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    When Gael arrived to the underground shelter, it was as crowded as he had thought.

    There, some people were excited, and other were outraged and angry because there was a foreigner.
    The foreigner was an young avi sapien, Gael thought he could be his age. This was the first time he saw someone from outside of the city, because Avians were jealous of strangers. Usually the doors of the city were closed and people didn’t like to go outside because there were many dangers, as the avi predators or events caused by nature as earthquakes or storms how it was coming, and if people were outside, they didn’t have the protection of the city and the trees.

    His parents were an exception, they liked to go out, they were so adventurers and frequendly visited others communities… “but for that reason they were dead”, he thought.
    Anyway, Gael didn’t bother the foreigners, though he neither felt safe to go outside.
    Gael decided to ignor the foreigner for now and tried to find some place crowdless in the shelter.

    While he was seeeking it, he saw his friend Victor who was looking for someone, probably his naughty brother Vultur.

    Victor and Gael were best friends. They met at school in childhood, and they did lots of antics together when they were kids. Then, both had to grow up quickly, he because his parents died and Victor because had to take care of his brother. Victor really didn’t have to take care of him, but Vulture was so naughty, and always got in trouble, cause that Victor had to help him.

    Gael was going where Victor was, when Victor saw his brother and tried to call him shouting.

    “Victor!,” Gael said loud, “wait for me!”
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