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Thread: Dragons Haven

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    *EDIT* check OP
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    Gimme just a sec and I'll have it up, and the Elves are like the Elves in LOTR if Bellin is pure elf his family wouldnt kick him out for the magic. He also wouldnt be living with purely humans ether. They tend to stay apart from each other, execpt for the higher ups.And what does he look like? Silverwood has a frequntly used and well traveled road right down the middle with 2 small lakes to the south near Keria's home and one Large one near Hollis. I'm still working on getting every thing typed up so please bear with me. THe elves also mainly use Flora and Fauna related magics.
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    Okay I think he's a combination of practical and alchemy.

    When I play mages: Usually they have to say words and use herbs and other things to cast the spells. I was lazy in the post and didn't... The price my mages pay is they get weaker and weaker the more spells they do without rest. That's why I'm thinking alchemy is part of it. They're like changing their own energy into the spell with the herbs and things.
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    That sounds good to me. Would you mind adding that to the profile you made? I tend to reference the profiles when if I write a long post or some thing gets confusing. And being me Elle can tell you I tend to confuse my self more than any thing some times. And at the moment I"m having a thing with details. My brain is picking things to death at the moment and I cant make it stop XD

    I'm having to compile every thing as I go along for the next few days/ I should have every thing smoothed out soon hopefully. I blame the lack of sleep.
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    lol. he's gone to bed right now, so he'll probably add it in the morning.

    is there anything I should add to Lanai's bio?
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    You've got a pretty good bio for her. But you might wanna add her dragon unless you want to wait to do that. Looks, age, history... Good
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    Humm I just thought, with Lanai being half elf would she need to have some one in her family that's a noble? grandfather or mother maybe?
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    I'll wait to add her dragon until they actually become friends in the rpg XD

    hmm... I never thought of that. I suppose that it's possible. her mother was an elf and her father was human. maybe that's why her parents were killed...

    *starts pondering that situation*
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    Ahh to ponder... tis such a wonderful thing. I love back stories
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    I do too. lol.

    I'll let you know if I come up with anything about it. for now, though, I'm off to bed.

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