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    When Gael arrived to the underground shelter, it was as crowded as he had thought.

    There, some people were excited, and other were outraged and angry because there was a foreigner.
    The foreigner was an young avi sapien, Gael thought he could be his age. This was the first time he saw someone from outside of the city, because Avians were jealous of strangers. Usually the doors of the city were closed and people didn’t like to go outside because there were many dangers, as the avi predators or events caused by nature as earthquakes or storms how it was coming, and if people were outside, they didn’t have the protection of the city and the trees.

    His parents were an exception, they liked to go out, they were so adventurers and frequendly visited others communities… “but for that reason they were dead”, he thought.
    Anyway, Gael didn’t bother the foreigners, though he neither felt safe to go outside.
    Gael decided to ignor the foreigner for now and tried to find some place crowdless in the shelter.

    While he was seeeking it, he saw his friend Victor who was looking for someone, probably his naughty brother Vultur.

    Victor and Gael were best friends. They met at school in childhood, and they did lots of antics together when they were kids. Then, both had to grow up quickly, he because his parents died and Victor because had to take care of his brother. Victor really didn’t have to take care of him, but Vulture was so naughty, and always got in trouble, cause that Victor had to help him.

    Gael was going where Victor was, when Victor saw his brother and tried to call him shouting.

    “Victor!,” Gael said loud, “wait for me!”
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    Grodock was in the shelter of Viridis woods. As he knew, Viridians were so careful with strangers. He had seen how many people wanted to talk with him, but at the last second they turned around and decided not do it.

    He saw how a viridian kid had followed him, but not he had been encouraged to talk with him.

    Grodock sat down and look around. He saw at a lady who fell down and threw some bags of another poor viridian, and Grodock laughed inside.

    Then Grodock saw an avian who looked suffocated, and thought that he should have tried to talk with him, but in that moment the suffocated avian saw the poor viridian who had been beaten by the lady.
    “So late,” he thought.

    Grodock was a little bit worried, he really didn’t know how to stop the storm, in fact he not even wanted to make it. He suspected that while he stayed there, the storm wasn’t going to stop.

    He tried to push those thoughts away from his head; he would worry about that later.
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    "Vultur, come here!" Vultur listened and turned to see where the voice was coming from, in the middle of the crowd Vultur saw Victor, but he didn't walk towards him, Vultur decided to go to the stranger, he was intrigued, usually nothing happened in Veridis Woods and today they had a foreigner and a storm.
    As Vultur could, he pushed the Viridians out of his way until he was near the stranger. "Hi, I'm Vultur, welcome to Viridis Woods, where nothing happens." Vultur laughed maliciously, spread his wings and hands to the stranger in welcome.
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    Finally, the viridian kid who was following him felt brave enough to talk with him. Grodock thought that Vultur was so friendly, funny, and so brave or so immature, for talking with unknowns, especially when strangers were so weir there.

    “Hi, my name is Gary, and I come from a very far place,” Grodock said smiling, “Thanks to talk with me, I feel I’m not welcome here, but I need shelter because the storm is so strong.”

    Grodock hoped to be able to integrate to the colony. Last time he went to a planet he couldn’t, he didn’t be able to make friends neither stop the storms those were created by him. At the end, the planet was devastated by de different kind of storms made by him involuntarily, the different races that populated that place were killed by wild weathers, as snowstorms, sand storms, thunderstorms and others.
    Grodock just wanted have fun and sadly made a big disaster. He just wanted friends to have fun. He didn’t know other gods or goddesses to play neither he couldn’t create his own planet.

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    On one side, Victor saw his friend Gael approaching, and on the other, Vultur talking with a stranger. And in between, there were a lot of Viridians running scared of the storm. It’s not as if he had a lot of space to move, but he didn’t like much that Vultur was dealing with someone he didn’t know. He knew he was being overprotective, but that was exactly who he was and this was not the time to start acting differently.

    “Gael! Follow me!” Victor raised his voice so his friend would listen and go with him.

    Without wasting a moment, he ran to his brother, with his eyes fixated on that other youngster he had never seen before.

    “I’m glad you got to the shelter,” Victor said to his brother as he placed himself between Vultur and the stranger.

    “You’re not a Viridian, right?” He said to the stranger almost rudely. “How did you manage to get inside of the tree? Where did you come from?”

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    Gael saw how Victor looked at him and tried to tell him something, before he ran away where Vultur and the Stranger where Talking.
    Gael didn’t listen anything by the lots of Viridians which ran excited, but thought that the best idea was to follow Victor, and he did it.

    “You’re not a Viridian, right?” Gael got to listen that Victor asked to the stranger rudely. “How did you manage to get inside of the tree? Where did you come from?” Victor continued asking.

    “Hi Victor, Hi Vultur… hi… sorry, what’s your name? Strangers are weir here…” Gael said while he placed in front of Victor, between Vultur and the foreigner.

    “Hi, my name is Gary, nice to meet you.” Grodock said spreading his wings. I come from a faraway place, probably you don’t know there,” he said to Victor.

    I am traveling around the planet,” Grodock said to everybody. “But this storm started…”

    Gael didn’t know how much they could trust in that weir avian, his story sounded a little bit false, mainly because Gary didn’t said details, and he didn’t ignor that Gary didn’t talk about how he entered to the city.

    Gael saw how Victor was going to talk when The Elders Counsel began to quiet the crowed.

    “Everybody, listen to me” started to say Pidder, the leader of de Council. “As you know, our city is being hit by a big storm, we haven’t had a storm like this since the sadly moment when the Gael parents died.” In that moment, Gael stopped to listen and his eyes filled with tears.

    When the Pidder’speech ended, Gael and his friends were dragged by a floc of avian who wanted to get their dinner and sleeping supplements.

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    Grodock Grodock was out of the Council Room, waiting for they allow going in. he guessed Victor didn’t like him, but fortunately, Vultur was so nice. He didn’t know what to think about Gael, that stranger who was serious and cold, but he was who started to cry in a moment, during de Elders’ Speech. Pidder, the Leader of the Council had said that their meteorologists didn’t find the origin of the storm and they didn’t know when it could stop. He talked about the big disaster was created by the last storm and how some viridians had dead. Finally, he said that they had a guest; he talked about how they didn’t have a guest many years ago and asked everyone to be friendly and polite with him. Pidder said to Grodock that please give a minute, and for that reason he was there waiting for. In that moment, the door was opened and Pidder called Grodock from inside. “Welcome to the city,” Pidder said. “As already you probably know, I’m Pidder, the Leader of de Elders. Pidder was the eldest Viridian alive, his Feathers were grey and they had the weight of many years over themselves. “As we don’t know you, you will be approve, just to be sure you will not make problems,” Pidder said friendly. “What is your name?” Grodock didn’t like Pidder, He was being too friendly and polite, too much how someone might consider him hypocritical. “I’m Gary” Grodock said. “It’s ok.” When Grodock go outside, he didn’t go back where his friends were. He didn’t want to back to that crowded place, and he didn’t want to put Vultur and others into trouble. Also, the shelter was so boring, and that was not the reason because he had come to the world. He suspected that probably the storm would not end, and he decided to leave that place and to explore the rest of the city.

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    The shelter

    When Gary was called by Pidder, Victor put his hands on Vultur’s shoulders as if trying to forbid him to go after the stranger.

    “You are too trusting of strangers, Vultur. Our parents will have a fit if they know you spoke to a foreigner. It’s dangerous, you know? You shouldn’t be that reckless!”

    Victor sighed. Taking care of Vultur was exhausting at times. His brother was always willing to break the rules and never cared how dangerous his antics could be. They were about the same age, yet all the responsibility was Victor’s, while Vultur felt like a free spirit and wanted to try it all.

    “Gael, can you please help me reason with him?” he asked his best friend. “He just won’t listen to me! Sometimes I wonder if he’s just too immature or that he actually enjoys making me worry about him!”

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