excludes man-made things. Only the Shamaa can call upon these spirits and the more powerful the Shamaa, the greater the spirits they can summon.
    Dream Sight* Sometimes refered to as the 'Spirit World' or "Dream World,' Mindoka has the ability to walk among these otherworlds where the spirits dwell. Wolves, especially, roam the Dream World of men, and it is said that it is where they go when they die. A high-ranking Shamaa such as Mindoka can enter this world freely while asleep or awake for vast amounts of time without the use of a Totem.
    Animorphism* Every being of Rekōdo has an Animal Spirit within, a creature that symbolizes the characteristics of their soul. This spirit may be called upon to guide them personally and commune with them. Some can even take a semi-solid form akin to a Familiar or Patronus. The Shamaa can even take the form or appearance of their spirit guide as well as project them.
    Herbology Master* Mindoka knows the use of every plant in Rekōdo and can use them alone or in combination to create potions, wards and charms that rival the strongest magiks.
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    Name:George Jefferson Cloney, also known as: Qwaring's Clone #1

    Titles: The Clone God of Out of Continuity Stuff

    Major Powers: Cloney has two major abilities.
    The first is a dumb-luck power, which protects him from mortal harm. He can be attacked and injured, but any attempt to kill him will be blocked or deflected by random happenstance or an improbably series of events. It will always seem as if Cloney has survived any deadly situation or attack by mere chance, but it is always his dumb-luck that is constantly saving him.
    The second power is Cloney's ability to take advantage of the fact that he exists as a comicbook character. To Cloney, reality is a series of comicbook panels that he can jump between as easily as others jump between rooms. He can exit through the "fourth wall", which only he can sense. Once "off-panel" he enters into a void where all of the panels that make up the entire past, present and future of every world and reality of the multiversal continuum exists. Everything and everywhere that ever was, is and will be floats in an infinite sea of comicbook panels that are arranged seemingly at random in this void (even though the occupants of these realities, and the readers outside of these realities will see them as happening in a specific order). Cloney is able to leap and run through this void, and across the sea of panels, in order to travel from one point in the enitre multiverse to another point. Cloney can travel to almost any point in time, space and reality. Although the randomness of the sea of panels and Cloney's own idiocy often makes this method of travel unreliable and he will usually get lost.

    Minor Powers: Cloney is an energy being. His body is made up of an energy field that is organized into a solid matrix that is meant to mimic human biology. The nature of his physical being is reliant on his own mind, which means that he is only as vulnerable or limited as he believes himself. Cloney has normal physical attributes (speed, strength and agility). But he has no need to eat, drink or breath in order to survive, though he does eat and drink a lot becaus he thinks he needs to and enjoys dong so. He is immune to poisons, radiation, toxins, viruses and other dangers to humans, unless he believes they are hazardous to him (in which case he will respond to them in some idiotic way).

    Items of Note: Cloney wears a pair of cool looking sunglasses that he stole from a highly advanced civilization. Any technological features the sunglesses may possess have long since been damaged and rendered useless by the Cloney's hijinx.
    He also owns a pair of fuzzy dice, a little plastic dashboard Altwaal and an audio cassetee that's labaled 'Cloney's Mix Tape', which probably holds some totally awesome tunes.
    Cloney also carries a map that he uses on his travels across the multiversal continuum. It's really a cobbled together collection of papers, held together by tape, staples, clips and glue. The mosaic of papers are seemingly random and will look like garbage or nonsense to everyone that sees them. The map is made up of mall maps, kids place maps from diners, old calendars, comic strips, food packages, furniture assembly instructions, cross word puzzles, coloring book mazes and a partial map of Dollywood. Somehow, in some insane way, this map actually makes sense to Cloney and matches how he sees reality and the void he travels across. On a good day he just might be able to navigate his way across the infinite stetches of reality, but on most days he's able to read the map well enough to realize he's once again lost.

    Brief Description: Cloney is orange. His skin, hair, teeth, tongue and everything are various shades of orange. He also glows. His hair is often a wild, waving mess that sticks up and out oddly. His unmuscular frame is of average height and only a pinch above average weight, due to Cloney unconsciously realizing that his binge eating should show in some small way.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Currently on Emporium

    History: In another universe, or possibly another time, there was a minor godling known as Qwaring. Qwaring was a brilliant inventor that sought to find a way to attain more power and true godhood. He discovered a way of extracting all of his weaknesses using machines. The process tore free some of his own energy and every trait that he believed held him back from perfection. This imperfect energy formed a stable energy matrix, which soon took shape as the energy being known as George Jefferson Cloney.

    Cloney was born a greedy, alcoholic, woman-chasing, lazy, dellusional, kleptomaniacal, gluttonous, dim-witted, cowardly, idiot. There was also something else that was a part of the energy that makes up his physical form, a trans-universal fluctuation that somehow lets him slip out of reality, and into a void where everywhere and everywhen in the multiverse is accessable. With the ability to travel anywhere Cloney escaped from Qwaring and began a life of misadventures and troublemaking on a multiversal scale. He soon gained godhood of his own, which granted him his dumb-luck based immortality.

    Cloney has spent countless aeons travelling through all times and points within reality, annoying others and causing trouble. Though he doesn't intentionally seek out trouble, his own faults and knack for idiocy always seems to lead him down that path.

    Eventually, while locked in combat with an old enemy, Cloney fell onto the world of Emporium. The enemy was slain by a falling DeLorean.

    Cloney is left to explore this new world with the only friend he currently has in this universe, a poodle of mystery called Scraps.

    Also, at some point Cloney owned a planet and had a dog faced son called Jack. That's not important in any way, but he sometimes mentions these things.

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    Name: Tamarah
    Title: The Triune Lady

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7" (1.7m)
    Weight: Slight frame and build
    Age: Appears to be in mid-20's. Her exact age is unknown.
    Hair: Long, reddish-orange
    Eyes: Hazel

    Personality: Tamarah tends to be quiet. She is friendly, but fairly reserved. She is intelligent, and despite her reservations, she can be very inquisitive.

    Item of Note:

    - Infinity Chain: This is a silver chain necklace with a platinum infinity symbol pendant on it. The pendant has numerous small sapphires on the face. It cannot be removed, not even by Tamarah herself. Only in death can it be removed, and it is extremely difficult for her to die. The Infinity Chain is the storehouse for all Tamarah's powers, and what causes her to change forms. Each form has a unique name, derived from her name. The personality of each form is part of Tamarah's own personality that has been amplified by the Infinity Chain. Appearance is altered slightly and wings are grown with each form. Some powers are shared, others vary depending on which form is taken. While the personalities are distinct, they aren't true multiple personalities. Tamarah and her forms are always aware of each other and actions undertaken. She is able to take any form at will, but often refuses to do so. The changing of the forms then becomes a subconscious action. If she takes a form of her own will, she can usually change back on her own with very little effort. If her subconscious forces the change, it is harder for her to revert. Once she has changed into a form, she has to remain that form for at least an hour before she can or will return to her normal form. She cannot go from one altered form to another without first returning to her normal form and waiting at least an hour before changing again.

    - Translocation Gyroscope: This bronze gyroscope is the size of a pool ball. She carries it with her everywhere she goes. When spun quickly and randomly, it transports her to a new location anywhere in the universe. The direction facing, the speed of the spin, and the amount of time it spins, determines how far she travels. If she can envision a destination, she can use her telepathy and telekinesis to spin the gyroscope so that she arrives at her chosen destination. If she does not, her destination will be random, but will never be environmentally dangerous (no poisonous atmospheres, water, solid objects), but could still be physically dangerous (middle of a war, for example).

    Shared Powers: These powers are shared among all her forms.

    - Regeneration: She is able to rapidly heal from any wound sustained, even to the point of regrowing lost limbs. Her regeneration has effectively stopped her aging process and keeps her looking as if she's in her mid-20's. This regeneration ability also makes it extremely hard for her to be killed.

    - Telepathy: She is able to communicate telepathically with others. She can read surface thoughts of others whose minds are not protected. This also gives her additional empathic "feelings" even from those whose minds are blocked to her.

    - Telekinesis: She is able to move things up to 200lbs with her mind. She can use this ability to slow and stop a fall or to levitate. When she is in a form that has wings, she can use the telekinesis with the wings to give her the ability of flight.

    - Sixth-Sense: She has a sort of sixth-sense that allows her to sense when something is going to happen. This allows her to better avoid danger and makes it extremely difficult for someone to sneak up on her.

    Altered Form 1:


    Name: Tamarah-Sela
    Title: Lady of Order
    Hair: Long, Golden Blonde
    Eyes: Crystal Blue
    Wings: Large pure white feathered wings
    Appearance of Infinity Chain Pendant: The jewels on the pendant are diamonds instead of sapphires.

    Personality: Tamara-Sela is honest to a fault. She does not hesitate to say what is on her mind, and often states things bluntly. She is extremely compassionate, and will go out of her way to help someone, especially someone wounded.

    When Appears: This form will often appear when a lot of people need assistance, especially healing.

    Additional Power:

    - Healing: She is able to give another temporary regenerative abilities. This only affects wounds that she is healing, not new wounds. It can reverse disease, but not stop the aging process.

    Altered Form 2:


    Name: Tamarah-Nex
    Title: Lady of Chaos
    Hair: Long, Raven Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Wings: Black raven-like wings.
    Appearance of Infinity Chain Pendant: The jewels on the pendant are rubies instead of sapphires.

    Personality: Tamara-Nex is deceitful and manipulative. Everything is done with herself in mind. If someone else is benefited, it is only because it benefited her first.

    When Appears: This form will often appear in times of great stress, fear, or personal danger.

    Additional Power:

    - Probability Sense: This ability allows her to see the outcomes of many actions and chain of events with amazing accuracy. She can then use what she learns to affect the outcome of events. She often uses this to add chaos or to force things into her favor.

    Altered Form 3:


    Name: Tamarah-Oni
    Title: Lady of Balance
    Hair: Long, Light Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Wings: Large multi-colored feathered wings.
    Appearance of Infinity Chain Pendant: The jewels on the pendant are emeralds instead of sapphires.

    Personality: Tamara-Oni is calm and rational. She is often the mediator in disagreements, trying to find the balance between the parties.

    When Appears: This form will often appear when Tamarah is caught in the middle of opposing forces, such as a heated argument.

    Additional Power:

    - Telepathic Manipulation: With this power, Tamarah is able to use her telepathy to manipulate control of another. She doesn't actually control another person, instead, she plants suggestions in the other person's mind that they are compelled to follow. If the manipulation is in line with a subject's personality, they may not realize they are being manipulated. The more that it deviates from their personality, the more chance they have to realize they are manipulated, even though they cannot stop the manipulation from occurring. She generally uses this power to calm others and restore balance.
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    Tamara's History:

    Tamarah was born human. She lived on a world of humans with human parents. She went to school, lived, and loved. She had what one would call a normal human life. She went to college to study archeology and anthropology, in which she excelled at both. In her world, she became well known for her studies and discoveries. She married a linguist and anthropologist that worked with her, and lived happily with him. They had no children but still, they were happy.

    Tamarah was in her early 50's when she unearthed a storehouse that would change her life forever. They found, buried in a remote location, a tomb of some unknown person. There was never any record of any kind of historical civilization where it was discovered. The writings on the wall were unlike anything either she or her husband had ever seen before. They were both excited at the find, and could not wait to see all that was unearthed.

    When they found the body in the sarcophagus, they were both incredibly surprised at what they found. They expected to find either bones or mummified remains. Instead, they found the body of a woman that hadn't decomposed at all. Around her neck was the Infinity Chain. It was clear that this woman was dead, but neither Tamarah nor her husband could explain why the body was in such good shape.

    They brought the body back to their lab at the university to study her more. Once there, they carefully removed her clothing so they could do a proper autopsy. The autopsy was just as surprising to them, as all the woman's organs appeared to be in perfect condition. There appeared to be no reason for this woman to have been dead.

    That night, Tamarah's life would change forever. Tamarah was examining the Infinity Chain, noting how it was in perfect condition, just as the body was. Not tarnished in the least, as one would expect. During the course of her examination, she was overcome with a girlish whim, and decided to try the necklace on, to see how it would look. She wasn't going to keep it, but seeing what she looked like wearing it wasn't a crime, was it?

    Tamarah's body and mind was suddenly flooded with pain and she passed out. She didn't know how long she was out, but when she woke up, she was back in the autopsy room. The university looked like it had suffered a fire, and her clothes were singed and falling off. Her skin, though, was smooth and pure. In her confused state, the local police stormed into the room, arresting her.

    The next hours were a blur. No one believed she was who she claimed to be, despite the fingerprint evidence. She was no longer a woman in her 50's, but looked as she did when she was in her 20's. She was apparently the one who burnt down the university, but no one could determine exactly why or how. The body she and her husband had recovered had mysteriously vanished, and many had died, including her husband. Many more had been injured, yet she escaped without so much as a scratch.

    They didn't have enough evidence to keep her, so eventually she was released. It was then that she discovered she could not remove the Infinity Chain, no matter what she did. She wondered if it was somehow responsible for all that had happened. She knew she needed to go back to the excavation site to learn more. After taking care of the funeral arrangements for her husband, she returned to the excavation site. She needed to find something, anything, that would tell her more about the Infinity Chain. With her husband dead, she didn't have a linguist to help her decipher the engravings in the tomb, but that didn't stop her from searching.

    She worked long hours, finding little need to stop to eat or sleep. She did both, though, out of habit more than anything. Eventually, she found a bronze gyroscope. She held it in her hand and spun the top in frustration. The room faded and blurred. Panicked, she reached out to stop the spinning. The world came back into focus, but she had no idea where she was. The landscape was unlike anything she had ever encountered before. Even the stars in the night sky were unlike any she had seen before.

    Tamarah was scared and she was confused. This fear allowed the form of Tamarah-Nex to manifest. This time, though, she did not black out. It was like her mind expanding and her personality altering. She could see things she had never seen before, and it felt wonderful. She was in control, she was powerful, and she could control the forces around her. It was a power rush unlike anything she had ever felt before. Along with it, though, came a cruelty uncommon to Tamarah, but one she found herself enjoying.

    As she returned to her normal form, and realized the chaos she had caused, she wondered if she had been cursed. She remembered a city where she left many injured in her wake and returned in her normal appearance to see how she could help. While there, her compassion took over, and the form of Tamarah-Sela appeared. Unlike that of Tamarah-Nex, her compassion grew along with her healing abilities. She used her new found healing abilities to help those who had been injured by Tamarah-Nex. The people thought Tamarah-Nex was a demon, and Tamarah-Sela was an angel, in part because of their appearance, in part because of their actions.

    Tamarah didn't want to risk others getting hurt, so she retreated into seclusion to discover more about her forms. It was in the seclusion that she discovered the third form of Tamarah-Oni. She spent countless years learning how to control her powers and call upon the forms if needed. Tamarah-Nex scared her, but still she knew she had to control her just as much as she had to control the others.

    Finally, the day came that she wanted to return home. She hadn't been keeping track of time, and had no idea how many years she had been gone. She didn't even know if she could get back home. She decided that the Gyroscope was what brought her to this world, that it could be the way she could get back home as well. Using her new found powers and the Gyroscope, she transported herself back to the sarcophagus room in the tomb.

    She was overjoyed to find that she had returned. As expected, the place had been pretty much cleared out by other archaeologists, but there was no doubt she was home. She wondered if she could use the Gyroscope to get her to the University, but thought better of it. She didn't want to suddenly appear and have to explain how she got there. Instead, she walked out of the excavation site to hopefully find more traditional transportation.

    That was when the next shock came. The nearby village was in ruins, long ago abandoned. Skeletons were strewn about making it clear that many, if not all, of the villagers had been killed. That village wasn't alone in the death and destruction. It didn't take long for her to discover what was behind it all. She soon found herself face-to-face with the woman that she once believed to be dead. The woman demanded the return of the Infinity Chain and Translocation Gyroscope, and backed up her threats with powerful magics.

    Tamarah-Nex emerged to help fight against the powerful woman, using the probabilities to aid in the fight. It eventually ended with Tamarah-Nex using the Gyroscope to escape to some unknown location. When Tamarah returned to herself, she knew that she could never return home again. So, she began to travel the universe, using the Gyroscope to send her to new and unique places. If she was destined to be an outcast, she felt she might as well learn from the experience.

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    Here is my character.


    God of Magical Energy

    Height: Natural State: 5'10"
    Weight: 0 lbs, thin buid (looks about 165 lbs)
    Age: 1 Day old

    Appearance: Humanoid, Androgynous (His persona is male), his skin is composed of black energy, which absorbs all light. It can be touched and interacted with safely, but it does not reflect light of any kind.

    Abilities: He is a being comprised of Magic. He is completely resistant to hot/cold (he also cannot tell if things are hot/cold), Does not need oxygen to survive (light is sufficient to keep him healthy). He does not feel the effects of gravity, and he is inertia-less. He can choose to let light go through him if he has absorbed enough, and can store almost limitless amounts of it with no apparent physical changes.

    Even though he is a being of pure magic, he cannot generate magic, and therefore emanates no power. He does have the ability to control the magical energy around him using instinct and will, rather than structure and incantations. As he learns to control this energy he will be able to augment himself to godlike levels.

    His natural form has no superior physical abilities of any kind. With magical augmentation, he could be capabale of anything, however.

    World: He lives on a gas giant named Pillion, which is a blue/green, gaseous planet in distant orbit around a green star named Halla. Visitors need to remember the crushing gravity and poisonous atmosphere before attempting to visit. Bossus will eventually adjust the world magically, more to the suiting of visitors, after the first 2-3 die under their own weight and lack of oxygen (which he will not understand, so someone will probably have to explain it to him).
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    Ok, here's my character, to be honest I'm not sure how well it works. Let me know if something needs changing or doesn't make sense or work.

    Warrior within.jpg

    Name: Maohk Mottahko AKA Shikoba Tamaya (Before Mottahko)

    Titles: The Guardian, Previously the Wind God

    Major Powers: Control over wind, can summon anything from a breeze to a tempest or tornado

    Minor Powers: Shapeshift into flock of ravens, blinding quickness

    Items of Note: Enchanted staff, two long gently curving black knives. He also carries a gold amulet, the function of which is a mystery to him. All he know's is it's magical.

    Brief Description :5'10 184lbs Male. Appears to be in his mid twenties. He is well built and strong of stature. While not thick or heavyset his body is extremely well honed. He has long black hair that fall's to the middle of his back. His skin is light and creamy, and his eyes are a brilliant emerald green that seem to shine of their own accord. Over his eyes are two black stripes tattoed on. He wears a long gray cloak with a hood that he keeps pulled up except when in battle.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium

    History: Mottahko used to be known as Shikoba Tamaya, God of the Winds. However something happened to him, something even he has forgotten. For a long time he wandered about the world. This is when he met The Watcher, an ancient, genderless God-Thing that does not all the way exsist on the normal plane. It's motives are unfathomable, and it only seems intent on keeping intruders out of its enchanted abode, the Twilight Forest. The Watcher promised him release from his torment in return for service. Shikoba agreed, and was given the title of The Guardian, and his name changed to Maohk Mottahko. Since then The Watcher has worked it's slow insidious magik over Mottahko. Mottahko slept for centuries before awaking for a decade to train. In all his years as The Guardian he has never been bested in combat defending the wood. He asks not what he's guarding, and in return his memories have slowly been erased. He only has brief glimpses of his life before hand. This exsistence has gone on for thousands of years now. He is only woken to train, or two slay those who enter the Twilight Forest. Mottahko only know's of his power over the wind, and his ability to shift into a flock of ravens at will. He is also incredibly swift, though it's a power he must tap into. Mottahko rarely speaks, and when he does his voice is flat and seems to be coming from a long distance, yet is right next to you. However something has disturbed this equilibrium, The Watcher has learned something, and soon plans to send Mottahko from his home.
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    ((Looks good to me. You might want to post a link to this in the OOC thread if you haven't done so already, so others can see it and comment there. ))

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    Name: Bree
    Titles: None
    Major Powers: None
    Minor Powers: None
    Brief Description: Bree is about 5'3 with long black hair that she wears up. She has blue grey eyes and slim figure. She wears white because that's the clothing of a priestess.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Planet Nero
    History: Bree is a new priestess in the temple located in Pagos. She used to date Nevek but they broke up when she decided to become a priestess. She still cares about him but decided to dedicate her life to understanding the will of the gods. Although once the fires started in Pagos, what the temple thought they knew about the gods was probably wrong. Bree is a normal human with no magical abilities.

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