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Thread: Planet Pillion

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    Harmonia Glorious Pentageon (Harmony)
    Pillion – Village of Prosperity

    Harmony heard a knock at the door. She picked up a small cloth and wiped the dust off of her hands, she straightened her bright red hat, and made her way to the door. Opening it, she saw a young girl standing there. Well, she thought, time to meet the locals.

    "Come on in, Child. This is a shop, there's no need to knock. All are welcome here." Harmony said with a little flourish.

    "My name is Harmony, and I am the owner of this shop. Can I assume that you are here about the help wanted sign? Before we get started, can you read and write and do your numbers?" Harmony smiled her warmest most welcoming smile to the young girl who looked terrified. She was ever thankful for the hat she was wearing, which she had made many years earlier, and translated languages instantly. She had created it as part of her training, and it was the symbol of her trade.
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    Delia darted in when the woman opened the door, and looked around nervously. Now that she was here, she was scared of going thru with this... almost as scared as she was of not going thru with this. So she took a deep breath, and said quickly, before she could decide to just leave... "Thank you. I'm not a girl; I'm sixteen, and know how to work hard. Yes, I'm here about the job. Yes, I can read, write and do numbers... well, as well as anyone can around here if you don't live in the castle. I hope that's good enough?"

    She looked at the woman uncertainly, hoping fervently that her smile would stay as nice as it was. If she didn't get this job, she didn't know how she could start changing things like they so badly needed to be changed.

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    Harmonia Glorious Pentageon (Harmony)
    Pillion – Village of Prosperity

    As Harmony listened to the young girl speak, she liked what she heard. She could read, write and was willing to speak up. This girl would do. Reaching into her Pockets, she pulled out two items, which she placed carefully into an open palm, and presented to the young girl...lady, standing before her.

    Harmony then gestured to the eager applicant and said, "I'm happy with what I have heard so far. If you look in my hands, you will see two items."

    "The first is wrapped in a small cloth, and is a friend stone. It allows you to enter the back rooms of the shop behind the main counter. You need to have this with you all the time in order to get to the back area of the store, so if you lose it, I need to know right away. The stone will bind to the first person who touches it, so it will only work for you."

    "The second stone is a cleansing stone. If you add it to a pot of water with food in it, it will make the food safe to eat, and the water safe to drink. I don't know how much to pay you yet, so you can use this for the next day or so as payment until I figure it out. It will work ten (10) times before the charm fades and it doesn't work anymore. You will know because the runes you see on the stone will vanish. The stone will remove poison and make rotten food safe to eat. It might not taste good, but it won't hurt you."

    "So if you accept, then you need to tell me your name, and take the stones. I need a Store Clerk to help me run things here and I have a good feeling about you." Harmony finishes with a small wave to the items in her hard. She stopped speaking, smiled again and waited for the young lady to decide.

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