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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowseldil View Post
    Dark? Already?
    ((My fault. I had no idea what time of day it was and asked everyone on the general OOC thread. They decided it was night based on what was going on in various posts.))

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    ((I mentioned it was night when Emit observed the city life at night. I must not have seen your bit about Felicity being up earlier than usual. Emit's not good with time, see... he's been on the run for a day or so. I blame him. I think M has his characters set at night too. And when I read "scrawl" I thought of writing. Sorry! >_>; ))
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    It was like time stood still just before the world imploded. The iron scent filled her nostrils and dilated her pupils. Her heart beat with excitement as Nalia’s beat with fear. Kali never realized that her talon had pierced the soft skin on Nalia’s hand; even the warm fluid that flowed between their clasped hands was muted by the intoxicating call of the darkness.

    Kali’s breathing became erratic and rapid. Her red eyes searched the darkness, the hideous screams promising a welcoming embrace of death. A death that was irresistible, one she could not refuse lest she be left an empty shell forever.

    There was a sound, faint, desperate, trying to reach her. Then she felt Nalia brush against her wings and scream her name over and over. It was in that instant she woke and began to run, just before the world around her imploded.

    The light was blinding and it burned deep within. Kali bit her tongue to keep from crying out. She couldn’t ever remember feeling such pain as if her body was tearing itself apart, like it was at war. She bled from her eyes, nose and mouth, her blood boiled like hot water and burned like acid. Then Nalia’s gentle but urgent whisper reached her ears.

    She nodded her head, holding onto Nalia’s hand tightly and ran for the beacon of light that shown with the intensity of the sun. They exploded from the darkness into a private room away from the Darmon and the others. She released Nalia's hand, only then noticing the blood. With red eyes, her dark pupils looked from the bloody talon to Nalia's hand.

    She hung her head in shame. She could have killed them both, and...the child. What was wrong with her? Kali shook slightly, feeling nauseated by the blast of light, her skin was ashen and her blood still boiled while her stomach churned.

    "I...I'm so sorry Nalia."

    The darkness still lingered thick within her features. Evidence of her failure, twitched in a leathery wing as it folded upon itself and rested against her back. Streaks of blood and sweat mingled as they traced a trail down her face. As intoxicating as that had been, the seduction had almost cost them dearly and...it had been very painful. Kali did not want to repeat that experience anytime soon.

    They would definitely need a moment to collect themselves before confronting Darmon. Kali wasn't sure if she was strong enough to hide the evidence of her screw up.

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    (((Well, he is the first of time. Maybe...
    Anyway, the timeline I have is Felicity wakes up at 5:00, fixes up the carriage until 7:00, give or take, walks around for maybe an hour, comes back to the shop for parts about 8:00, meets Felicity and Emit. They could have been out for a while, maybe half and hour, so give it until 10:00 until they get to Felicities apartment. Another hour for fixing up the hopper pack would make it around 11:00, and add an hour for leeway, it could be noonish. But hey, whatever, it can be night, and we'll just blame it on Emit's powers.
    And you had it right about "scrawled," I was simply clarifying for future reference, in case she does it and I forget to explain it.)))
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    Every season brought change to the world of Emporium. Every night brought a new song from the spirits around them, every dream opened his eyes to things of the past, present or future to come. Here, in Siochana, the greatest city of the Shamaa, Mindoka looked out and reflected upon the land. The waters of their precious lakes stretched out on all side, leaving a fertile swath of land in all directions. The edge of the Hundred Year Plains stretched out beyond to the north and west and well into the land of their neighbors, the Taroc. They had become, under Alain, an important ally in peace. He remembered when Alain had first become the Master of the Taroc. He had inherited the privilege during the beginning of the Great War more than twenty years ago. He was brash, confident, young, powerful, but his work to make peace in the ends of the war had tempered him somewhat. In his age, he had gentled some, but there was always a fiery glow about his spirit that intrigued Mindoka. They had become good friends, as much as neighbors could be.

    The building at Siochana was made of natural elements, of tall trees with trunks that took many dozen hands to get around that grew together to make their lodging. The branches twisted together to form paths and rooms, refortified with materials built by the Shamaa. It was, in the simplest of forms, a glorified treehouse that stuck up from the land naturally and proudly. Around the city of Siochana was very little in the way of a city. The Shamaa were at home in their natural landscape and moved with the seasons. Some set up more stable homes and made villages and towns, but many stuck to their native traditions.

    Mindoka was watching the night sky unfold before him. He sat on cushions, facing a balcony of sanded wood that opened out to the lakes and plains. His traditional, tribal mask was on a decorative pole beside him and he was dressed in the light skins of native clothes. He sat with his hands palms up, his legs crossed in deep meditation when Branwen appeared. A small sound, like that of wind chimes heralded her arrival as it would anyone who entered their home magikally.

    "Welcome home from your long vigil, little Swan" he said without turning or opening his eyes.

    She asked him for forgiveness, but she rarely ever needed that from him. He did not move from his meditation, but remained as he was. He already had an idea of what she would say. The spirits already spoke to him on the winds and through meditation, but he welcomed her eagerness to be of aid. If he had not been there when she first arrived on Emporium, he would have sworn she'd been raised a Shamaa her whole life. Around his head and body, ethereal spirits of animals hopped to and fro, bouncing and leaping and flying, relaying all tat they saw.

    "Speak your news. I will listen."

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    ((I wonder which goddess Cloney was dreaming of...))

    Charold of Maginus

    One of the men regarded the poodle with dismay and pointed a gauntlet-clad hand at the small, yappy mammal. The fingertips of the silver hand crackled with a lightning-like substance. A warning for a warning. Then the warning hand was soon dropped as the Princess came out and grabbed the poodle. She clung to the dog and held it tightly to her chest. But there was something wrong with the Princess. A great many things wrong. For one, she was orange and wearing city-style men's formal wear. She was also a he- so Charold thought- and... glowing? When the Clone-Princess spoke, the men on horseback fell into silence. Then the same man of Maginus who'd spoken earlier tried his luck again.

    "Master Charold... Are you sure this is the Princess Pasce?" he muttered under his breath. Charold regarded the tuxedo-laden being for a moment.

    "No one has ever seen the Princess until the coronation. I was not present. Only the High Council and the High Chronicler had the privilege."

    He had not thought to ask Darmong for a description of the girl before leaving, as they had to leave in haste before the trail went cold.

    "She has all the powers of the Ancestors within her... It could be a ruse to test us and see if we mean her harm. She may have been transformed by the massive power she contains. No one is meant to hold that much power. No one person. In either case, Darmon is monitoring the channels... We will complete our mission here before returning to Maginus."

    He motioned and all the men dismounted. Two went out on watch, standing among the tall grasses using both magik and eye to guard the encampment. Charold sat along with the remaining four men by the campfire. Charold was a thin man, tall with gaunt features earned from a lifetime of hard work and magikal study. He had been Darmon's second-in-command for many, many years and was well versed in Darmon's expectations. All that the princess spoke of could be inner-city lingo picked up at the schools she attended, or through browsing the little provincial districts of Rekōdo. She... he... it... was smiling and posed no threat, which Charold took as a good sign.

    "Tell us, Princess, how did you come to be in Shamaa? And who is this... Garth Brooks you mention?"

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    Emit and Pasce
    Attachment 688

    Emit watched Felicity handle the simple stone Totem and smiled.

    "Do not be. I would not know anything of your mechanical talents."

    Gently, he took the ring back and placed it back on the chain that was about his neck. His face reflected something much more serious when he regarded her again.

    "It can be if you do not know your way. I will be by your side and guide you through. I will protect you, but I do not think we should have anything to fear. It will be just as our waking world is, but with no people. Only the few with Totems or who enter on accident will be there, and there's a whole world for them to appear in. They could be anywhere."

    Emit found a clear spot on the carpet and laid himself down. He wouldn't dare take anything to help him fall asleep. He needed to be able to awaken as needed. Pills and herb mixtures, even some magik could reduce ones ability of control. A dangerous thing, even in a world of Dreams. Emit made sure the cold ring of stone touched his bare chest. His blue-gray eyes looked tiredly up at Felicity.

    "I only have one Totem, so you will have to hold my hand to maintain a connection. If you want or need to leave the Dream World, you only need to let go and you will wake up. I won't be far behind you."

    He would not force the issue. If she'd rather stand guard while he slept, he would entrust that to her. If she wanted to come, she but only had to touch his hand. Emit put his arm behind his head as a pillow and closed his eyes. He left his one hand free, laying on the ground for her if she chose it. He was already well on the way to much needed sleep.

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    They spilled out from the shadows of a table and into a private parlor. Nalia tumbled across the large, embroidered rug and lay still. Her arms shook as she lifted herself from the floor. Blood pooled on the ground from her impaled hand as she desperately unwrapped the blindfold from the other. She blinked and gaped and the sudden brightness of the room made her head reel. She vomited. Her stomach heaved violently, emptying its contents upon the beautiful tapestry of the rug over and over until there was nothing left to empty. Nalia was silent, shuddering as she coughed and found something with which to wipe her mouth. Only when she was ready did she slump back to sitting and look at Kali.

    "The fault was mine" she said in a painfully soft voice. She began to wrap her hand in the shawl she's used to blind her eyes.

    "It was unfair of me to ask so much of you without telling you-"

    She stopped and for a long moment, nothing but the crackle of hearth and magikal torchlight filled the empty, soundless space between them. She was unable to stand, under-confident that her legs would be able to hold her weight, however slight that was. The firelight reflected of Nalia's pale, ivory face. There were faint hints of freckles from her youth, all but gone against her dark-haired beauty. The way her large eyes looked at Kali, caught in the light of the fire, almost made her look exotic were it not for how sick she looked. Nalia looked down a moment and closed her eyes to collect herself and her thoughts. When she looked up again, a very different look crossed her face. Something haunted.

    "I will be fine. What you saw... Is always there. Always in the shadows when I walk. I am... tainted."

    Impure. Cursed. Damned.

    "When I had my magik, I could deny them. Fight them. Almost as if I could keep them sealed behind a glass wall. I have no control over them now. I have no way to fight them."

    But there was that light... Nalia looked down at her unwrapped hand. Then up at Kali. It was then she saw the darkness in her and all thoughts of the light in the void vanished. Immediately, Nalia moved to get up and cringed, visibly so. She did not dare cry out. She would not dare, but she did slide herself across the carpet to sit before Kali. In the same gentleness as before, Nalia touched her face tenderly. This time, she was perfectly aware that she was doing it as she brought her cloak up to wipe Kali's face.

    "I will be fine. We are fine" she said again, uneasily. Her hand trembled as she wiped away the sweat and blood. She gave her digits a quick glance, wishing they wouldn't and then refocused on Kali.

    "Are you hurt?" she asked softly, switching the subject from herself to her pupil.

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    Felicity listened intently, and watched as Emit lay his head back. "Would you like a pillow or something?" she asked, but he was beyond her words. "Wow, that thing works fast. Well, I should at least get him a blanket."
    She went back into her room and pulled a thin blanket from her spare set. She then grabbed a pillow for herself and her lavender plush fox, whom she called "Vixie" and headed back into what could only be called a living room. Once there, she spread the blanked over Emit carefully, making sure that she avoided the greasy gears and oily bits she had scattered about the floor. She would hate to stain her nice blanket. It would look very nice on her fourposter bed in the master bedroom of her house. Someday.
    She then lay down next to him. It was sort of like having a big brother, although none of her street brothers ever took naps with her. She lay her head on the pillow, cuddled Vixie under one arm, and wondered if Vixie would be in the dream world too. How nice it would be if she was a real pet. Maybe she could craft out an animation spell into one of her spare crystals. Oh, what fun that would be if it worked!
    She shook her head. Focus on the princess right now, Felicity, she thought to herself. She yawned; getting up early had made her quite sleepy. She looked at Emit's hand, took a deep breath, and placed her hand into his. The world around her quickly became the blackness of sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilntAngl5 View Post
    ((I wonder which goddess Cloney was dreaming of...))
    ((I don't know. The one with a talking golf cart? I'm open to any suggestions.))

    Quote Originally Posted by SilntAngl5 View Post
    He motioned and all the men dismounted. Two went out on watch, standing among the tall grasses using both magik and eye to guard the encampment. Charold sat along with the remaining four men by the campfire. Charold was a thin man, tall with gaunt features earned from a lifetime of hard work and magikal study. He had been Darmon's second-in-command for many, many years and was well versed in Darmon's expectations. All that the princess spoke of could be inner-city lingo picked up at the schools she attended, or through browsing the little provincial districts of Rekōdo. She... he... it... was smiling and posed no threat, which Charold took as a good sign.

    "Tell us, Princess, how did you come to be in Shamaa? And who is this... Garth Brooks you mention?"

    The clone watches the various men dismount from their horses and move about the crude campsite. Charold's words tugs on the orange man's wandering attention. As Cloney sits down beside the fire, with a wary Scraps still in his arms, he replies to the hooded man.

    "To be in Shamy? Is that what this place is called? Huh. I guess that fits. Scraps and I have found the ground to be suprisingly absorbant. Once again the infomercials have told the truth about the wonders of Shamyland. I can't wait to wash my car here. Maybe you guys can get some of the blown-up out of it." Cloney pauses in his happy ramblings in order to reach into the pocket inside of his tuxedo jacket. He clicks his tongue curiously while digging inside of his garment for a momentary quest. Eventually he plucks a single marshmellow out of his pocket and holds it up to smile at.

    "So, how's the cosplaying been going today, bro? Seen any Boba Fett's?", the clone continues as he stabs the marshmellow with the end of a wooden stick. He then holds the stick out so that the marshmellow is held over the dim campfire. "I once got in a fight with a dude dressed up like Boba Fett while I was lost in a museum. Yeah, that was when Juno, Ruri and me were looking for Qwaring that one time. Turns out I won the fight, because the Fett guy got hit by a sky couch."

    Cloney pulls the marshmellow away from the dying fire and inspects the unheated white puff. With a ponderous 'Hmmm' sound he holds the marshmellow back over the fire.

    "Yeah, you've gotta watch out for those sky couches. They're sneaky suckers.", the orange clone continues. He reaches his other hand back inside of his jacket and pulls out his metal flask. With his teeth he opens the flask. The orange man then pours some of his unnatural liquor onto the dim campfire. The moment his unearthly drink touches the embers it causes a burst of fire that rivals the mightiest of solar flares. The gathering around the campfire is treated to a blinding column of flame that reaches up to claw at the sky above like some angry, drunk demon of pure blazing hellfire. The fiery burst only lasts an instant before dying down to a strong, crackling campfire that easily lights the simple campsite and those gathered there.

    As if uneffected by the incredible burst of fire, Cloney puts his flask back inside of his jacket and continues talking as he inspects the charred stick that is missing the now vaporized marshmellow.
    "I once made-out with a chick dressed like the Lost in Space robot. Well, by 'make-out' I mean she only maced me in the eyes twice."

    Cloney plucks another marshmellow out of his pocket and puts it onto the end up the charred stick. He holds the new marshmellow over the raging campfire and continues ranting. "Yep, she was totally into me." The orange man follows up his bragging by giving Charold a proud thumbs-up.
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