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    Planet Cunae - Bond of the Gods

    Planet Cunae - Bond of the Gods

    Cunae is a planet that has been blessed by the Gods, some may say, with the gift of life. Its equator line is warm enough to sustain so many creatures in its cloudy forest, while its poles aren’t as cold as to forbid it. There are all kind of climates decorating this world, creating colorful landscapes and environments which have helped create varied forms of life.

    In many ways Cunae resembles a long forgotten planet, Earth. Both sustained diverse types of life and all of them existed in a perfect balance with an ecosystem that guaranteed each creature’s existence. There was, though, a big difference with the fabled planet Earth; at Cunae, birds evolved highly and became the dominant living form. From regular birds, a new species of beings known as Avis Sapiens rose, developing the ability of speech and with it, knowledge became their most important tool. That was millennia ago; today, these feathered creatures look very similar to their counterpart, the Homo Sapiens, only they’re much smaller and their height is about 1 foot tall when they reach adulthood. As they evolved, they traded the power of flight for an intelligence that wasn’t rivaled by any creature in this world. Unlike humans on Earth, there were different species of avians; Avis Sapiens, these little herbivore creatures were just one branch of them. There were also the Avis Predators, Avis Aquaticus and so many more; some could fly, some others could even swim and breath under water. They all had different abilities and different ways of survival, but we'll explore them some other time, since for now, we’ll be focusing on those peaceful beings living in the Viridis Woods.

    Cities at Cunae didn’t have too much contact with each other, no wonder their species evolved separately. Still, Viridis Woods was known for its quietness and its dislike for strangers. They lived in harmony with their environment and learned to make a home within the large trees. They built inside of them amazing cities, interconnected with high bridges and deep underground tunnels. The trees were their fortresses and their homes, and as such, they took good care of them.

    Viridis Woods is where our story begins.
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    Vultur woke up excited, jumped out of his nest and almost stepped on the head of his brother, ran from the room, went upstairs and sat on the tree top. His eyes were ready to watch the sunrise. He was happy, today was his birthday and was a beautiful day in the forest Viridis.
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    “Wha--" It was quite early in the morning and Victor opened his eyes just in time to move in his nest to avoid his brother from stepping on his face. “Vultur! What do you think you’re doing?” He would have complained some more, but his inconsiderate brother wouldn’t even stay to take responsibility for waking him up.

    Victor turned around in his bed made of grass and realized he wasn’t falling asleep again. The sky was starting to show the first rays of light and that’s when he realized which day this was. As if hit by an electric bolt; Victor stood on his feet. He checked outside of their family nest. The neighbor doors were still shut, it was too early for everyone else in the colony, oh, but there he was, at the top of the tree. Swiftly, he went up and sat by his brother’s side. “Happy birthday”, Victor said as he hit him in the shoulder playfully.
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    Victor hated when Vultur got grounded. Their parents were very strict and Vultur didn't like boundaries. The result was always the same. Vultur would stay home and Victor would have to do the errands.

    Today, Victor was put in charge of the groseries. He went to the inner tree to visit his regular shop when he heard the thunders and the alarm all over the place.

    "What's going on?", he asked to a woman who ran into the store.

    "There's a storm coming! We have to seek refuge", she answered.

    Victor just shrugged. They were within the main tree of the village. It couldn't be safer than that.

    "I'm closing the store, you have to leave now", said the shop owner. Victor was basically pushed out of the grosserie store, with his hands full with packages, just to see everyone running around on the verge of panic.

    "Okay, there's no running through this stampede with my hands full..."
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    Dawn was breaking trough, and all around me life began to greet the morning
    I opened my eyes, and they felt different-different than when?-
    I could not answer my own thought, I shook myself, and beautiful feathers where
    around me, as I stared at them mesmerized, I realized that they were on me!
    I looked around me, I was sleeping on a bed made of grass, and I could smell
    food not too far away along with voices, for sure I was in the middle of a beautiful
    forrest, I was atop of a tree(feathers started making sense)
    Perhaps I bump my head, due to the fact that the only thing I could remember was my name...Sadiki

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    The day passed quietly. Vultur had done much mischief and he was grounded, thus he was in his bedroom. Suddenly he heard screams and the alarm of the city, he looked out the window and saw in the distance a great cloud of storm and much lightning, he looked through the window and could saw a big commotion, it seemed like everyone was walking to the shelters.
    “Mother... Victor... every one... hello?” He called out but nothing, his house was empty and he was locked in his room.
    He looked around for an exit, but the window was the only way out. Vultur drew back into his room and ran way out and jumped out of the window. “It’s a very long fall”. He glided into the window of another house and entered the room. “Hello, anyone here?” He saw another Viridian, he seemed lost. “Hi, what are you doing here?, the storm is coming”.

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    Grodock, The God of Living Storms loved to have fun. For that reason, he liked to disguise as a mortal.
    Sadly, Grodock didn’t know how to create, and too many times destruction followed him wherever he went.

    This time, he decided to go to Planet Cunae, took an avian form, and tried to have some fun.

    Grodock transformed himself into a young avi sapien, and appeared in front of the main tree of Viridis Woods.

    When he appeared in the Viridian Forest, a storm began to form in the distance.
    “Perfect, this is a very good excuse to get inside.” Grodock Thought, and ran looking scared to the door of the tree that allowed the entrance to the city.

    “Hi, my name is Gary, and I need shelter to the storm.” He told to the door guard.
    “Strangers can’t enter the city”, the guard said.
    Grodock was waiting for this answer, and quickly made a storm in the guard’s emotions.
    “I know”, Grodock, said, “But this is an emergency. I come from a faraway place, I am exploring the planet and I don’t have anywhere to go.”
    The guard looked confused. She knew she shouldn’t allow Grodock’s entrance into the city but She had a son… like him… maybe she could…
    “Well, go in, but behave, and don’t say anyone that I allowed you to enter to the city”, said the guard without knowing why she said it.

    When Grodock entered saw a stampede running. “Probably there is a safe place”, he thought, and joined the crazed stampede.
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    When Gael opened his eyes, he saw the sun rice entering by his window. Gael loved his nest, because it was on the top of his tree. It wasn’t the biggest or oldest tree in the Viridis Woods City Forest, in fact it was so young and small, it just measured around 60 or 70 meters high, but Gael loved it, because it was quieter than The Main Tree, there wasn’t the hustle and bustle of the downtown, but it was so near of the main tree.
    Gael hated crowded places, as his parents did while they were alive. For that reason, they decided to build their nest there; and they had a beautiful view.

    Time after, Gael got up and went out to see the dawn, or what was left of it, but the sun was gone, instead there were big storm clouds in the distance.
    “Birdcrap!” he thought. Gael hated storms, his parents were died in one of them many years ago, while he was just a child. Because of that, Gael had to grow up quick; he had to survive and to take care of himself from that moment. Storms always remembered to him that fateful moment when The Elders Council told him that his parents couldn’t arrive to the city on time, and they were perished outside in the storm, besides he hate crowded places, and crowded was exactly how the shelters were during the storms.

    While Gael was in his ramblings, the alarms of the city started to sound by the storm.
    “Here we go,” Gael thought, and set off towards the underground shelter.
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    Vultur was in panic, the alarms were driving him crazy. He ignored the other Viridians and got away. He opened de door to the outside and ran and ran and ran through passages, finally he saw many others as he ran to the shelter. The darkness was hovering over Viridis Woods.
    “Victor, where are you?” screamed Vultur. He jumped and deployed his wings and he tried to find him, but nothing, the only thing he saw was a foreigner, a stranger. “Who is he? How he got through the doors” thought Vultur and he decided to follow him into the shelter.
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    Doing his best not to drop the groceries he just purchased, Victor ran with the flock of Avians into the shelter underground. It was so long ago since he last experienced a storm this powerful. He was just a child. His parents told him that it destroyed an entire tree and lots of lives got lost. Memories were so faint he could barely recall the events. All he knew was that deep down he wanted the excitement of the storm and it embarrassed him, because he also knew it was a terrible tragedy. He didn't want his people getting hurt, and yet, his longing was still burning inside…

    A lady fell in front of him and made him trample. The bag he was carrying fell to the floor and all of its content disappeared under the feet of all the people running around him. “There goes our food… Mom will chop off the head of me…” There was nothing he could do about it, so, he helped the woman to get back on her feet and he kept on moving.

    As he arrived to the shelter, the place felt crowded and a bit suffocating. It was surprising, though, that even if he was underground, he was still able to hear the thundering outside. It gave him shivers.

    “Vultur?,” not too far away he saw his brother, but would he hear him with all this rumble? “Vultur! Come here!”
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