The Table of Ninx acts as a group of advisers to the king. They also can make decisions in the name of the king and as long as the king does not counter them, they become official.

If a member of the Table acts against the King's wishes he can be removed at will by the King

But while in power the Table member is not someone you would want to have against you.

The present table consists of the following people:

Herion - He is a middle of the road kind of politician. He wants to work out compromises from the two extremes of the political world

Garwe - He is barely old enough to be on the Table and he tends to have to work for the respect of the other members

Lona - She is another compromiser on on the Table. She works with Herion to get the other three to agree on positions to present the king.

Lita - She is on the extreme left of the political spectrum. She is not a compromisor and has caused a lot of friction with the others.

Maldur - He is someone that holds grudges. He is also extremely cunning and works to get his way.