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Thread: Apartment X

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    Apartment X

    Apartment X

    (I'll probably leave Jack under here but here goes on the background hints/intro)

    Jack Trent tossed in his sleep. He kept remembering the incident a few years ago. How far back was it? He couldn't really tell you. It always felt like days. He was in collage at the time. His sister had sent him a letter telling him that she was marrying Colin, their oldest friend. Jack was going to head up to see them that weekend. Plan the bachelor party, get named best man officially. Good times. Or so it seemed. Instead the day before he left. Friday, most likely, he was interrupted from homework by a news report. Trebidine, the company Colin stood to inherit, had been added to the list of companies drawn into the super-powered games. Ultimatium had taken the building, stolen some tech. Great way to bypass security, steal their new designs and reverse engineer them. Colin was there. So were all of Jack's family and Colin's. The announcement had them celebrating at lunch. Jack's stomach dropped. Then things got worse. A costumed vigalante showed up. No one ever really was sure who but he shot first. ULtimatium turned it into a blood bath while Jack listened to the news reports over the TV. That day, he was left alone. It all changed.

    Jack let the Board handle the company. He walked. From collage. From life. But he couldn't walk from that event. Hatred is a seed that grows in men's hearts. It turns them bitter. Now, Jack knew that to be true. He vented at legends. Iron Man, Captain America, others. He spoke loudly. Questioning if heroes caused villians to rise. If their existence truely was the cuase for others suffering. And he was used as a pawn by villians. It ended badly. A formal appology to the heroes was damning enough on his ego so he left. Then someone stole three days from his life. You can party for three days and not recall it but he knew he went to bed then he knew the police or whateever they called them selves in that country were at his door. No time between.

    That was kind of a wake up call. The fact he could calculate the outcome of every swing of the bat in a baseball game was another. Some irony. Somehow, he had powers. Targeting, tracking. It was scary. He could hit the bullseye on a dart board from across a bar. He could do it with his back turned and richot it off the lamp. Thats when Inform showed. Dumbe name. Poor SOB who was foreced into a suit due to experiments. Inform couldn't be tracked. He, or at least it looks like a he, told Jack that they were both pawns in a game larger then either knew. He suggested everything as a test to see what Jack would do. Jack walked again.

    He returned to classes and saw something. A girl. Standing up for her beleifs. Fighting against intolerance. And being sent to counciling for it. He watched the war of words between this girl and Purity. Then he watched her reutrn wence she came like the cat she was. And Jack thought. He researched. He learned. So someone wanted to make him a test between those with and without powers. Time to change the rules. And he pulled some strings. He would start a place to bring in people who wanted a normal life together. He would give them a home. No costumes. No crusades. Just someplace to be. The government wanted a say. The heroes wanted a say. One group even sent that girl to speak with him. Jack told her he wasn't about that cause. He was about giving shelter in the fires that cause made. Katherine left her number in case he changed his mind and also said she'd let people know.

    Now the deals are done. And the building is up. It opens in the morning. And one pawn is seeking to be a king. Who knows what secrets the tenents have. Who knows what secrets shape Jack's past.

    Welcome to Apt. X. We have a room for you.

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    Cyber squinted his eyes as the sun slowly began to rise over the horizon. He pulled his jacket closer around his body to keep warm. His life had been a living nightmare over the past couple of years, ever since he learned that he was a mutant. First, parents tossed him out of the house on his ear, then he spent his life on the run from the mutant haters that he could never seem to avoid.

    His powers weren't all that obvious, but sit him down in front of a computer, and it wasclear to see his abilities. He was easily able to "enter" the computer world and travel through the computers as if he were simply bits of information on the Information Superhighway.

    He always searched the Internet for news relating to mutants. He read of the exploits of the X-Men and evne of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Neither of which interested him. He wanted to live a simple life. He was no hero, nor was he any kind of freedom fighter. Give him a regular job, a roof over his head, food for his belly, and a computer with Internet access, and he would be set for life.

    In his searching of the web, Cyber came across some interesting information. He learned of a place known as Apartment X, a supposed safe-house for mutants and humans to live together. That wasn't what was being advertised about the building, but that is the news he uncovered. There was something unusual about the building owner, Jack Trent, things that he didn't take the time to research. The only thing he was concerned with was the location of the building, and if they were accepting a teenage mutant tenant with no job, no income, and no references.

    Cyber continued to walk through the quiet and cold morning streets, looking for the address of the Apartment X Building, and hopefully the start of a new life.
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    Jack was up early. He had set up the satalite video equipment to allow the interview and to keep the apartment half secret. Mutant may be becoming more accepted but advertising house for superpowered beings here was asking for trouble. He had two decoy buildings, a PO box for applications and always arranged first time meetings at restraunts. Finishing the last connection, he took a seat. Jack didn't wear a business suit for this. Instead it was a more layed back style. Done mostly to make things seem friendlier and to keep this seperate from Trebidine. The monitors flicked to life.

    ".....and joining us live via satalite from his new project is Mister Jack Trent."

    "Thank you. And good morning. Welcome to the first overview of Project Unity. This apartment building is an experiment in proving people with powers and those without can live normal lives. This isn't about providing a place for superheroes to crash. Its about giving someone a place to call home. To restate, Project Unity is not part of X-Corp. I have met with several of their representatives and we have talked to them about referals for any mutants who want a normal place to live and I will suggest any who arrive here that wish for help controling their powers to meet with one.

    "Other Project Unity works are a series of High School lectures on tolerance that I have funded and should start in Novermber. Donations to Habatiat for Humanity and other cherity organizations are already set. And currently, we are looking to set up job placement for special cases. I will take questions now."

    "Mister Trent, why the sudden change in your stance on super powered beings?"

    "Simply put I was shown people are people. Some good. Some bad. Before now, greif and manipulation blinded me. Now, I have a chance to make amends."

    "Why the secrecy on the apartment?"

    "Some people, both those with powers and without, would like to see this fail. Purity hald a rally infront of a Trebidine plant last week opposing Project Unity. And I suspect that any of these supervillians would love to drop in and forcably recruit minions. I want to give people a shot at a normal life. If that means their apartment has to be kept out of address books, so be it."
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    As TJ neared her destination she began to think. Up until a few weeks ago she was a happy go lucky college senior who had everything she could have ever wanted, the ever so handsome football quarter back for a boyfriend, a member of the most exclusive sorority on campus, and a brand new modeling contract with one of the best agencies in the country. Then it happened.

    It was saturday night after the homecoming game and the home team just won. Everyone was partying and having a good time when some people from the opposing school stop by. Tempers flared and a fight broke out. TJ tried to stay out of it and stay calm knowing what would happen if she got to upset, but then she saw her boyfriend hit over the head with a bottle. She had had enough. *People started to panic as they watch flames burst out around her. She tried to stop it but she spent so many years tring to hide her abilty that now she didn't know how to control it...

    Enough of that, TJ thought as she came to a stop in front of a large apartment building. The past is the past and it's time to move on. *Hmm, so this is Apartment X...
    *worships the kinky tinky god*

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    After a few more questions (mostly gossip)...

    "I'm sorry folks. This is all the time I have."

    Clicks off the satalite link and heads to the first floor office. He looks over the latest batches of mail while waiting for the first tennet to arrive. Another burn in the blackest pits letter from Purity. A gala event. (Oh, good. Lets see who they say I'm dating due to this one) Bill. Bill. Bill. I don't even want to look at the insurance costs. I bet this place is just below Jackie Chan in insurability. Junk.

    Crumples the junk mail up and tosses it into the ceiling, off the file cabinet and into the waste basket.
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    Standing outside the office door, TJ doesn't know whether she should knock or run.

    This is crazy. a few weeks ago I was the girl everyother girl would kill to be and now I'm some mutie on the run. Why couldn't my power be to turn back time?

    TJ sighed then raised her hand to the door. Let's do this.

    *knock knock*
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    Jack takes a quick look over the forms as he heads towards the door. He pauses a second before opening it.

    "I presume you are TJ. Welcome to the Stanley Street Apartments. I'm Jack."

    Holds his hand out.

    "I imagine you've had a few rough times before getting here. Why don't you have a seat in my office?"
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    TJ shook Jack's hand.

    "A few rough times? Jack, you don't even know the half."

    TJ took a seat, looking around the office. "Please excuse me if I'm a little nervous but I've been a bit on edge lately. I'm not even sure if I should be here."

    She studies Jack for a moment, wondering if this is a person she could actually trust. After all, she has been lied to in the past.

    "So tell me Jack, what exactly is this?"
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    "Its what it looks like. An apartment complex. *However, I've had it reinforced, renovated, and upgraded to handle tennets with super powers. While I do communicate with government agencies, X-Corp and others interest groups, the Project Unity is run by myself and several volenteers and paid personal. We are not about running around in flashy clothes and saving the day. We're about having a home to go to."

    Picks up a pen as he talks and flicks it into an empty cup.

    "Its about giving people a life that doesn't involve knowing how to destory a giant robat twenty ways or which freak in a mask is hiding in Peru. Its about not being judged because you made the bean and ham soup swirl around the room and drench a dozen people due to bad news or nerves. Its a place where labels shouldn't exist and don't matter."
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    Elsewhere in the city, a man walked into a bar. Well, not a bar so much as a caf, one of those places where you pay large amounts of money for small amounts of food and coffee with all those interesting looking Italian names and prices that you'd think someone had left a decimal point one place wrong while they converted the prices from lire to dollars. Sorry, euros now.

    He scanned the food on display, looking for meat pies, sausage rolls, cream buns or lamingtons. None seemed to be available. He resolved to get something to eat later on, and ordered his coffee while someone behind him griped about the amount of room his backpack took up in the queue. It's not like the backpack's going to be ordering as well, he thought to himself.

    Eventually he sat himself down with his mochaccino, crossed two odd stick-shaped sugar sachets across it and waited for his contact. While doing so, he retrieved his Lonely Planet guide and continued reading up on the city.
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