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Thread: Apartment X

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    ::His arms were stong and warm. They made her feel like she was safe. Sam heard Jack's words, but her reaction was delayed as she finished up her outburst of emotion. Finally, she peeled herself off of him and wiped the tears off her face with her hands, not that it made much of a difference in aesthetics, but at least she wasn't quite so wet. ::

    Yes, you're right. He's a tough old codger - he'll make it just to spite the men who did this.

    ::There was a bit of fire in her eyes as she mentioned her attackers. She only nodded in response to Jack's affirmation of her mutancy and turned to collect Jo to go "home". Sam stopped dead in her tracks and gave him a curious look, however, when he promised help.::

    You'd do that for me? Why? You don't even know me. I can't even pay you for anything you do...I have no job and no savings. Why are you being so kind to me if I can't repay you in any way?
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    "Maybe I'm a throwback to one of those gnetlemen types or maybe by helping you I find a bit of amends for some of the bad things I've done?"

    Jack shrugged as started towards his bike.

    "We'll have to walk. I don't have enough room for three but it might give us a chance to dry off a bit."

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    The override codes weren't working, which meant that this security system was a custom job. There were many variables when it came to custom security systems, especially ones of this caliber. Nemesis knew that his only hope of getting in without setting off the alarm was to find the correct alarm bypass procedure. Or, he could forget about it altogether, and just announce himself.

    Preferring the latter option, Nemesis put away his electronic pad. Using his telekenetic abilities, he manipulated the lock and forced open the door. Any alarm on the door would now be sounding to whomever was listening. He was not concerned, let them know, for all the good it would do them.

    Nemesis calmly walked through the open door into Apartment X.
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    Jack pulls out his cell phone and checks it.

    "Of course. Always in threes."

    Looks around and sees the cops will be next to useless, Jack rushes towards his bike. He stops and runs back to Sam. Jack pulls out several twenties and hands them to her.

    "Something set the alarm off at the apartment. Stay out of sight and safe. I'll be able to find you once I know its safe."

    He then runs back to the bike, scowls for a moment at the scuff mark on it, then races off. So far as he can tell, the roof door has been opened. None of the tenents are near it or seem to be aware of the event yet but it could be tied to the beating earlier. Skidding the bike to a stop, Jack runs inside and towards the roof.
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    Some where in space, a space duck looks down on the goings on with his humongous telescope then looks away, "SPACE QUACK!".
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