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    Planet Cunae - Bond of the Gods

    Planet Cunae - Bond of the Gods

    Cunae is a planet that has been blessed by the Gods, some may say, with the gift of life. Its equator line is warm enough to sustain so many creatures in its cloudy forest, while its poles aren’t as cold as to forbid it. There are all kind of climates decorating this world, creating colorful landscapes and environments which have helped create varied forms of life.

    In many ways Cunae resembles a long forgotten planet, Earth. Both sustained diverse types of life and all of them existed in a perfect balance with an ecosystem that guaranteed each creature’s existence. There was, though, a big difference with the fabled planet Earth; at Cunae, birds evolved highly and became the dominant living form. From regular birds, a new species of beings known as Avis Sapiens rose, developing the ability of speech and with it, knowledge became their most important tool. That was millennia ago; today, these feathered creatures look very similar to their counterpart, the Homo Sapiens, only they’re much smaller and their height is about 1 foot tall when they reach adulthood. As they evolved, they traded the power of flight for an intelligence that wasn’t rivaled by any creature in this world. Unlike humans on Earth, there were different species of avians; Avis Sapiens, these little herbivore creatures were just one branch of them. There were also the Avis Predators, Avis Aquaticus and so many more; some could fly, some others could even swim and breath under water. They all had different abilities and different ways of survival, but we'll explore them some other time, since for now, we’ll be focusing on those peaceful beings living in the Viridis Woods.

    Cities at Cunae didn’t have too much contact with each other, no wonder their species evolved separately. Still, Viridis Woods was known for its quietness and its dislike for strangers. They lived in harmony with their environment and learned to make a home within the large trees. They built inside of them amazing cities, interconnected with high bridges and deep underground tunnels. The trees were their fortresses and their homes, and as such, they took good care of them.

    Viridis Woods is where our story begins.
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