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    "Energy levels, hmmm" Vic said, "That gives me something to start with. I'll heads to the compute lab and start running some scans. Perhaps you should go to your room and try meditating for a bit, maybe it will help you get some more focus and insight." With that Vic stood up to head from the meeting room.

    Donna look over to Oliver and said, "Oliver, why don't you walk with Raven to her room so she can rest. Dick, you and I can start going through the database to see if anything stands out."

    "Sure thing Donna." Oliver said, as he stood up to wait for Raven.
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    As she stood up, Raven looked at Oliver with ease. In a way, she was glad Vic had told him to make her company, if only for a moment. She still had trouble sharing her emotions, there was still a long way to go before tumbling down the walls that separated her from the rest of the Titans, but with Oliver it was somehow different. She felt more at ease with him, as if she could really trust him; not that she would open to him right away, but she knew there was a chance. No wonder Wally didn't like him much... Raven sighed tired of so much thinking and of so much worrying.

    "I wish I could be of more help, Oliver." She looked down for a bit as they continued walking through the Titans Tower hallways. "Knowing that something bad is about to happen or already happening is tearing me apart. It's as when you forget someone's name and you feel like you have it in the tip of your tongue, but you just can't remember it." Raven stopped walking and turned to Oliver. "You know I'm not lying, right?"
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